Reason to celebrate

Ap070918035109_1Toward the end of the regular season, there were a lot of stories about me
showing more emotion than in the past. But why am I supposed to get all happy
and excited when we win a game, but were still going to go home at the end of
the season? To me, it doesn’t make any sense. You’re not going to the playoffs.
To me, it takes a little more than that to get excited.
My emotion lately is not planned. After I hit that game-winning home run
against the Dodgers on Sept. 18, Luis Gonzalez got on first the day after.
He said, ‘That’s why I love this game. You never know what it’s going to make
you do.’ I couldn’t say it any better.
I’m told that my teammates appreciate what I’ve contributed, and I hope so.
I try not to be overbearing. I try to play as hard as I can, do my job. If it
wasn’t for my teammates, I wouldn’t be here.



    Your fans appreciate your contributions as well! I hope you have 4 more reasons to smile this year!
    We love seeing you happy, and I’m glad to call myself a fan of the Rockies. Between how good y’all are as people, and the great baseball everyone has played, it’s been an exciting time to be a fan. You and your teammates are the best! Everyone in Denver is just glad you have a reason to smile this year. Keep it up, we’re rooting for y’all!


    That’s one of the reasons why the Rockies are so great. They look to eachother and work as a team. You don’t see that a lot in baseball anymore. Seems players are looking for self gratification. You Rockies are the best. If it took just one guy – we wouldn’t need the whole team. I think you are a great player and you are focused. I look forward to watching you guys win the World Series – because you will.


    Todd –

    I fell in love with the Rockies last year quite accidentally after coming to several games. This year, I managed to make it to 15 total games, including the Aug 24 five run comeback, the tie-breaker, and the NLDS clincher. I know you don’t remember it, but me and my two older sisters met you on photo day…the pic of you with the three of us is one of the best pictures we have.

    The coolest thing about you guys is that you really root for each other – you’d think all teams would do that, but so many are “25 players, 25 cabs”. You guys aren’t like that at all, and I really appreciate it!

    I know you’re going to win it all…I’ll be watching! I might have to get the ladder out and knock the snow off the satellite, but there is no way I’m missing the World Series in Denver!!!!

  4. Julian


    My theory is that after the many years of being denied the postseason, your feelings have come to a head.

    And if you get a World Series ring like I hope you do, I guess your feelings really WILL come to a head.

    Best of luck. I’ve been a fan of yours for much of your career, and I know it must have been tough being a great player and not getting those postseason moments. The time is now, at last.


    My two favorite players during the course of my life have been you and Don Mattingly. Ironically, the two of you are so very similiar—both outstanding first basemen, both able to hit for average, RBI, power. Both of you had back injuries, both of you have great faith and are true gentlemen of the sport. Where you differ is that you are going to the World Series, and God willing, you’ll get your ring. I believe Mattingly will one day get his as a manager. Good luck! Rock on!!!

    Ron in Rapid City, SD


    You sure have a reason to celebrate now and after tonight whoever you play it will be a fun series to watch. Its been a great season and it has been a blast seeing all the emotion from you and all the other players throughout this stretch. I love it how it is a different player every night who can go out and contribute. No one ever predicted you guys in the playoffs and for sure not in the World Series so go out there this world series and show them who the Colorado Rockies are!!! Go Rockies!!

    PS: we will all be rootin for ya up in South Dakota


    What a seasonit has been. I have a fried from the UK that turned me on to baseball and I love it. Rockies are my team!!! I believe I met you and your wife at a place called Pitchers years ago,and you were dancing and I watched her purse for her.You said your thanks and that you played professional sports never knew tell now it was you. I’m looking forward to seeing my team win the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!


    Todd, Now that you and the team know who you will play it’s time to focus just like playing in both series. Knowing that the team won 2 out of 3 earlier this year at Fenway should make playing there easier espically with fans and also knowing how the field plays. Your comment about the weather being good for hunting, yes that is true hopefully Southern Illinois will have the same weather in November. You and the team remember what got you there defense, pitching and timely hitting. Best of luck in Boston, won’t be able to watch the games because of work but will be listening on the radio.


    You’re going to Boston! Finally we are within 3 days of the first game of the World Series; it’s been a long wait. I know you guys can do it. I will be rushing home after work each day to make sure I catch first pitch. Good Luck boys!!!


    Todd Congradulations on all the good things that have happened this year, your hard work and consistent commitment to play your best every game has allways been evident on and off the field, I thank you for that you are an inspiration to all baseball fans ! Thank You for sticking it out with the Rockies that most of all means alot to me because to many athletes do not stay with their original teams, I’m from the era where you come up with that team that is who you will always be, You will allways be the Original, The First Rockie in alot of Rockies fans hearts. Thank You and all your teamates for a great season. I will allways remember the summer/fall of 2007 this has been fun. Now finish what you guys started and put your names into the history books for good. PLAYBALL!!!!


    There is plenty reason for excitement. Don’t ever try to contain it. There are 162 games a year, you would have retired 2 years ago with hypertension if you went ballistic for all of them. Keep on showin that emotion, you’ve been hungry for 11 yrs., now it’s time to feast! Go Rockies!!!


    I was the RUF campus minister at UT back in the ’90’s. You used to come to our meetings with John Sartelle on occasion. I’m rooting for you dude. Hope the Rockies win it all.

    Fred Harrell


    All I have to say is that yourself and the organization are a class act. Every interview as well as the way the team conducts itself on the field represents the organiztion and city in a positive way. Your humble attitude towards such amazing feats this season is refreshing and demonstrates how well deserved the team’s success really is. Keep up the incredible play and example of character through the series. Also, there is no doubt your goatee could crush Youkilis’s any day of the week as the burliest facial hair on first, let’s show the Sox how mountain people do it!!Ha

    Todd Lowry


    todd- your smile makes me smile : )

    good luck this week… i have so much love for this team and you deserve the win!!


    you are a class act and emotions should always been unplanned, it’s great seeing

    you so excited………..but

    then you do have something to be excited for. I am so glad

    you are a part of Rockies.



    You guys feed off of each other: one hit, two hits, three hits… double plays inning after inning… What a pleasure it is to watch you all play.
    Such a great team that actually plays as a team and not a ‘group of individuals.’

    Can’t wait to watch you guys take on the Sox… its in the bag!

    Now if only I could get tickets…


    You’re a great inspiration to everyone around you I’m sure.. You are a perfect role model of how people should act on and off the field. I wish more players were like you. Good luck and take home the prize. You deserve it.


    Hi Todd,
    Unbelievable job! Of course as an emotional fan and former little league coach (big deal!)

    the thing I noticed when your club faced AZ was their pitching staff got the lineup to chase. Remind those younger hitters to be patient!!!!!! You guys rake when you can get something you can handle, but no one can hit consistently outside of the zone.

    Great good luck, win this thing, and no pressure….

    I like Hurdle’s quote, respect everyone, fear no one” especially Red Sox Nation.

    Take them down!!!


    Yeah, you’ve shown a lot more emotion lately. And if no one’s noticed, so has every baseball fan in Colorado.

    So what?

    This is a great game, full of great emotions; and no one’s earned the right to be happy and excited more than this baseball team and it’s veteran first baseman.

    Personally, seeing your reactions only enhances my own excitement. Even my 2-year old has been a part of the cheering:

    “Go Rocky babies, go, go, go, go, go!”


    Todd, I am a Knox Central 1982 Grad and a former player of Coach Bales. We are all very proud of you and the Rockies! You had a great year. I would love for you to come and talk to our high school team when you are back home sometime.

    Mark G.

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