Destination: Fenway

1022fenway_blog_1 The World Series.

At Fenway Park.

Are you kidding me?

Of course, we’ve played there a few times in the past, so I’ve done the whole tour of the historic park. I’ve been inside the Green Monster, where so many players have been and signed their names on the wall. That was the first time, years back. Larry Walker and I went out there and did it.

It’s a wonderful ballpark, wonderful atmosphere. It’ll be unbelievable. I’ll be excited about that.

A lot of players might take along a video camera and record the whole experience. That’s wonderful. But I won’t do that. This mind of mine is a steel trap, especially with something like this. I’ll never forget any of this.

Now, to the game on the field.

Fenway Park is a unique place. You hear a lot of things about the infield being rough, but I didn’t notice anything like that between home plate and first base. But I’ll have to take a look-see when we get there.

As a hitter, especially a left-handed hitter, the ballpark plays a lot bigger than you think. It does have the short porch around Pesky’s Pole down the right-field line, but then it gets really big, really quick.

To all the fans of the Rockies, thanks for all your support. It really makes a difference to us.

See you Saturday!



    Wow, what an amazing opportunity. I’m just glad you’re playing the WS at Fenway Park in purple and not red.

    Those of us back home are trying desperately to get tickets but the front office really messed this one up! I hope I get to see you guys when you come back up 2-0.


    Y’all won 2 out of 3 back in June at Fenway. I have faith that you’ll do even better this round! Bring that trophy home.


    Mr. Helton. Congrat’s on making the post season. I’m not sure that you remember me but when you use to come to san diego to play the padre’s you and i always spoke as i worked on the playing field for the padre’s providing security for the players. As i remember you saying that after a night of you going 0-4 that you need to talk with me and shake my hand cause you always had good luck. Of course you went 3-4 the next day in the game home run, triple and 3 RBI’s. I always use to give you hard time about playing football at Tennessee behind Payton Manning. I live here in Denver and work for the Union Pacific Railroad. I’ve been to a couple of games this year and What a year its been. I wish you good luck in the World Series.
    Respectfully submitted.

    Ted Lovell

    Former Elite Security Guard.


    Hey, Todd!
    You did it, dude! My wife and I played the hunch and came to New England to visit her folks, and sure enough, here come the boys to Boston! This is soooooooo great! We’ll be wearing the NLCS gear all over Bean Town, rooting for the visitors on Wednesday and Thursday. GO, ROCKIES!!!!!!!


    I truly admire the way you play the game, the way that you respect it and your teammates. I am glad to see you in a World Series at Fenway with the Rockies, not the Red Sox. Keep up the hard work, we are all behind you! Your greatest fan-David Martin (, Todd Helton page)


    It’s been an amazing season for the Rockies. My husband and I are big fans of yours!!! and are happy for you and the team. It’s been truly a joy to see you all having so much fun playing the game you love.

    Good Luck!! We’ll be rooting for you!! GO ROCKIES1111


    I echo many of the above comments regarding your play and the excitement created all over the USA with your teammate’s incredible late season/postseason run. Enjoy yourself…have fun.

    Don’t think you will win…Don’t think you will lose…Just think you will play GREAT!!


    Good luck to you and the team, Todd. No matter what happens, you’ve given us Rockies fans a reason to hold our heads high! I just hope they get this ticketing thing figured out so we can see you at Coors Field!


    God bless the ROckies for bringing my beloved Red Sox to Denver. Now if I can just get my hands on some tickets. As far as Fenway goes, what’s not to love ?


    Thank you Todd and all the Rockies for an absolutely spectacular post season! I was at the stadium for game 3 of the NLDS and brought home wonderful memories of my favorite MLB team! I wish you all the best at the World Series!

    Take care,



    Great blog, Todd!

    When your playing days are over, many years from now, I’d like to see you as a sportswriter.

    Go Rox!


    Thanks for the greatest September in baseball history! Go Rockies and Go Todd! You will make Colorado proud!


    Todd, We’ll be awaiting your 2 Wins in Bean Town! Can’t wait to see the headlines…..Colorado Rox the Sox! I was at the 1 game playoff against San Diego and the game 4 SWEEP against the Dbacks…..I would sure love to see a Sweep against the SOX!! We” be talking about that for the next hundred years!!


    Dear Mr. Todd Helton,
    I am so so so excited for all you guys! I have been a die-hard fan since ’98 when you were the only one to sign my baseball and ever since then you have been my favorite player :). You guys are going to do great and I have been and will be trying to get a ticket for Saturday! I know this comment has nothing to do with with what you posted but I just wanted to take the chance and tell you how much this fan and all the other Rockies fans appreciate what you do and your courtesy towards us. GO ROCKIES!



