Check out Fenway, talk to Peyton

Today was workout day at Fenway Park, before the World Series starts tomorrow night.

It’s a great thrill to have my dad on the field with me today. With the history of this place, he said he always wanted to come here and see a World Series game, it’s special. I’m excited for him. My mom and my dad are both going to be here.

It’s going to be exciting. I think my dad will be more nervous than I am. I remember how he taught me to hit the other way. I’d hit in the garage, and he had a Fiberglas boat on the right side of the garage. If I pulled it, I’d hit the boat and then I got a whippin’. That’ll make you stay inside the ball pretty good.

I talked to Peyton Manning last night, my good friend and old football teammate from Tennessee. He said, ‘The best advice I can give you is to keep your same routine.’ It worked for him in the Super Bowl last year, so that’s good advice.

I’m just going to go take the family to dinner, go home, get a good night’s sleep, then get up and get ready to play tomorrow. I’ll hopefully sleep in a little bit tomorrow, so the day will be a little bit shorter. The game doesn’t start until after 8 o’clock, and it can’t get here soon enough.



    Sounds like Peyton gave you some pretty reliable advice.

    Struck out on getting tickets to the games here, so I guess I’ll be watching the Rox and the Sox on Fox, but I’ll be yelling loud enough for them to here me at Coors Field this weekend! GO ROCKIES!


    The day is finally arriving for all of us, not just 8 days of waiting, since August 2nd 1997 when you made your debut. Good luck tomorrow!! Enjoy the moments! You are an amazing baseball player and person. Bring home the title!-Your greatest fan, David Martin ( Todd Helton page)


    Todd, I’ll be honest I haven’t really known your team until recently. I was so intrigued with the Rockies winning streak I had to start reading up on you guys. Being a crazy Detroit Tigers fan has been a bit sad coming up on this World Series. However myself and several friends are really cheering you guys on. I wish you Rockies the best of luck. I am so excited to see this championship. Take it man you guys have earned it!


    Thanks for a truly amazing season. It has been such a terrific year watching everyone on the team have their special moments. Seeing you make the last out in the NLCS and yell while stretching out with your glove and fist in the air is etched into all Rockies fans’ hearts forever!! Have a very special World Series – it has been a real blessing watching your run to the top! GO ROCKIES!! ROCK THE SOX ON FOX!


    hey Todd ~

    as a native Coloradoan and a life long sports fan, this is unbelievable! i can’t imagine the excitement you feel … the team feels. i know that the fans are only part of this journey .. but thanks … for giving us a seat on this ride .. and what a ride it is!

    after two days of trying for tickets, we didn’t make it … but we will be watching you every second … enjoy this experience .. take it all in .. and cherish it for the rest of your life.

    Go Rockies!!


    thanks Todd for helping us get here! How glad are you with this great team behind you? We didn’t get any tickets for this series but i will be cheering for you and you team to win your FIRST EVER WORLD SERIES LETS GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    All right Cap’n, this is it man. All I have to say is: Tell Jeffrey & Jimmy that even though they might not hear us….. “C’mon Jeff! Viva Jimmy!” They will still hear us if they concentrate. They will run into jams most likely, but if they listen hard they will hear:
    Jeff: “no prob Jeffrey, just focus on this out, this situation. You know that this team has your back!”


    Jimenez: ” no hay problema Jimmy….Confianze me Amigo… TRANQUILLO! FUERTE!!!” “We got you”

    If they listen hard, they will hear us fans. WE Fans ARE THERE with you Rox, and more importantly…YOU GUYS ARE THERE with them. We are all there with the ROX. We are with you guys every step of the way, but this is about you guys… you’ve earned this and you deserve to perform your best.

    Bring it on home fellas! Focus on game 1 right now, then we’ll go from there.

    p.s. Great advice from Peyton. You will lead this team Cap’n, and know that we are with you.

    GO ROX !!!!!


    Todd best of luck!

    Watch your back Red$oxs have George Mitchell in the wings to leak more information to the press.

    Even if it is not true he will come up with something to throw you off your game.

    Remeber you are playing in the town of Spygate.


    Twenty one of twenty two is no fluke. It’s the work of Champions! You guys are the class of the league. Beat the Sox and bring it home for us. We’re pulling hard for you!!

    GO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


    so… uh… i don’t have anything motivational to say cause yeah… but i pretty much love todd helton… woo hoo!!! πŸ˜€


    Welcome to the FENS boys, hold on you are in for a bumpy ride. Spy-gate and all. Best of luck you will need it.


