Never stop working

I take a lot of pride in my defense at first base, doing all the little things right and hopefully helping the team win. Was this my best season with the glove?

Well, it was as good as I have had. I?m not tooting my own horn or anything like that. I don?t like to do that. But I felt I?ve been adequate.

You can work every day on defense and still find something more to work on. You never stop working because you can always get better. Especially when you?re struggling with the bat, to me the best thing you can do is go out and focus on your defense. That?s what I?ve done.

There aren?t any stats for it. We don?t sit there and count how many games we?ve won with our defense. It?s true that we led baseball in fielding, but we don?t care how we win. As long as we win, it doesn?t matter how. When you lose, that?s how you get into a bunch of trouble — everybody starts analyzing why you lost. But when you win, you?re just happy. Just go enjoy the win.



    I hope all goes well for Cook. It sure would be nice to have Cookie back! And Wllie too, if he’s 100% ready, he’s one of baseball’s most dangerous lead off men. In a close game, he can use his speed to get on base and get something going! If they both make the roster, of course it means someone won’t be on it this time. I’ll leave that stuff up to the manager. It’s all going to be for the best, whatever their final decision is!

    One game at a time,



    I think you’ve been more than adequate this year. It’s been awesome watching you and the great plays you have made. Just keep playing your game, and we will still be here to cheer you on!! I will be at the game monday, yelling as loud as I can.

    Fruita, CO


    You are a great 1st baseman! My 8 year old thinks you’re the best in baseball. I am proud that he can look up to a player that gives it his all every game. He now wears #17 and wants to be a 1st baseman like his favorite player Todd Helton! Thank you!


    Hey Todd, you guys are the best and right after your tiebreaker win that Monday my wife said “I don’t think they will lose another game. So far so good. Another case of the woman always being right… lol

    You and the rest of the guys with you will be World Champs by the end of the month…

    Cause Mrs. Peanuthead said so.

    “GO ROCKIES…Woo Hoo


    You may not have the homeruns anymore, but the doubles just keep coming. The glove work is, and has always been, amazing. I am 19 and I have watched you since you were in Colorado Springs in 1997. The way you play the game should be an inspiration to everyone who enjoys baseball. I am glad that you are rubbing off on the younger players because they do not seem cocky like some players from other teams. I plan on coaching baseball one day and you will be one of the players I mention on work ethic and never giving up. I tell this to my friends because it works for me, WORK HARD, HAVE FUN, and RELAX. You are currently having FUN so keep it up and go all the way.
    Jason Kauffman

    Colorado School of Mines


    Hey Todd,
    Adequate? You’ve go to be kidding me!!! That’s great that you are so humble, but you and the whole team are a little more than adequate this year or you wouldn’t be where you are right now. ( NLCS) It is great to see a new hero each night, some times a regular starter and often someone from the bench. (Carroll, Baker, etc) My brother and son both played BB through the high school level and were not the regular starters. It made it so much more exciting when they made the difference in the team’s win. I’ve watched you guys for some time now and this is just the BEST. Thanks for taking the time to keep up this blog. It is a thrill to get the perspective through your eyes. Keep the bats going and only 216 outs left until the WS!!!!! GO ROCKIES!!Renee from Glenwood Springs.


    I viewed a poll on ESPN that showed the Colorado Rockies appear to have a large fan base not only in Colorado, but throughout New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota and even Nebraska to a lesser degree. The support for Colorado actually extended up north into Canada (probably complements of a simular Rocky Mountain culture and fans of Larry Walker and Jeff Francis – Canada Natives). It also showed higher support for the Rockies in South Carolina and Oklahoma (location of a couple of their minor league teams, both stats without Major League teams – I live near Tulsa, OK myself). That (by far) makes the Colorado Rockies the largest baseball market in the country (by square miles) than any other baseball team in this country. Granted, this largest market club is called a small market club, because it extends over the least populated parts of the country. But still impressive, nonetheless. I guess that’s why Denver is called the Rocky Mountain Empire!


    Mr. Helton,

    You’ve had a phenomenal season. You should be proud of your performance and first base. Just watching your face at the games makes me feel like a little kid again watching the Rockies at Mile High Stadium. It has been a pleasure watching you over the years. Some of my best memories with my mom are watching you play at Coors Field.

    My mother and I are two of your biggest fans. You have been faithful and steady for the Rockies since you signed onto our team and I just want to say thank you for the amazing season. Watching the Rockies win this year has put a bounce in both of our steps. What you guys have done is special…You’ve brought magic back to Blake Street.

    WE BELIEVE!! Rockies all the way!


    I’m a Phillies fan but I want to congratulate you guys and wish you the best of luck for the rest of the playoffs.



    Your dominance foiled my plans for Game 4 on Sunday… but I hope you do it again this series by sweeping them so there is no Game 5 (which I have tickets to on Wednesday)! This season has been so fun to watch from beginning to end, thank you so much!

    Best of luck (not that you need it!) GO ROX!!


    I remember thinking “Who is this lanky kid taking over for the “Big Cat”?” Well you have done a GREAT job over these years & it is good to see YOU and the team have a really good chance to go all the way! We are all behind you & having fun too! Keep having fun and doing the wonderful job you have been doing all season!


    Adequate?? I think you are adding an overdose of modesty to your other attributes.

    When the Big Cat played first before you, I loved watching him – not just for the home runs, but for his grace at first base. Sure, I was sorry to see him leave, but I never doubted that the Rockies made the right decision on that one. I lived in Colorado Springs had followed your career there. Sorry as I was to see Cat go, I knew that it was time for you to be on first for the Rockies. You have validated that decision over and over in the past years. It has been a joy to watch you play and I’m so glad for you – and all of us – that the Rockies are finally back in the playoffs.


    You are adequate Todd. Adequate enough to win it ALL!!! Good luck and remember to just breath!!!! You guys are great!


    Adequate? Oh modest Todd. You may not toot your horn, but I’m happy to toot it for you! FABULOUS is a better word. I especially love watching those rockets from Tulo sail over to you for an out. 🙂 You’re awesome.


    My son really looks up to you and to read that you try hard no matter what is good for him to hear. I really appreciate having a good role model for my son to look up to. Keep up the good work!!


    I have been a die hard Rockies fan for the past 5 years. Watching every game being either at the game or on the TV. Even when the Rox were doing bad, I still stuck up for you all, even when my friends thought I was a fool. Thank you, because I can now rub it in all of there faces, that my team ( Rockies ) are the BOMB !!! Congrats on ur 300th HR and 1000 RBI. The Rox and u hav had an amazing season.

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