    As this is a dream come true for you all as players, this is a dream come true for Denver and Rockies fans. I’d love nothing more than to support you in person this weekend but tickets are extremely hard to come by. So please know that even if we can’t make it to the games, many, many of us are supporting you from home. Its really nice to know the team knows how much support they are getting from the fans. I’d wish you good luck but you won’t need it! The Rockies are 4 wins away from being world champs am I’m so excited!


    Hey Tizzod! We are really excited and happy for you. We know that you have worked extremely hard for this for a long time. Only one more step and the ultimate goal will be reached. We will be rooting for you and the rest of the guys the rest of the way! Go get ’em!!! We love you Tizzod!
    Michel, Holly, Chase, Gage and Ryder


    I’ll tell you what… Ashley and I are proud of you! Would love to see you in Boston, don’t know if that would be possible, but of course we’ll be rooting you on! My parents are out of the country right now, but send their love and support!


    Hey Rockies! Great season, I am writing to you as a die hard true Tribe fan and all I can say is—GO knock their SOX off!!!! I’m rooting for you guys all the way, all Boston has is big paycheck players, play your game and ignore the fans at Fenway!!


    Helton I’m glad that you were able to finally make to the world series and not have to do it on another team, you have great loyalty to the city of Denver and wish you the best of luck. I’m kinda torn cuz first hardcore braves fan and second bosox fan, but any true baseball fan can appreciate what you and your team has done to get where you are and hope you can cap off this incredible run


    What a great run hope it keeps going. We never gave up on you and the other guys. Fenway can’t beat our Rockies! Good luck and see you on Saturday.
    Bill,Kara,Ronald,Alyssa,Kaylyn and Matthew


    Thank You Todd & to all the Rockies players. What a fantastic finish. Up here on the western slope all the sports bars & locals have been going nuts lately. We’ve been so excited & can’t wait for the series to begin.I was really disappointed by the front office decision to sell online, they really screwed us local fans over. for years we’ve travelled over the pass to come down to denver, sat around a bunch of empty seats & cheered you guys on. only to find out the average working guy doesn’t have a chance @ a series seat. only for the rich boys status symbol. The mlb & thier online scalping ******** in cahoots with the front office really messed up. but don’t let that bother you & don’t let them sox fans either. Every sports bar up in the mountains will be rocking for the rockies. We’re all making plans for this weekend. we’ll be cheering & hoping & praying for all of you to bring home a world championship.You guys have showed mlb that money can’t buy the true heart you guys have showed everyone. my kids have never been so excited about watching baseball with me. I can’t believe my teenagers actually have been spending more time with me in our household, especially the last couple of months watching your games. You’ve made new future rockies fans. we love you all & god bless. Go Rockies. Thank You Sincerely, Dave Hammond, Basalt, Co.


    Hey Todd! Congrats on a long awaited dream come true. You guys have really made it very difficult for me to get any sleep these last few weeks and escpecially these last few days. It seems like weeks since we’ve been pushed to the edge of our seats counting innings by innings and outs by outs. I blam you and the rockies for causing my focus at work to be directed to anything and everything Rocktober! What a great run, what a great ball club, what a great year. There is still work to do, rock the sox.


    It has been a nice break and a chance to get some sleep, but I’m ready to get this party started! Fenway will be a great, historical way to start the series and it would be cool to travel to both venues and experience the difference between old and new(er)!
    Since I drove 1616 miles to Dallas this last weekend to do my 11th Race for the Cure for 11 years I had a lot of time to think about this 11 thing (yeah, I’m a little odd!). Besides it taking you 11 years to get to WS and my doing 11 Races for 11 years…I am 44 (4xELEVEN), you are 33 (3xELEVEN) which incidentally is how old I was when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer…and that means that I was 11 when you were born…and that was how old I was when I started playing softball! I postponed my surgery by a couple of days, 11 years ago, so I could play a softball tournament (I needed to HIT something) and after aggressive treatments was back playing softball 2 weeks after radiation…so not just the 11 thing but baseball/softball thing too! I did just complete my goal of running 11 Race for the Cure for 11 years as a survivor and was 4th/Master Survivor at the 25th Dallas Race for the Cure. I have a good feeling about this series and we will be cheering for you guys…from our comfy, warm living room as I decided I had spent way too much money on my 11 Race goal! I’ll just wait until Spring Training camp to get my pink bat signed! The party at our house is going to be so much fun!