    Todd, this blog has been very cool to read throughout the playoffs. I saw the Rocks play a great game (Cook vs Shaky Wakey) earlier this year, then the bats exploded and “the FENS” cleared out early two nights in a row.

    That was a nice warm up for this series. Bring home the gold. I’ll be in Rhode Island screaming like a purple grape among a sea of Red Sox nutties(the new evil empire). (I know, why did I move from CO to RI? Everybody asks and my answer is “love”).

    I still love the best sports town in America – Denver.


    I’ve watched you since you were at Central High School

    (I’m from the class of CHS67)

    You were great then but I believe you are even greater now. It’s really exciting watching a “home town” guy finally get where he (and all of us who are cheering madly for you) knows he should be. It was great to watch you extend your arms in that last out. It makes me know why I love baseball so much.



    You have been a joy to watch all these years. Yes we had Bichette, Gallaraga, Walker, and Castilla. And quite a few other great ball players, Weiss, Young, Kingery. But you are our guy. Those east-coasters are in for a treat when they watch you and the fellas. I can’t help but cry with happiness for all of you. May God be with you and the team as your journey to bring home the title to Colorado continues. Listen to your dad and that guy in Indy. Listen to your mother’s intuition.

    NOW, GO GIVE’EM ****!!!!!


    K. Sto

    PS Hey baseball, now what do you think of Todd and the “toddlers”?


    Tomorrow will be like a holiday in this house! I am SO excited for you guys to jump on Boston…be ready for the Boo’s – I’ve been to a handful of games at Fenway and imust say, none were enjoyable because all everyone did was boo, curse and shout every horrible thing they could think of, both at the Red Sox and the opposing team. For some reason Vegas (and everyone on ESPN) seems to think you guys are the underdogs…so, no pressure right? Just go about your business and we’ll see you here on Saturday! We’ll be cheering for you from the front row in the Coors Clubhouse – a dream for my son…if you hear a little boy shouting your name from behind homeplate, it’ll probably be him! BEST OF LUCK tomorrow, have a great stay in Boston, but then hurry back here to seal the deal!


    This is it. Tomorrow is what you’ve played your whole life for. The ’10th Man’ is gonna be with you guys all the way. LoDo is ready to ROCK on Saturday! Show Beckett and the rest of the Sox what the TRUE MEANING OF ‘TEAM’ IS! BRING IT HOME!!!!!


    GOOD LUCK!!! I am so excited for you. I wish I could be there cheering you guys on, but instead I will be watching Fox! I wish you guys all the luck in the world! Have fun and just play like you usually do. You are awesome!!


    Todd, Now that you and the team has time to take in Fenway and all of the history that surrounds the town. It’s time for the Rockies to make history and show the Non believers that you and the team can win the World Series.
    Pressure is on Boston to win, you and the team do what got you there and you guys will be World Series Champions. Tried to get tickets @ Colorado, No luck. Will be watching from home and supporting the team. Update to take your mind off the series. Weather in Southern Illinois getting right for deer hunting, will be Excellent In November when the Big Bucks start roaming around.

    Good luck and bring home the championship.



    YOU GUYS ARE GONNA ROCK THE SOX’S OFF OF BOSTON!!!! I won’t wish you luck because you don’t need it, you’re too good….


    Hello Todd,

    This is going to be a good game tonight. Since I live in England now I’ll have to wait until 1:30 AM to watch. But I’ll be up watching it.

    Be yourselves and remember that you guys spanked Beckett pretty good in June. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t do it again.

    Good luck.


    I’m sure Fenway will be loud but nothing compared to Athens where you whipped those Bulldogs in ’94.

    A great time for Knoxville’s greatest hometown hero.

    Will be there Saturday night wearing Big Orange and Rox Purple.


    Hmm? Be nice to hope for another sweepI( still got my old broom handy! That would really get or keep peoples attention especially in the history books and all the armchair statisticians. Who can never realize all there stats just don’t add up or always make sense when you get into post season playoff and series situations!

    It is like a whole new ballgame or new season! Anticipation is running high for the fans emotions and as well the media ( you media people becareful of what you say about my rockies and your biases) and all the statistical psychologists as player and coaching expectations and performance is at a much higher level! Like you said you will be getting a pitchers best throw or pitch every time pitch by pitch. And if not he is replaced by a new or fresh pitcher.

    But I hope they see you as a David and Goliath type situation and they are over confident. But I would expect your favorable good luck to continue. Lets “get her done”! Fire up them bats in our case I see us as having 9 Davids! Never underestimate a young guy with a sling and a stone in our case a Rock! Two things I wouldn’t want to be in this world a pitcher facing or against the Rockies or a weatherman in Colorado! Really who are you going to pitch to? When anyone can burn you!

