Bring on the Snakes

Heltonblog A lot of people may feel we?re going to lose some momentum because of the four-day layoff between beating the Phillies in the Division Series and the start of the National League Championship Series on Thursday.

But I think it?s cool. It?s nice to get a little break, nice to relax and heal up all the nicks and bruises.

You know, one day off, like we get during the regular season, really doesn?t help your body heal. Two days makes a big difference.

When it gets into three or four days, the question is our momentum. But the Diamondbacks have the same momentum. We?ve played the same number of games in the playoffs, so we?ll see how it affects each team.

You couldn?t get a more familiar opponent than the Diamondbacks. We see them a lot every year in Spring Training in Tucson. We play those guys so much during the regular season. We play a lot of games in that park.

Heck, with half the guys, we?re out there talking about hunting. We know where one another are going after the season. We play so much. That?s a good group of guys that wants to win just as badly as we do. It?s going to be a good challenge for us.




    I’ve watched you since your rookie year (I have a rookie card of you that I bought on eBay). I defended the Rockies’ decision to go with you and let Big Cat leave. I’ve never regretted that decision for a minute, and I’m sure the Rockies didn’t either.

    I’m very happy that, after all these years of bringing 110% out every day, you’re getting the opportunity to play baseball in October.

    I’m also happy that the Rox brought a winner to Denver the right way. By putting together a bunch of good players that also happen to be good men. No brag. No showboating. Just 25 men who show up with their tools every day, and go about their jobs like professionals.

    Not only do you deserve to finally be on a winner, but you deserve to be surrounded by the quality bunch of guys that you have out there with you. And they deserve you.

    Good luck the rest of the way. We’ll be watching. Hope to see a DH in the Rockies lineup in the very near future…



    Holy smokes, this is a dream that I have had for over a decade now, to see the Rox go this deep into the postseason, overcomming all the hacks and their “expert” analysis on espn saying that CO was dead in the water, and all the while to see it done with such efficiency. Todd, you should be proud that you have maintained throughout the seasons such a sense of humility and respect for the game and fans despite being widely publicized and a player of such a high caliber. It would be easy for someone in your position to become (among other things) jaded, big headed or even worse…jump ship ahh! But you have managed to remian true to the game, the fans, your teammates and yourself. As a diehard Rockies fan, it’s hard to remain unbias, but I feel that even if my allegiance were held with another ball club, their is no one that I would love to see win the big one more than yourself.

    I live a long way from the mile high (all the way in seminole country in Tallahassee, FL), and although school and everything involved with it will take up the bulk of your time, as well as money (hello ramen and spaghetti) I still wouldn’t miss my annual pilgrimige to Coors. Lucky me that the series I saw was a 3 game sweep of the Brewers back in August (the second game was a two homer night for you I believe).

    This might have sounded too much like a brown noser post (though every word is true) so I’ll end it on a big GO ROCKIES!!!

    Hopefully Coors remembers to pay the electric bill this time.


    Tallahassee, FL


    The Rockies are my favorite team. They have gone through a rough time over the past few years, but not without a purpose. An observant fan could see that a team was being built. The only real surprise this year was how exceptionally good Troy Tulowitzki became, and he must have exceeded everyone?s expectations. It is not a surprise that the team was good. This year?s team is just a continuation of what has been going on for the past few years. (Next years team will even be better.)

    Still, Todd Helton was there all along, quietly leading the team to where it is today. There must have been frustrations, but Todd Helton never blasted off to the press. There was never a time when it would have been worthwhile to trade Todd, for he provided something the Rockies needed this year. I am sure there is not one teammate of Todd?s that wished he was traded. Certainly there is not one observant fan.

    When I take my daughter to the games, I point Todd out first. She knows who Todd Helton is. You are appreciated Todd.



    Hey I heard somebody say some one on the team had the flu. So this will sound a little corney but hey I tried it just for a hoot a few days ago and it worked for me. And I found it boosted my metabolism or immune system.

    I saw it on TV in one of those “survivor or survival man” sort of Survivalist shows on Discovery channel. Hey it is so simple it is called “Pine needle tea” and it is free just get a few pine needles and make a tea out of them as they Pine needles actually contain more Vit-amin C and A (As this British guy pronounced the word vitamin funny is how I remembered it) then 5 oranges or 6 lemons.

    Really so if you have a pine tree in your backyard or anywhere near you it is pretty much a free cure or remedy or trick. Or something easy to try. Just mix a little honey to make the taste bareable or more palletable. And you will feel your body get a warm rush or flush of warmth.

