Down 2-0, but we’re heading to Coors

It’s been quite a while since we’ve lost two in a row, but here we are, down 2-0 in the World Series.

But I’m happy to be heading home to Coors Field.


Fenway Park has lots of little quirks, and the Red Sox have played really well here. They’ve pitched us tough. We pitched a lot better tonight than last night. Ubaldo Jimenez did a good job, and so did our bullpen. We just couldn’t come up with timely hits. Our pitching has been carrying us the whole postseason, but before the World Series we got a lot of timely hits.

Curt Schilling had lot to do with that tonight. He used to throw a 97 mph fastball right by you whenever he got in trouble. He doesn’t have that pitch anymore, but he’s really smart. He can get you looking for something hard, then throw his changeup when you least expect it. He got us tonight, and they’ve got a really good bullpen.

But we’re going home.

We have a bigger home-field advantage. We’ve got a big park, we play well there, and they’re the team that’s going to have to adjust. And I can’t wait to get out on the field on Saturday night. I know our fans have waited a long time for this — 15 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. That’s even longer than I’ve been playing. I just hope they’re loud. I hope they’re crazy.

We need to swing the bats better and play better overall, and our fans are going to help us.



    Hi Todd, You amaze me with your class every day. I saw your interview after the first loss and was proud of how you handled yourself. It made me feel better and helped me to know how to speak to the Red Sox fans (teachers that have moved to Colorado from the Mass/ New England area) at my school. One of the teachers even wore a Red Sox t-shirt the next day, but when I overheard him tell another teacher that he didn’t even like baseball, but is just from that area, I just laughed. I am truly a fan of not only the Rockies, but of the game of baseball. I love the fact that BB is one of the only sports that is not on a time limit. Each team gets the same amount of outs and unlike football both teams get the same opportunities going to extra innings. Could you imagine what BB would be like if in extra innings the winner was the first to score a run? Anyway I digress. Back to the games. I am so excited to get you guys back home too. They have the disadvantage with the DH situation coming here and our field is so different from the odd shaped unbalanced weird field at Fenway. And then the fans in Boston. I had to mute the game while I was watching ’cause I couldn’t stand to hear the commentators, the fans, and even the annoying bullpen. I don’t know how you guys kept your cool. Did you wear ear plugs? It was so annoying. It reminded me of years ago when my son played a team in Little League from a nearby town. The kids were so obnoxious singing chants and the parents were worse. That year my son’s team lost to those kids in the final tournament. It was sweet revenge however, when a few years later he was playing HS varsity ball and he pitched against the kids in that same town and won 6-1. That’s what I am hoping will happen with the Rox. It will just taste so SWEET. So go out and play your hearts out. It will be so much sweeter. We are rooting for you guys all the way. Play hard, play smart, team work. My purple outside lights are still on at my house. GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!Renee from Glenwood Springs


    I think that it is really cool that you have a blog and that you actually write in it… and yeah. lol go rockies!


    I think it is called “karma”…and I think we know someone who just recently got a good taste of it and is still washing the dirt out of his mouth! But I think he learned cause he is one of the few that is actually making positive comments about the Rockies on National TV.

    As Rockies fans we need to follow Todd’s example…remain positive, act with class (whether we are at the game or enjoying the games in another state). Our thoughts and actions will be a reflection of this team! Do not respond negatively to BoSox fans in blogs or in person…let them keep their negative energy to themselves!

    Create good karma and positive energy for our boys…think good thoughts, do good deeds…and if you hear someone say something negative just smile!

    Thank you Todd, you have always been a great role model for our kids both on and off the field! I am proud of this TEAM!


    Series ain’t over until one team wins four games. You guys looked so good tonight, Todd. Just keep playing with confidence and things will work out.

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