Confident going into Game 3

We know we’ll have to get it going to come back from two games down and win the World Series, but this team is resilient and has a lot of confidence.


It was a long flight. We had to stop and get gas on the way and landed at 6-ish. I think everybody was a little more tired than usual. But other than that, it was pretty much the same. The same guys played cards. The same guys watched movies. The same guys played video games.

I really appreciate the home-field advantage that we have at Coors Field. There’s no doubt we’re going to feel a lot more comfortable here. It’s always been that way with the Rockies, that no matter what happens on the road, we can turn things around in a hurry. Down 2-0, history will tell you that it’s a tough place to come back from, but we’ve got no choice. We’ve got to go out and play, and win a baseball game tomorrow.

I haven’t really had a chance to sample the spirit of Denver. I just decided to get some sleep, then come to the ballpark and work out. I understand people are excited. Everyone is wearing Rockies gear, and I know the fans here are behind us. Hopefully, I’ll see some of the excitement tomorrow. I know there will be a lot of it for Game 3, the first-ever World Series game at Coors Field.



    Colorado is glad to have you back! There’s no place like home and we know you guys will be more comfortable and be back to your 21-1 form! The energy you’ll get from the 50,000 will be backed up by the millions at home. In our minds you’ve already made Denver a winning town, so relax and play like you always have which will not only make us proud but will also beat the sox!


    Like someone famous once said (we all know who it is), “It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over”. You guys are home now. You won’t have the ’10th man’ this time… will have the 50,000th MAN!!! There isn’t any shame in losing to Beckett and Schilling, they are great pitchers. But you guys started to get the timing down on Beckett, and Schilling got off with a couple of lucky breaks. I have tickets to all three home games, and I full expect to see three wins!!! We all have faith, and we know you will make us proud!!!


    I believe in you guys! I have always followed you guys and I know you can pull through! I hope the stands are shaking the entire game! Play your game, and we will be cheering you on. You are awesome!!!!



    I’ll state what you already know, Todd: The Rockies are a better team than the Red Sox. In a few days, the whole world will know that.

    Who cares about the streaks? Who cares about being down 2-0? Reality is what happens now.


    so todd, wat do you do on the plane???? just kidding. but i think that you guys will have a huge advantage tomorrow night…. good luck!


    Thanks for this blog. I have just started reading it this week, and posted once. I think it is great that you take the time to do it and connect with the fans in that way. It makes us feel like we really know you…a truly class guy! I wish like crazy I could be there this weekend. But members of my family from Boulder will be there Sat. and Sun. I live in SoCal, and I so look forward to the games every day as a bit of relief from the tragic fires that we are all dealing with in some way. A lot of people here are rooting for you guys. Just stay calm, focus, and take one inning at a time. I think the Sox are going to be very surprised at the decibel level of the Rox Fans…they can out scream any one!!! And I’ll be doing plenty of that in front of my T.V. GO ROX GO…I expect to be coming out to a victory parade in Denver some time next week!!!

    Marti from SoCal


    Just remember what you and your teammates have done to get this far! You guys ROCK! You guys play with such heart and soul that makes baseball great! I will be rooting you on in Oregon (tried to get tickets but failed unfortunately)… You and the rest of the Rockies have made your fans so very proud of you! Thank you again for the opportunity to watch such a wonderful team! Rock those Sox!


    I’am so glad Todd that you got to play in a World Series, In my opinion you are the best 1st baseman I have ever seen, and I have been a baseball fan since I was a kid. Win or lose the series you guys are the best team in MLB……..Go Rockies


    I don’t know if it is just me, but there is something in the air that is so positive yet hard to explain! You can feel it, but you can see it too…at the grocery store with all the Rockies colors (I’ve even noticed a lot of the halloween decorations come in purple and black…I bought some to put around our TV), on the streets, schools, everywhere!

    You can hear it too and real Rockies fans are very positive…it is amazing the buzz that this team has created. You have made us believe in the possible and doing things that might seem impossible or improbable. Positive creates positive!

    I really don’t know any other sport that gets inside you like baseball…how many great movies have been made that explore the “miracle” of baseball?! I hope some of the movies they watched on the plane were some of these…I know when I need to “believe” or need a little help moving forward I put one in and jump on the treadmill.

    And when I run competitively, I’m listening to music that makes me feel good but lately my thoughts go to images that make me feel good…like that stretch at 1st to get Byrnes out…the look on your face was priceless!

    I know what it feels like to do something well, but I also know what it feels like when one of my kids do something well…the “high” is 10x as great as anything I’ve ever done! I think that is what has me so hooked on this team…the Rockies are OUR boys…and the feeling is as great as if you were our own DNA! I guess in a way you are, because anyone who has lived or experienced Colorado knows the PURPLE mountain majesty…and it gets inside you just like the game and this team! THANK YOU!

    P.s. Another movie to watch would be “Peaceful Warrior”…it is not baseball, but is about an athlete that faces adversity and overcomes the challenge. The main lessons are learning to “be in the moment” and forgetting the destination but enjoying “the journey”! Tonight you should all take a deep breath (of high altitude attitude air) and relish the moment and the excitement you have created…the JOURNEY has been and continues to be quite a ride!