    I wonder if this internet or computer lottery will effect your home fan base but in any case you just have to stay focused and think baseball play your game no matter what! I still think we should have an “fan overflow” situation at another place in Denver like Invesco or the Pepsi center or some place else. For the additional fans or people to support your team from a distance.

    For me it is not important I can watch on fox at home since I am a prophet I don’t have to be front and center so all I can say is Go> Go> Rockies!


    Good luck to you and the rest of the team. The Rockies have been a pleasure to watch and the team is a fine example of class and good sportsmanship. My seven year old is a lefty and I tell him to watch how you play to get pointers. Don’t worry about showing the emotion comment. Your smile lately has made everyone smile and your leap into the team was priceless, like a big kid. You are living your dream enjoy it, and thank God that he let your parents and family enjoy it with you. GO ROCKIES!



    Baseball aside, thank you for living your commitment to Christ for all of us to see! It is so refreshing to see a man doing his best to balance his Savior and skills for the glory of God. Keep up the good work! We are all pulling for you and the team!

    In Christ,


    Romans 8:28


    This season has been so exciting to watch and follow. It must be amazing to work with a team with so many great players. This team embodies a community spirit, everyone working together and not a single athlete being denied his chance to contribute.

    I’ve been a fan since a boy in ’93, cheering for my home town’s team no matter what the standings. I’ve never been so proud of a sports team. But of course, you’ll know all about sticking with a team through thick and thin, and always playing your best no matter what the situation. The Rockies have made an entire state happier than they’ve been in about 10 years, congratulations on being a driving part of that, and congratulations to your teammates.

    Now…tear the green monster down!


    Congrats to YOU and the Rockies! You are such an outstanding person and such a positive ambassador for baseball. You are one of the best in the game, and I will be rooting for you! Braves Fan, Cynthia


    God Bless You Todd. Enjoy the experience and show the rest of the baseball world just how good a team you are part of. I grew up with the “Big Red Machine” in the 70’s and still enjoy reminiscing about Bench, Rose, Morgan, etc. You now have the makings of a potential dynasty with all the young players as well as the leadership from guys like you. 30 years down the road, I want to remember the great tradition that is called “Rockies Baseball” with names like Helton, Holliday, Adkins, Hawpe, Tulo, etc. You guys have made Denver and all Rockie fans very proud.


    your Wyoming fan base are all so excited for you and the team…we have been blessed enough to watch several of your teamates come up through the system beginning right here in little old Casper Wyoming…
    your dedication and perserverance has paid off…

    go out there and kick some butt for your Wyoming fans


    Hey Todd, I’m moving to Denver next summer so I will be able to see more games… I’m in minnesota now. Saw you guys this summer at Coors field. The park and the team are great. Good luck tonight. I’m wearing my Todd Helton jersey to work for good luck. Take care buddy and swing for that short fence in right lol.


    Amen to everything above. May the force be with you, Todd, and all the Rockies. Keep your focus. Thanks for all the thrills this year and those yet to come!


    Hey Todd,
    Hello from Hometown Knoxville, and rest assured you have thousands of anxious fans for the Rox right here in good ol’ Knox! One of them for sure is certainly in the top 10 of your fans, and you could hardly know him. He is my 14 year old son. Pitches at Rocky Hill in the Koufax league. He has been your fan for ever, and we have been to Coors field a few years ago watchin’ you smack a few homers against the Giants. We did say hello from Knoxville, but you probably get alot of that. Anyway, Andrew, my son will be wearing NO. 17 today, knowing that you guys will be giving it your best at Fenway tonight! We hope to get to meet you someday here at home. (One of Andrew’s friends lives in Dunbarton Oaks off of Northshore), (Andrew tells me he is your cuz), well maybe we could sneak over for a quick pitching tip or two, next time your in town…

    Knox Sox off of the Sox, go Rox!


    Brian D. Galyan


    Todd, best of luck, its your moment, go knock the back out of it. Sending greetings from my Mom, Cindy Underwood, from Central. She is in Europe right now, looked forward to the trip all year, that is UNTIL the Rockies went on their magic run. She’s having a blast but would have spent all that money to come watch you play in the World Series. She sends her best, as always. And as soon as you guys wrap this up, I’ll be buying the DVD for her! Go Rockies!!
    Beth Kinnane


    I’m so excited about tonight’s game – let’s get this Series started already! It would be so cool for Peyton to win his ring and you to win yours in the same year, lucky 2007!!! I know you guys are gonna do it. Best of luck tonight, we can’t wait to see you back in Denver on Saturday!