    If you don’t believe me do a search on the internet and you will find it is quite common in certain parts of the country or is an Old Indian remedy.

    Really it has a lot of beneficial uses including people with allergies and respritory problems. And like I say it only costs you the time to find a tree and gather cut off some twigs or needles.

    I hope I didn’t start something and you start getting all sorts of weird cures or Natural Homiopathic remedies.

    But it is soothing and no surprise really to catch a flu when you are under a lot of stress!

    Since you are getting ready to get into the World Series! How do I know? Lets just say a little white bird told me!

    No excuses though you still have to put in your best efforts. So Go>! Go>! Rockies! May not be there in person but I will be out there listening or watching whenever I can!




    Hey Todd:
    Well if has finally happened! The Rockies are in the Playoffs and have a real shot at play for a World Championship. I have been a Rockies fan since the start. I still am getting **** for sticking with the team. But now, all I say is “look who just won AGAIN”! It is great to get to see you and the rest of the team celebrate for the frist time in a long time. I hope that I am one of the frist ones that gets to by whatever picture pops up of you jumping in the air after beating San Diego. That is something I will remember for a long time to come. I hope that you are here till you can’t play anymore. There is a great young bunch on the field with you right now!

    Good Luck when you and the rest of the team make it to the Series!!



    Hi Todd,
    First of all, I want to thank you for being such a classy player all these years. The fans can all see the commitment you have to the game and how much it means to you. I felt so proud of you when you had the walk off home run that I believe was the start of this amazing run. The look on your face was such a joy to see. I hope you never loose that joy in the game. I also feel that the team is really pulling to give this championship to you, and that is the best present the fans could hope to see you receive.

    I was finally given the opportunity to see all games this year thanks to and have been so proud of the way the team has grown this year. It’s amazing how much you’ve become a team over the past months and it’s gotten you through so much. Congratulations.

    I’m also proud to be a fan of a club that is so in tune with each other and works together so beautifully. No one is looking for the spotlight; everyone’s working together to get the win. Every game has a new “hero” which is absolutely wonderful. It seems like everyone’s trying to simply get on base because they have absolute faith that someone behind them will drive them in for a run. It’s this faith, I feel, that will lead you to the World Series and another wonderful 2008.

    Good luck (I’m flying to Denver for the WS when you guys make it!). However, no matter what happens, you have given Rockies fans many wonderful years and I thank you for that.



    Todd, stay cool and keep on having fun! I love the spirit of this year’s team. I know that you can rise to the occasion and we’ve all seen the evidence of this during the past 24 days of miraculous baseball. Denver, Colorado and the whole Rocky Mt. Region is behind you guys. Let’s keep this ride going!
    Rocky Rich



    Good luck against the D’backs. It would be great to see such an accomplished player finally get a chance to play in the World Series. Of course you guys have no chance against the Red Sox, but getting to the Series is something.

    Ryan from Boston


    Todd, its great for baseball that an underdog team like the Rockies have made it to the NLCS. You guys are the hottest team right now and I’m pulling for you being an National League guy. Good luck this series against D-Backs and think BIG. Only four more wins till baseball’s grandest stage.



    What a ride were on (I say “were” because we love you guys). I got to go to the 3rd game against the Phillies, and it was UNBELIEVABLE!! Me and my kids are soooo proud of you guys. You have always brought your “a” game, and when you couldn’t, someone seems to step up and make the big play or get the big hit… Man this is fun!!! Please keep this ride going and blast Boston!! (that is if they can get there) Who is that guy anyway?!?

    Good luck to you and the whole team!!! You guys are having an unbelievable run. Enjoy it!!!

    Your Biggest Fans,

    The Humphries Family


    This kind of opportunity may only come once in a lifetime, so go for it, guys!

    And have fun doing it.

    It’s been a great ride getting here, and thank you all for letting us see this happening. GO ROCKIES!


    Mr. Helton (aka bigfoot)

    Please enjoy the time off and don’t think about baseball until Thursday, you guys deserve some time away from the game, since we all know you are ALL WINNERS @ this game. Just like Monfort said, that is all you really know!