    Todd–Let me start by saying I’m a Red Sox Fan who’s very interested in the Series. Also, I’ve heard you on talk radio and you seem to have a deep respect for the Game. You seem like a classy guy and I’m sure the rest of the Rockies are as well. HOWEVER, remember, this ISNT June and this isn’t the regular season. We’ll see you guys in Boston where we’re taking the first 2. The Sox are ready and we’re not Arizona. GO SOX! RED SOX NATION! GO BECKETT and the BOYS—BEAT THE ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You go, Toddie! You’ve got a lot of your old fans here in Asheville rooting for you and the rest of what we’re calling our T-Rox. One thing I’ll always treasure is my Todd Helton Tourists Bobble Head! Give our best to the rest of our former Tourists!!


    Congrats on beating Arizona! I dont think anyone expected that. I hope you guys can continue to play well in the World Series. PLEASE beat Boston! I’m an Indians fan and I hate them. But thats not the only reason im pullin for you guys…you’re a good team filled with great talent. GO ROCKIES!


    Fenway Park!

    World Series!

    It’s no joke… but I’m not telling you that, I’m just trying to soak it all in! Tomorrow is going to ROCK!


    I went to Louisiana to help my sister with her knee replacement surgery and watched you and the team each night…what a thrill!We were in the stadium April through September and will be TV set for the series…wish you the best of luck and health as you take on the next game. Many thanks for the game of passion, with integrity and “class”…we’re so proud of you all. Go Rocks! Katie, Joe and Fred





    A Cubs fan.


    Hi Todd!

    As a native New Englander, I’ve been rooting for the Red Sox since 1967 when I was in elementary school. I’ve seen plenty of games there and I took my kids to Fenway about 5 years ago. It’s a magical place despite having less than perfect seating and facilities.

    Then I moved to Colorado in 1990 and the Rockies came into existence shortly thereafter. The team has quenched my thirst for a local team to cheer and watch in person. Coors Field has beautiful facilities and is a great place to watch a game. Okay, so it could snow during the series. Big deal.

    It had always been my position that if the Sox and Rox met in the Series, I’d HAVE to root for the Sox. Of course, that was before 2004 when the Sox won the World Series. Now I can root for the Rockies? to finish ?Rocktober? like you entered. Winning!

    Enjoy the series, you deserve it!

    Bob B.


    come game night, as always, I’ll be holed up at the University Center @ UNC to watch you guys play. I’m reeeeeally looking for ward to it! congrats again!

    maybe I’ll be lucky enough to score tix when you guys come home…I’ve never been to a World Series game…

    keep up the amazing work!!!

    K. Burd

    UNC Greeley


    First of all CONGRATULATIONS to you and the rest of your team for making it to the World Series! I live in Oregon and my sister lives in Denver. I try to get down to SF whenever you guys play there and when I visit my sister every year and you guys have been in town, I’ve gone to watch you play! I had the pleasure of bringing my 9 year old son to his first major league baseball game last year on the 4th of July. 2 hour rain delay and all it was a great game and you guys beat the Giants! This has been a great opportunity to show my son how professional athletes can be good men, with good character and great team players! You guys are the type of team that the youth of today can respect and perhaps maybe dream about some day possibly playing professional baseball just like you. Again, CONGRATULATIONS and I look forward to watching and cheering for you guys in the World Series! GO ROCKIES!!!!


    Todd, ‘been a huge fan of yours since 97; my favorite Rockie memory (until this year) is the summer of 2000, waking at the break of dawn in a hurry to read in the sports section about each hit you had while chasing .400 that year. I’m a dedicated coffee and sports page guy now, but it’s seldom that rewarding any more. Until this year.

    Another thing: I love you’re reason for hoping to play well–so kids will grow up loving the game. That’s why you’re going to win.

    Gin that 2000 / 2007 groove and bombard the Fenway walls with doubles! “LET’S GO ROCKIES!!!!! CLAP-CLAP, CLAP-CLAP-CLAP” (imagine someone doing Rockies cheer at computer)


    We are all so proud of you and the entire team – what a wonderful example you are to our community, particularly our youngsters! We know you WILL do it…IN FOUR!!! 🙂 GO ROCKIES!!


    Todd, as a die hard Volunteer fan living here in Denver, I was thrilled when the Rockies drafted you, and told anyone that would listen that you were going to be a great player. Granted, I had no idea since Vols baseball isnt really seen out here. Thanks for making me look really good with that prediction. I wish you and the rest of the Rockies all the best as you face the Red Hoard of Beantown. You have given us all a fall to remember, time to bring home the big prize.

    Patrick Bunn


    My sister and I came to see you at an away game in your rookie year. We got super seats right at the end of your dugout. As you were going up to the batting cage during batting practice, I yelled “hey Todd”. You turned and nodded. Then as you looked away I yelled “rookie of the year”. You looked back and smirked. I still think you should have won it. Have a great time and good luck. Say hello to the chaplain. I will say a prayer for you and the team and all the families. I hope to somehow get some tickets for my daughter and I to make a game. She is a hugh fan. God Bless.