  34. zippy@doo.dah

    Best of luck to you and the Rockies. Been really enjoying your remarkable run, even if I was pulling for the Padres. You guys have a really special team and it’s been a joy watching you through the playoffs. I’ve been cheering you all on and getting to know the team a bit better, but as a life-long New Englander who has been following the Red Sox since before the 1967 World Series, I’ll be rooting against you now. It’s nothing personal, it’s just the way we’re programmed here :-). But good luck, I’m hoping for an exciting series.


    Todd – Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us through this blog. We’re rooting for you here in Denver tonight! Best of luck to you and enjoy this experience! We know the 2007 Rockies are a special team, and we’re counting down the minutes until game time!! Play hard!



    #17 I have been a fan of the Rockies for awhile a lonely position I was one of those fans that always told everybody watch this year. I even won a 12 pck because I made a bet that you would finish above .500 this year. Thank you and your teammates for making this a memorable year!!!! Liz Marez Pueblo, CO


    Todd-Simply amazing! Never lost the faith this year. My 11 year old son and I have watched in anticipation of you holing that trophy high. My first comment to him when you guys beat the Diamond Backs was, “Remember this day, if you believe in yourself and your team, whether on the field or off, annything can happen.” We jumped up and down with you guys as you celebrated that win and will do the same after this win. WE BELIEVE!!! GO ROCKS!!!


    As you are all standing in Fenway park tonight, with Red Sox fans all around, realize that back in Colorado, right now, the state has gone purple. People at work, in the stores at the schools all wearing Rockies shirts & pins – some even homemade. We’re with all of you. Got get em!


    I met Todd Helton for the second time today as well as Brad Hawpe,Seth Smith,Joe Koshansky,and Manny Corpas.I drive a taxicab and it was my pleasure giving them a cab ride to fenway park.Todd is a cutie. I am looking forward to watching tonite’s game agaist the red sox.Susan


    Go Rockies!
    Hey Todd…first off congrats. I am a long time Rocky fan and have been going to games every year since the Rockies came to Denver with my parents. I just moved to Boston to work at the Children’s Hospital here a couple months ago and have been faithfully cheering for you guys ever since. I kept telling everyone at work that the Rockies were coming for them, and now I have been getting plenty of grief at work as the lone Rockies fan of the department. Let everyone know that you guys have a cheering section even in Boston. If I could have got my hands on a ticket I would be there tonight wearing that purple with pride! Good luck to you guys for a well played world series and wish my luck at work as we show everyone out here in Boston what it means to be a Rockies! Happy Rocktober!


    Hey Todd!

    I’m a Cleveland fan and all I have to say is go get those Sox! The Rockies are such a close, young, amazing team and you remind me of the Indians in so many ways. I’m rooting for you 100%. After watching the ALCS, and the game tonight so far, the best advice I can give you is don’t let them get into your head. You didn’t get here for nothing, you are just as worthy as them. Fenway can be an intimidating place in October but don’t let it get to you. However hard the fans are cheering there, they’re cheering just as hard for you back in Colorado. Play hard, play sharp. Be patient in the batter’s box- make them work for it and tire them out! Don’t let them get ahead of you in the count. Also, send out your soft tossing pitchers, they HATE that, and it totally trips them up bc they’re used to the hard throwers. Also, don’t let the umps squeeze your strike zone and bully you like they did us. Best of luck from one underdog to another. You DESERVE to win for how hard you’ve worked this year. I’ll be wearing my Rockies cap all week.

    ❀ Missy


    Dear Todd & Co.:


    Plain & Simple, BULLDOG TIME, let’s remember what got you here & BE the BULLDOGS that YOU ARE.

    Jimenez: Viva Jimmy! Remember…. Tranquillo, but be FUERTE!! The team has your back Ubaldo….. I’m sorry I’m not there, I couldn’t make it, but you are STRONG, you are FUERTE, and we Believe in you Jimmy! We ARE HERE FOR YOU! Remember this: You will have times where it looks too hard, when that happens remember that WE ARE ALL WITH YOU. We are there with you every second Ubaldo! Viva Dominica! CONFIANZA!! UBALDO JIMENEZ !!!! VIVA JIMMY!! VIVA DOMINICA!! Thank you Ubaldo. WE ARE WITH YOU UBALDO, WE ARE WITH YOU. CONFIANZE!!

    Hey, TODD & Co.: It’s BULLDOG TIME. You know this better than me: It’s BULLDOG TIME. It’s time to be the BULLDOG for Yourselves. Better yet, Be The ROX!



    Viva Jimmy !!!!!!!!!!