    GO OUT there are crush them just like the others six teams, no different. Just a name Dback, you are the best team in MLB bar none.


    st louis rox fan


    Wow I am way excited that you and your boys are going to the NLCS. I am really bummed that I wasn’t able to go to the game last Sunday, but o well I will hopefully be able to go to the one on Wednesday, unless you boys sweep again. By the way I wll be decked out in my purple gear, along with my face it will definitly be painted. I will be sitting behind the Dugout, with my boyfriend if you don’t believe me.


    Todd, You can go hunting after you win the World Series, That would be bigger than any World record BC whitetail.The weather in Southern Illinois currently is not the best for whitetails, Hot and Humid.
    Around November 1st through the end of month is Excellent.I am a huge fan of the Rockies since Day 1 some people can’t believe it since I live in Cardinal & Cubs world. This year I’m the one that gets to brag. Skin the snakes 1st then beat up on the American league.


    Way to go! I spent many hours watching my younger bros playing baseball (1 went on to CSU baseball). I remember way-back-when, at the old Mile-High watching the Rockies in cold weather. But it was never as exciting as now. It is even bringing families together. One of my brothers and his family, my 72 year old Mom, and my teen boys were all around the TV last Sat. cheering you on.(My teen son – “does Grandma have to be so loud and cheer so much?”). My Rockies flag is flying out in front of my home, and won’t come down until your last game (winning the World Series, of course). So ROCK ON! Thanks for giving us Coloradoans something to cheer about and make this such as happy fall. Tip – think and visualize lots of positive thoughts in your upcoming games. Cinda


    Todd-Thank-you for the great memories that you guys have brought us this season so far and good luck against the D-backs. It a wild ride that won’t stop until you win it all. Good-luck from your biggest fan in Omaha.




    Todd, it’s magical runs like the one you guys are on that make baseball such an incredible sport. I love what you guys are doing. I wish you all the best. Yours has already been a season for the ages. The 2007 Colorado Rockies are the best feel-good story the playoffs have seen in while.


    Cool, I never new you had a blog, Helton! My name is Warren. I’ve lived near Tulsa, OK for the last 10 years and was born and raised in Denver for 17 years before that.

    I became a baseball fan for the first time, when it was announced the Colorado Rockies would be an expansion draft team. I don’t know why I didn’t watch baseball before that (I played it a lot) but I’ve watched at least 100 Rockies games a season ever since (on TV). I haven’t missed a game the last 3 or 4 season. I thought you were this good last season, and just couldn’t hold on to enough wins for some reason.

    I think you guys were just learning how to win close games. It can’t be easy!

    Living in Tulsa the last 10 years, I’ve also had the pleasure of watching the majority of the Rockies players for many years now.

    I remember Larry Walker (on a rehab start) with the Drillers, hit a lead-off solo HR and Jeff Francis pitched a shutout to win the first half of the season.

    I have also seen Ubaldo and Franklin pitch several times down here and new they would have an immediate impact. Also Greg Reynolds and Mathews are on the way, and they arguably had even better season down here!

    You guys are set. You have years of developing chemistry, highly talented and smart players, a nice mix of leadership and plenty of more very good help on the way in the future.

    I’ve always been proud to be a Rockies fan and now I’m truly exciting to be a fan. You guys did it, you over came that slow start, like I new you would! Great job! Good luck…

    -Warren W. Gregory


    I know it was a while ago, but I feel that your walk off homerun against the Dodgers was what started the Rockies’ momentum. I go to school out east, and was watching the game on espn’s gamecast, and when I saw “incoming pitch has been hit into play” with the 1-2 count I was hoping. Then I saw the ball fly over the fence….thanks!

    -Matt Ulmer


    Being originally from Illinois we are die hard cubs fans(we had a pretty good first baseman who also wore #17), went to college at Southern Ill,now live near Tulsa and have always followed the Rockies. You are quickly becoming my sons favorite player, he hits left handed likes copying your swing. We make several trips to Colorado a year, one family vacation and the other bowhunting(called in a nice 5×5, but no shot)next year we have decided to plan our vacation around a homestand, hope my son can meet you during bp, that would be great! In a time of fallen heros its nice to know there are still people like you out there. God Bless and Good Luck
    -Scott & James-


    This is Brenni Jo and i just wanted to tell you good luck on the playoffs!!!!!!!hurry up and win the playoffs and then win the world series so you can come down and hunt with Me,Dad and Jerry GOOD LUCK TODD!!!!!!!!


    Hello Todd,
    Always a big fan. Just want to know when are you going to make things right for Susan Rhodes? How about some flowers, maybe a little help with her medical expenses.
    Step up to the plate, do the right thing, we love you.

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