    Glad you are back, MILE HIGH IS WHERE WINNERS LIVE – don’t fret the second lost. You are a team of leadership, stamina, and control. I’m still confident as before your trip out east. Just consider that two game loss as payback from June win you beat them 2 games out of 3. Now it’s all even again. BEGIN THE PROCESS you guys are so good at, come from behind and show them your strength. Maybe you will not have to play two in Boston to finish them off Monday?


    ps my family is so excited!


    hi mr. todd helton, from lynn,mass. met u when u came to boston in june and u signed a picture of u, thank u todd very much. i have always like u todd the way u played the game. i was at tuesdays workout watching red sox and rockies, i asked u if u could throw a ball to me. anyway todd, i live here and i am rooting for red sox because i am friends with 1 of red sox but i want to wish u good luck too, takecare


    Oh Todd….the fans in Colorado are so glad to have you back in your back yard for the World Series….you have had your back up against tougher walls to get to this place…and WE ALL have no doubts about the ‘resiliency’ of this team…WE ALL ARE BELIEVERS of this team…its time to show those “socks” where you live…


    Halls, Fountain City and Knoxville calling …. Big Orange Country is behind you and your teammates every pitch of the way! Feel that energy sweeping across to you. You have done us all proud. Thanks!


    Todd, Pressure is still on Boston, they are picked to win. But being picked and doing is 2 different things. I still belieive you and the team remember what got you there pitching,defense,timely hitting along with positive attitude the outcome will be different. You will have the crowd and the atmosphere that will make tonight feel like the NLCS.
    Good luck,Will be watching and cheering on the team.


    Ah, Mr. Todd Helton, you have done so much for this team for so many years and I’m happy for you that you have reached up to the World Series. I’m praying that you and the rest of the team whip the Red Soxs’ butts. I dont want you to be one of those great baseball players who never won a World Series ring in their careers. Your time is now, I know you and the rest of the team can do this! You guys won over 10 games in a row! Four should be nothing for you guys. It’s time to step up and show those Red Sox what great a team you truly are! You have been my idol ever since I was about 10 or 11. I’m 18 now and you deserve a World Series ring and so does the rest of your team!


    You guys are back home in Coors Field and the fans I am sure will be right there with you!!! We were at your game in 2001 the night the Av’s won the Stanley Cup — if the fans are anything like they were that night in LoDo– it will be loud and spirited!!!

    Good Luck Todd and the rest of the Roxs – Take three wins and the momentum back to Boston and win it all!!!

    Go Rockies!!! Janis is Iowa


    Hi to all in Colorado!! I’m in Fort Lauderdale and have been a fan of the game for over 40 years. I am and always have been a member of the RedSox Nation.
    Congratulations for having a really great team. We Sox Fans know what it’s like to be down.

    I understand there was a so-called Sox Fan here on your blog that was rude and nasty. Please, don’t think that we are all like that. On the contrary, most of us are not only Boston fans but true lovers of the game of Basesball. I am one of many bloggers on “Brownie Points”. We love to have some friendly banter between opposing fans and DO NOT support people who are innapropriate on the blog.

    I look forward to seeing some of you on our blog, and I hope you won’t mind if I check in from time to time here.

    Best of Luck to you and your team.



    Todd: I’m a Sox fan (sorry-born in MA, living in ME) but want to congratulate you and the Rockies on your great season, and the class you’ve shown all year. Good luck at Coors, and maybe we’ll see you back in Fenway. Here’s to as much great baseball as possible between two great clubs, and may the best team win!


    No worries Todd….you have made Colorado soooooo proud already. We love you guys no matter what. You all have played with such determination, patience and heart. I grew up in Boulder and now live in California (Modesto Nuts territory). The Colorado Rockies flag flies high in Modesto…came to several games in Denver this summer and knew something was different this year!
    For tonight…relax and most important – Have Fun! This is the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hmm? Do I hear change the batting order?

    God I hate this walking by faith sometimes!

    But I know that I know sometimes numbers are very important in the spiritual realm one of the many ways God leads us down this little narrow path of faith.

    Like this number 64 and Clint Hurdle! This is a stretch to believe but that is how spiritual things are they don’t always make sense at first. But let me bring that number up again 64 is not real powerful but 8 times 8 is powerful or double new beginnings. That is what you are hoping for in this game you need a new beginning today and badly.

    So my pick for lead off batter is who? #8 Yorvit Torealba

    #2 is of course and I don’t know why like a feeling or unction or is it related to 8 times 8 which is 64 #2 Troy Tulowitski

    #3 choice is #5 which is the number of faith #5 Matt Holiday

    #4 since this is baseball and not foot ball #7 is the number of completion Which is also #7 Kazuo Matsui in the cleanup or powerseat. Especially for this game against his own countrymen talk about a setup for a psychological thriller or showdown at the OK Corral. But mostly for this game only or especially. Do you feel the heat yet Mr. Matsui? The God of this country is looking for another grand slam out of you in this game sometime!

    #5 #17 Todd Helton!

    the rest of the batting order is up to you!