    “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind…Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” James 1:2-6, 12

    That was a tough loss last night, but ya’ll are handling everything like real CHAMPS!!! Thanks for continuing to glorify Him through the good and bad…and thanks for never doubting and always believing. Your steady confidence is infectious.

    “The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary,

    and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:28-31

    It’s truly a pleasure rooting for you, my brothas’! Go get ’em!




    Todd and the gang,
    We are still backing you guys, we haven’t lost faith! I rough night, but only one game and no one ever won the series in the first game, it takes four. Show what the Rockies can, and will, do in the rest of the series. Can’t wait to watch you again tonight! We are behiind you guys til the end, when you’ll have the trophy hosted above your head! Keep at ’em!

    Still Rooting,

    Todd Lowry


    There is a 5-year old boy by the name of Logan Fullwood that wears your jersey. Logan was diagnosed with medullablastoma (brain cancer) at the age of 3!! He picked you as his favorite Rockie and if you ask him You are his “boy” – no disrespect intended – and he loves you and the Rockies. He believes as we all do that a little setback only makes you stronger and more determined to reach for your dream!!
    Breathe, relax, and remember “THE JOX OF THE ROX ARE GONNA LAUNDER THE SOX!”


    Wow crushing humbling blow! But here is where character really comes in! Regroup rethink find little ways to win if you think you can you might! But if you think you can’t most assuredly you won’t either!

    Best to drop it dust yourself off get up and get back in the game! Really you have already had an exceptional season just getting to where you are.

    You think we prophets never get knocked down? Some times I wonder where the strength comes from cuz I know it is not my strength many times I just want to quit or stay down. But I just keep getting back on my feet.

    That is what character is I know many times it is through pain and the tough trying times where we learn the most! Where we really learn how to win. Mucking it out in the trenches all alone and no help in sight. I take a lot of notes on my thoughts in those times and I saw old Clint doing the same thing!


    Todd, NO MATTER what Happened last night.( 1st Game) WE True Rockies fans ( which I have been since Day One) Have all the faith in you guys!!! Please know that all in Colorado are praying for the best!!! Keep the faith you guys are GREAT!!! Carol


    I’ve been a Rockies Fan forever. Was there for EY’s HR and was there when Dante hit the HR in extra innings for the Home Opener at Coors. Was there when you beat San Diego to become the Wild Card. Was there in the rain with you when you beat the Diamond Backs on your way to winning the pennant. I now own a Rockies Ski Hat, ears got cold! Woke up this morning and the sun was up, not a cloud in the ski and we’re still in the WORLD SERIES!!! Doesn’t get any better than this. Go out tonight and play ROCKIES BASEBALL. ALL IS WELL!



    Todd, I’ve loved the Rockies from the start and it’s been a long tough road to get here; NEVER GIVE UP!!! We know you guys have it in you to come right back and take this thing!! HAVE FUN, PLAY HARD, AND GO ROCKIES!!!!


    1redsoxrule – Get off this site and let Colorado fans enjoy their success. I am ashamed that I root for the same team as you.


    Wow…Just the kind of comment you would expect from a classless Red Sox fan! Our guys (Todd especially) have more talent, class and integrity then Manny has in little pinky! Our Rockies will show you who are the CHUMPS! Do us all a favor…go post your garbage and bad language on your beloved Boston web site where it belongs and leave this to the people who love and respect the men who play for the ROCKIES!



    I’m sorry that you seem so insecure with yourself and the BoSox. I suggest that you Google “Eric Byrnes” and read about how he had to eat his words and remove the nasty shoe from his mouth. It sounds like the Purple Haze is getting to you…

    …I’ll be sure to keep you in prayer. πŸ™‚

    GO ROCKIES! You guys are phenomenal, and the Denver fans will continue to exhibit class.


    1resoxrule didnt say anything that isnt true. What are you people a bunch of mormons, cant take a little ribin’? Enjoy the next 3 games because they will be your last this year loosas.


    1redsoxrule was wrong about one thing. Todd Helton can be our bat-boy if he wants. He would probly get a pay raise.



    Yesterday was a tough one, but it’ only one game. everyone here in Knoxville is pulling for you and the Rockies! Go get ’em Todd! πŸ™‚



  57. zippy@doo.dah

    Don’t judge all Red Sox fans by that ***** who posted above, and don’t fall to his level. There’s a lot of admiration out here in the Boston area for what the Rockies have accomplished, and few of us are naive enough to think that things can’t change in a hurry.

    Tough night last night. The Red Sox bats have been red hot lately. Let’s see how those bats fare against Jimenez tonight.

    Best of luck!