    What ever happens you will always remember this!!!! I’m just glad I’m here to see it all happen. You are so deserving of this, God Bless you and your family during this wonderful time. We as fans are all with you and know that your on a very special team that all will remember in History! Just be you!!



    Congratulations to you and the team. Dee and I have been riding along on your Magical Mystery Tour, and it’s been quite a ride. Thanks for the lift. Now you guys go out there and keep having fun. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

    Keep Smiling.

    Gene & Dee


    Peace to you and your team, enjoy the experience and remember YOU ARE THE NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPS – it’s better to be this, than ALC anyday. I’m confident you guys win in less than seven.

    Thanks again for all the highs and excitement around our house.


    Hey Todd:

    If you take the lead in the WS do you think Mitchell will leak out more info out to the press and try to pin a Rockies player like he and the Redsoxs did to the Indians?



    Congrats to you and the team. We can hardly wait until your back in Denver!! You and the team have given us a magical ride the last month and we thank you!! Have fun, that’s the most important thing!!



    I’m SO psyched for the whole Rockies team, but I have a particular fondness for my fellow UT Volunteer Alumnus!! Have followed you since you came – as I have all of the Vol athletes that have come to the Mile High city!! Love our Vols!!

    Way to go to such a talented team full of heart, lacking scandal, good role models, etc. I love to have my kids look up to y’all instead of some of the role model athletes today. Thanks for that!!

    GO ROCKIES….missed tickets in that fiasco, but will still be out here cheering you on!!

    Jill R – Broomfield


    I have been a Rockies fan since Denver was awarded a team in 1993. I have always been proud to be a “Rockies Fan” and you guys have made this year so exciting I can’t even begin to express it! We retired and moved from Denver at the end of July to Nevada, but I’ve been following your progress via internet. Our computer was down for the last two weeks so I haven’t been able to follow you there, but since you made the playoffs and they were televised, I didn’t miss a thing! I just wanted to let you know I’m behind you and I cheer like mad with each and every pitch and swing of the bat. YOU ARE AWESOME! I was not able to obtain tickets to the World Series but I’ll be there in spirit and my best friend who passed away on October 1, 2007 is looking down and cheering you on as well. I won’t give you any advice, you guys know what you’re doing; I just want to say, keep it up, you’re in the WORLD SERIES, enjoy every minute of it.


    Katherine Bishop



    My name is Nancy I live in Cleveland. Die hard Indians fan Will definitely be pulling for you in the WS. Like Mr. Manning says just go out and play your game. Some Sox players are ok, but Manny just really got on my nerves during the playoffs. Good LUCK!!!


    Hi Todd, Well, I tried to get tickets but I had to be on recess duty at 12:30 and by the time I was done, so were the tickets. I entered the drawing for one ticket, so we’ll see… It sure has been hard to focus at work lately… I think we have a new syndrome developing that causes attentional problems at work. It’s called ‘Rockies Fan Fever’. But don’t let that stop all the Rox from shutting down the Sox come tomorrow night. It is so much fun to read all the positive comments from the fans. Even the opposing fans have mostly been very positive and encouraging. So far I have only read one or two comments that were mean spirited and ugly. Could the positive comments be a reflection of the class act team we have here? I think so. So one last message before the big day tomorrow: Stay calm, Stay cool, Have fun and try to focus on the moment. Remember there are a whole lot of people that are supporting the team back home. Don’t let the Sox fans get inside your heads. You have a whole mountain range of people lifting you up. So when you hear that line from the song America: ‘Purple Mountain Majesties Above the Fruited Plains’ That stands for the ROCKIES!!!!!!!! GO ROCKIES!!!!!


    Congratulations (omedeto)! My wife Yuko and I live in Denver area and we’re very proud of the ROCKIES! For you, Kaz and the team I wrote a couple World Series haiku.

    controlling tempo / keep the game within today / bonding at the heart!

    refusals to lose / stirring grand old traditions / hear the young lions roar!

    Good fortune to you all.

    We support you all the way!


    I want to start by saying how great is has been to follow the Rockies since moving here 2 years ago. I am from Missouri and have been a huge baseball fan since I was a kid. My daughter and I make it “our” special time when we are in the park. What an honor it was for her at her first game, on her birthday to catch one of your fly balls!! We go to opening day, closing day, and many other games throughout the year but, I think her favorite is 4th of July we always sit pavilion so that we can go onto the field for fireworks. We are watching you all at home and know that you can win this series! We believe in all of you! We, unfortunately, like so many other loyal fans here in Colorado were unable to get tickets. We will still be tuned in to every game at home like so many others!! GO ROCKIES!!!! Thanks for a great year.

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