    Hey this is just my two cents! For silver and Gold I do not have

    but that which I have that I received from God I truly try to freely,freely, give!

    If nothing else that #4 cleanup should get people in the media could be a big media event or shocker and people in general talking all around the world! Sort of like stirring up a hornets nest! Ha LOl Thankyou Jesus haleleuiah lord! I give you glory and praise oh lord!

    Call me crazy if you wish cuz when you are really anointed you don’t have to lie or make up stories bringing people into the presence of God is one of my best and or easiest abilities or gifts. From then on it is up to you or each of us to seek the spirit through Jesus or not I think the spirit does a much better job of convincing people then any man made words enough talk!


    I feel like I?m your only fan in Florida. My friends think I?m crazy to even care who?s in the World Series, but ever since vacationing in Boulder last Christmas, my goal is to make Colorado my home one day. I loved it there and have since adopted everything about your state as my own. My 10 yr old son is an aspiring baseball pitcher and has made me a diehard fan of the game. I have been on the edge of my seat watching your every play, deprived of sleep but full of spirit. I even have a personalized Rockies shirt to wear for good luck, but I don?t think you need any. You have all the skill and talent a great team needs.


    It’s gonna be nice seeing a WS game at Coors Field. Unfortunately I have to watch from Missouri.


    Good Evening Colorado, 1 hr til game time. I haven’t seen too much of Coors field (I did drive by ut once about 12 years ago), but from what I’ve seen, very nice park!
    I hope tonight will be a nail biter, but one that goes in our favor, But, Good Luck!


    Welcome home! Even us fans who weren’t lucky enough to get tickets are still supporting and cheering. I’ve only been to Coors 3 times but I know the fans will be crazy. Good Luck!


    To all the rockies players and fans congratulations on getting to the world serie’s you all should be very proud.
    As an all new england fan,my favorite being the Red Sox,I have been incredibly fortunate to be back in the serie’s after 04′,there’s no better feeling.

    I tried to explain to my 5yr old twins how long i had to wait for the Red Sox to win.

    Well it was there life,my life,and their grandfather’s life…lol,it was worth the wait. Good luck to all and may the best team win…GO SOX!


    It’s hard to imagine how this team won anything, let alone the National League pennant. Speaks volumes about the state of the senior circuit. Can’t hit a Schilling 89 mph fastball down the middle. Watch 3rd pitch strikes endlessly and their star, that they want to hold out as an mvp, has no clue on the bases.

    Now that game 3 is completely out of hand, this will go down as the most lopsided series in history.

    Stick to hockey!!!



    Sitting here in Pueblo watching Game 3, wishing I was at Coors Field right now, but, alas, no tickets to be had that didn’t require giving up my first born. Have been watching the Rockies since 1993. Have raised 5 children on Rockies baseball. Bottom line is, we love our Rockies, win or lose. Thank you all for making this season extra special. The Rockies are winners in our eyes. We hope we come out on the winning end this weekend, regardless, we will still be fans. Keep your spirits high, you only need to win 4 games! We here in Pueblo still BELIEVE!


    From this die-hard Astros fan, congratulations, Todd and the Rockies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all the fans. Glad you made it to the dance, finally, Todd. You deserve it. And what about our boy, Biggio? Clemente Award winner…how I wish us Astros fans could have been there tonight…but I know the Rockies’ fans gave him the deserved ovation!


    Win or lose, I still love the Rockies. The ride has been incredible! We still have the National League Champions, and I think it’s very safe to say, reading through the comments, that we have the classiest fans in this series.


    This can be the best script yet. Now down 3 games it’s time for the comeback of the century to cap off the run of the century that got the Rockies to the playoffs! The bats are waking up! Good luck in game 4, 5, 6, and 7!!!


    Hey bbfan, how many 80 some odd years between World Series victories from 2004 and the one before that? Uh…80 some odd years??? Almost EVERY team in baseball, with the exception of new teams and the Cubs have done better than that, so I’m not really sure what you are bragging about! If you win this one, and it is NOT over yet, the Sox will finally have as many WS wins as the Marlins during the past 10 years! Enjoy, ‘cuz you may not win again for another 80 some odd years! FYI…the NL West happen to have been the best division in BB this year, most teams over 500. But unless you can read, you probably didn’t know that. I think the Sox have a great team…it’s just many of their fans who are pretty classless…as I experienced when I was out in Anaheim rooting on the Angels…quite a few Sox Fans. They seem to come out of the woodwork…like rats…
    Marti of SoCal


    Hey Todd……good luck tonight!!!!!!!! I haven’t been a fan of the Sox ever since Pedro Martinez knocked down Don Zimmer during a Yankee/Red Sox game…..and if their bullpen wants to act like Sox fan’s, why didn’t they get tickets and sit in the stands? I’am proud of the way you and the other Rockies (not counting the fit throwing SS)have carried yourselves in this Series. Todd, I salute your parents for a Job Well Done!! Go Rockies………


    breathe deep of the success and of the bonds that you have created… not just within the team but within your community. for, you have touched this great city… and you have shown yourselves to be an outstanding group of people. hang on to that team spirit… GO ROCKIES!!!



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