    You are 100% right. Football and basketball have salary caps, why not baseball. I will sign off now and send a couple emails.

    Go Rockies


    Todd “Terrific” – My husband Bill and I remember seeing you play for the Sky Sox in Colo. Spgs and we want to wish you and the rest of the team the very best. Last night (game 1) was just a warm up. Keep the faith and give it your best shot – that’s all that can be expected. Sounds like you got good advice from a couple of great men; your Dad and Peyton can’t go wrong if you take their advice. The main thing is for all of you to savor and enjoy the ride – no matter how it turns out. This is a memory that no one can take away from you all. Also thank you for the wonderful example you provide to all your fans; young and old alike. I have a nephew who is 20 years old now and has played baseball since he was 5 and has made two trips to the Big League Little league play offs. We live in Colo Spgs and he was able to attend the “rainy” Pennant game with his father. What a thrill for both of them. Unfortunately we coudn’t get thru on the computer for World Series tickets. But you can be sure we will be tuned into FOX-TV. He was so excited that he also got to see Cal Ripkin. Can’t wait to see you all back in Denver on Saturday. Have a safe trip – our prayers are with you and all the team. “ROCK THE SOX”!!!


    Unstable Gal (see posting in all caps above):

    I just flew out of Providence with a Rockies jersey on and have never been treated so rudely in my life by fans. And they were not kidding. Red Sox nation is the NEW EVIL EMPIRE. You guys wanted to be like the Yankees? Congrats on achieving that goal. Rudest Fans on the planet. Worse than Yankee fans, in fact. I know because I live amongst you crazies ! GO ROCKIES !


    Helton’s Heros – Last night was just one game. Go back out and show them just how good you are. The Rockies are a class act and are a great representation of the Natl League. Thanks for the great season and wonderful memories. Was there for game 162 and the Phillies sweep. Jimenz can do it again. Colorado Springs loves the ROCKIES!!!


    Hey Todd, I’m a lifelong Sox fan. It’s embarrassing to see the cocky comments and reports of rude treatment from other Red Sox fans on this site. These are the same people yelling “Yankees ****” when the Yankees are winning by 5 runs. They’re idiots. You lost last night but that was only one game. I’m looking forward to a great series (and of course will be rooting for the Red Sox). But win or lose, it will be a memorable season for both sides. Good luck


    Unstablegal here, I do not live in New England. I am a fish out of water where I live so I get all kinds of rude remarks here. I reside in Texas. Have lived in the south all my life. I live about 2 hours from where the Rangers play and go to the games when Boston comes to play. Tho most of the time there are just as many Boston fans as Texas fans if not more, I sit right amoung them and get ribbed all the while. Rude? Well not really and I am truly sorry that you have to put up with the few that are really really bad. Just to point something out….you could move. That is always an option. Colorado might be a good place to look at for a move.



    Nancy Here I am a true blue Indians Fan. Forget last night and Beckett. Stay patient in the batters box ALL of YOU pitchers be aggressive. go after the batters always start out with strikes. and dont’ get behind on the pitch count they thrive on that. And do not let the SOX FANS GET TO YOU



    Nancy Here I am a true blue Indians Fan. Forget last night and Beckett. Stay patient in the batters box ALL of YOU pitchers be aggressive. go after the batters always start out with strikes. and dont’ get behind on the pitch count they thrive on that. And do not let the SOX FANS GET TO YOU


    If you are a Rockies Fan, please do fall victim to this negative energy! This Blog has been very positive until recently and I BELIEVE the reason for the Rockies success! Let them say what they will, but we are BELIEVERS in the good that comes from being humble and positive (like our Todd and other Boys in purple). If you are a fan and believe, do not post anything here that you would not want your MOM to read! I believe in the power of positive energy and isolating from and ignoring negative energy…I beat cancer because of my attitude! At game time, all Rockies fans should think of 3 things that they are thankful for or that make them happy (for Todd, Tierney FAITH will be on that list)…let’s create some positive energy for our boys and ignore the negative! (No, I’m not a religious fanatic…just a baseball FANatic and believer in the power of the positive!)


    I should quit while I’m behind….the previous post (1st one) should have been …do NOT fall victim to this negative energy!….is it game time yet?


    Hello Infinite !

    I totally back you up on the POSITIVE. I loved living in Colorado for all of my younger life (native) and am so happy to see the Rockies doing so well. I remember seeing them play their first home series against back in Mile High Stadium with my father. Now my father is flying to Providence to help me bring positive Rockies energy to New England this weekend. Have fun in Denver. Especially on Monday night with the whole world pointed to the City for Football and the Fall Classic. Ubaldo bring it home !


    Allright Rox: BULLDOG TIME IT IS.

    Viva Jimenez !!

    Tranquilo, but FUERTE!!

    Let’s do this MEN, let’s show this team what the ROX are all about. Work Schilling deep, then take advantage, do your thing boys. Jimmy will get into some jams, just have to make sure he knows that the team has his back, and to just relax and be strong. I wish I could be there, but I know you guys will take care of business and bring it back home.

    GO ROCKIES !!!!



    You and your team mates cannot go up to the battersbox and just hit the first pitch not against the redsox you have to be patient and try to get on base every time. The sox are too unpredictable you have to get as many runs as possible if you want to win the game.


    Why is it that the baseball teams wear different style uniforms? I think that the rule is clear:

    1.11 (a) (1) All players on a team shall wear uniforms identical in color, trim and style, and all players uniforms shall include minimal six inch numbers on their backs. (2) Any part of an undershirt exposed to view shall be of a uniform solid color for all players on a team. Any player other than the pitcher may have numbers, letters, insignia attached to the sleeve of the undershirt. (3) No player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.

    Some of the players wear the socks while others have long baggy pants.

    A manager could contest a game winning homerun if the batter was wearing a different style uniform..


    Congrats on a great season! Wish you were playing Cleveland. Robin, Ashlei, Bobby and I had tickets to the first game. Good luck from Akron, OH. Look forward to seeing you crush Manny and the Red Sox! Bob


    I am a long time Dodgers fan from L.A. who, at the beginning of the season, picked you guys to go to the playoffs. I felt you had a better team than my Dodgers, way more class and and team character, as it turns out. I have followed the Rox since the teams inception, due to the fact that I have a brother and his family living in Boulder who are, of course, big Rox Fans. The Rox road to the post season and beyond has been amazing, and I was lucky enough to have attended the game last week when you guys clinched the NLCS. I have been to many Dodgers playoff games and World Series games in my life, but nothing quite as exciting as that game was. No matter what happens the rest of the WS ( and I still think you guys will win) it has been a tremendous season! As far as the idiot Red Sox fans on this site…not sure what you are all bragging about. I mean, your team has won 1 WS in the last 80 something years? Almost EVERY team in baseball, with the exception of new teams and the Cubs, have done better than that…so keep your yaps shut! But I guess all you have in your sad little lives is this baseball team and the cheatin’ Pats! Get a life (nice Red Sox Fans excluded). GO ROX!!!


    You guys are amazing! I’ve seen every game since I moved from Boston in June! Loved that you beat the Sox 2-1 and swept the Yankees. It is unfortunate that when you get home, you won’t recognize Coors field because it will be filled with Red Sox fans. We here in Colorado couldn’t get tickets.

    Good luck this weekend and don’t blame yourself.

    It is just bad ticket karma falling on Rockies management. Call it the E-Venue Curse. What a shame.


    OK, these Bostonians are out of control. Bring it back to Denver. Welcome home boys.

    “We need to go home and take care of business. Hopefully, we can kick-start our offense.” -Tulo

    “I anticipate us playing better baseball when we get home.” – Clint

    We’re looking forward to getting back to our house.”


    “They defended their home field. Now we have to defend ours.” -Matt

    “We need to win one more than they do. We’re going home. We’ll go back there and start over fresh.” -Hawper

    “We’ve lost two games in a row before. It’s been a while, no doubt about that. But it’s baseball. Offense gets hot, it gets cold. … You look at a seven-game series as a mini-season and just turn it around.”


    One more push. One last Stand. One more time boys. We’ll pack the house and have your backs every pitch, every out, EVERY WIN. Win One game at a time and before you know it it’ll be 2-2 on Monday and go from there. Welcome home Men. We’re proud of you guys & We got your backs.


    I am a Indians fan(just got hooked late this year).Rockies: remember this- what comes around goes around.
    To respect Baseball, we are rooting for you guys.Best of luck in this series.Be proud

    of your team as I am of the Indians. πŸ™‚


    Todd and Rockies
    You all are incredible. Your team is down 2-0 in the World Series, and we’re not worried. I’ve so much enjoyed reading your thoughts, remembering that you’re a normal man and not a shining idol we’ve created for ourselves to get excited about. We are excited, but I’m more impressed with you as people who’ve made accomplishments and reached your goals. I admire you most for being with the team so long and now sharing in the glory of perserverence. Denver loves you, and can’t wait to have you back home to get the cheering you deserve! And P.S. I am always relieved to see you next at bat because I know you’ll make us all proud!

    Keep blogging!


    I have been an hugh fan for years. Just want to say keep your eye on the prize. Don’t let the 2-0 deficit change your attitude. Saturday is gut check time. How bad do the Rockies players want a championship. GOOD LUCK, GOD BLESS!



    I just wanted to send you a quick “Thanks” and congrats! I have enjoyed your Blog and think it’s great that your taking the time to share this with all of us.

    Also, man I think it’s pretty cool that you were able to spend some time on the field at Fenway with your Dad. I know he’s got to just be smiling from ear to ear knowing that your playing in the world series. Your mom too. The entire Helton family must be proud. I personally know how hard you worked growing up in Knoxville and how your parents worked with you each and every day.

    I wish you and the Rockies the very best. I strongly believe you guys will pull it out and it starts with Game 3#.

    Lastly, Todd I know the last thing you need is words of encouragement from someone you used to hit homeruns off of years ago, so I’m not going to say anything crazy. I did however want to say despite what happens, win or lose, thanks for playing the game as baseball should be played! I’ve got a 4-year- old son, and when he asks me about role models and starts following certain players I can rest assured that he’s idolizing someone that we can all be proud of. Thanks for everything. GOOD LUCK and Bring it Home!

    Your Friend,

    Rhett Benner


    To Todd and the entire team,

    I know that you have work to do, so I won’t take much of your time. I just want to say thank you.

    Thank you for showing how to play baseball as a team. Thank you for illustrating the importance of being in the moment (not worrying about the past or dreaming of the future).

    We’ll all be rooting for you, so you can relax and win one pitch at a time. And when it’s over, know that you and the team have changed baseball.


    To Colorado Team and Fans,
    I live in New England and have been a Red Sox fan all my life. However, if the Sox were not in the Series I would be cheering for you guys. I recently read an article about clint Hurdle and his child Madison. I found myself having a large amount of profound respect for him. Please disregard the obnoxious comments by some Sox fans on here. Unfortunately sometimes obnoxious fans are the most vocal and they do not represent most Sox fans. I had to admit I’m cheering for the Sox but you have had a great season no matter what happens and should be very proud!


    We need to “rattle their cage” some how! And we need some more offense I been hearing swingaway, swingaway Bunt!

    And I believe it is a sort of strategy rather then giving up a strike out or easy out to these high falutin pitchers! Make em earn their money! Make them have to throw you out to get you out and force them off that mound or off their thrown and out of their comfort zone and make them play defense! Don’t make it easy for them!

    I can pray with power but you have to give me something to pray for!

    For instance Like all these fires out in Southern California I have to think how can I help or pray for them? No storms near the area for moisture and I am listening to the news and they say they can’t get their fire fighting planes off the ground or into the area because the Santa Anna winds are too strong! So my prayer was for God to calm the winds! And sure enough whether you believe it or not I woke the next morning and the news was saying the winds had in deed died down considerably overnight. Strange way to explain it was I felt in my spirit like a fever had broke and there was a calmness in my spirit! But really there should be people living in that area with power like me to do the same! So where are they? I know that answer to there are none, and nobody in that area wants to sacrifice too seek to receive the Holy Spirit or seek to hear from God for his guidance!

    Even a well placed or crummy bunt is better then nothing and then as well a bunt is not far from a hit the next time you come up to a bat as a confidence booster! All kinds of things can happen or go wrong or errors for a well placed bunt like down first base line that isn’t played or defended right or is unexpected! And it puts these high dollar pitchers in another state of mind or it may begin to screw up their timing or rattle their cage. And this is some simple little strategy you can do at home and or away. Especially if you are not currantly hitting or batting well! Do a sacrifice bunt! God rewards or can reward a good sacrifice.

    I have been hearing this from God a lot all through the playoffs and now the series! Where are my bunters? To you it seems like not much and to your opponants maybe as well! But it is sort of a back to the basic’s type thing to to build or rebuild your hitting confidence! Hey these guys the Red Sox are not Gods they are people to with flaws and mistakes and they breath and bleed too and they just have more money and influence to hype or puff themselves up to try to make you feel worthless and psche you out. Respecting another ball player is one thing but too much can drag you and your attitude and your abilities down to making a mountain out of a mole hill!

    Never let them or others or the media change how you feel about yourself! If you have to tune them out come inside of yourself say what they will but you don’t have to absorb it or any of their junk. And try to stay or think positive!

    But have you not already seen some strange things hits and plays like somebody is pulling some strings from behind the scenes some place! I know that I know I have witnessed some strange mojo type plays in these last few months.

    Red Sox all I got to say is Ya baby you are on our turf now! So don’t let your gard down!

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