Eye on the ALCS


As I watch the Indians-Red Sox series, I can’t just sit back and watch it as a fan. I watch it as a player who is about to play that team. It’s hard not to, especially with me not seeing their pitchers as much as we’ve seen the Phillies or the Diamondbacks.

So there’s a lot to learn. I’m pretty much just watching it as a player who’s going to have to go out and compete against those guys. I look at what the bullpen throws, watching which guys bunt. It’s just like I’m watching it in the locker room before the game.

But I’m not taping it and going back over it. I’m not going that far into it. When I overanalyze anything, there’s nothing good that can come out of it. I’ve got time for that. Plus that’s why you have scouts and scouting reports, even though I’ll form my own opinion rather than take somebody else’s. But in the final analysis, I’ll take it for what it’s worth.

Today’s workout was not dedicated to another team. Our concern is ourselves, doing what we’ve been doing the way we’ve done things all year.


I’ve been analyzing both teams too – amusing, since I never cared about any team other than the Rockies, and couldn’t name any Boston or Cleveland players until a week ago.

Keep doing things the way you have been for the last 22 games and this will be a great World Series for sure.

Todd, I have watched both teams play this year and still believe your team can win by doing the things that have worked so far. Playing great defence behind a great pitching staff and timely hitting. Also staying loose and keeping your heads up. One thing that could help releave some tension is practice shooting your Bow. Thinking the target is the largest BC whitetail you have every seen. Concentrate on the shot placement. Just like taking batting practice putting the sweet spot of the bat on the ball and driving it through boiler room. Stay loose and have fun with everything thats going to happen soon. Once you win the series and come back down to earth then set your thoughts on chasing Whitetails in Southern Illinois.

Not to understate the necessity for game analysis it appears that Rockies successes are derived from a doctrine of ?hardball fun? put forth by Clint.

Serious as Clint knows are the stakes he creates the atmosphere and coaching philosophy of sandlot baseball. He wants the kids (Rockies) to play with their best abilities while he manages the pitchers.

Keep it up Rockies!

Hey Todd,
All of the Rockies have had an incredible year and it has been such a joy to watch. I wish so much I could come down to see you guys in the World Series but too long of drive and no way to get tickets with school so it *****. But ill be sure watching you guys going out there and kickin some butt. Lets bring a World Championship to Denver. Lets continue ROCKTOBER!!!!

GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Todd! I am so excited that you guys are going to the series. I watched so many of you play A ball with the Salem Avalanche, and to see you now at this level is incredible. Dreams do come true. I am a lifelong Red Sox fan, so if it’s the Rox vs the Sox, I’ll be conflicted!
We’re looking forward to the series. Go Rox!

Happy for you and the ROX. Biggest moment watching you hit the homer against the Dodgers. ROCKTOBER, Baby!!!

#17 – Early on this season, Jeff Francis was pulled from a game in which he was pitching brilliantly. Manny came in, before he was the closer, to get the Rockies to the ninth and a save situation for Fuentes. Manny gave up the lead and it was one of those moments that just make you scream. FSRM caught a brief moment in the dugout where a dejected Corpas was sitting on the bench and Francis came over, put his arm on his shoulder, and obviously said something like “don’t worry about it, we’ll get them next time”. I remember thinking what an amazing response it was to a situation that had me boiling. Not only that Francis was “young” and acting that way but that anyone in that situation was so composed. I can’t help but thinking Manny’s success partially has something to do with that pep talk. I am thrilled for your teams success and wish you all the best. -A long time fan.

Todd, I just found this blog. How cool!

Listen, this is a little off topic, but that game 2 of the Dodger double header I was fortunate to be the recipient of some tickets donated by Greg Feasel down behing the plate. There was this guy, a season ticket holder, who kept railing on you and ragging on Hurdle about your numbers. He kept yelling, “Trade Him” and “Put in a pintch hitter”, blah blah blah. I couldn’t believe it. And he wasn’t even drunk! He was just a bigmouth who doesn’t understand what you bring to the plate. And when you hit that homer into the night, it was amazing. I gotta tell ya – I am so proud of you and how you’ve kept digging in and coming up with the hit when we needed one. And when you hit that tater, I looked around for that guy. But he was gone. Too bad.

The team, and especially YOU, are champions. Keep it up. We’re with you!

Hi Todd, Out here in the wild west of Glenwood Spings we lost power for a few minutes because of a storm (It’s snowing) and then the cable went out. Power was back on but cable still isn’t on. So I didn’t get to see the Sox and Indians game. I kept up with the score on my computer. Maybe it is a good thing that they keep playing as it gives the analysts more time to analyze pitchers and their stuff. With only my fan knowledge, I have no idea who would be the most advantageous team to play. But I sure don’t like the Red Socks. I don’t know why, they seem so cocky. Maybe its ’cause my sister in NY is a Yankee fan. And we all know how Yankee fans do not like Boston. I just keep hoping that you and the ROX are going to keep up that intensity and sweep them. I can hardly stand it This is such a long wait before it gets going. It’s like a kid having to wait for Santa Claus on Christmas morning. This is so surreal with it snowing outside here and baseball is still going for my favorite team. My purple lights are still on outside and I have to get a big bag of Hershey Kisses at the store to be stocked up. Your #1 Rockies fan. ROCKTOBER, ROCK ON! Renee

Hey Todd, you ******* KICK ***!!!


You guys are going to handle business for sure. As a fan for the last 13 years, I am HAPPY AS **** to see us finally in the World Series!!!

And brining home a championship to COLORADO!!!

James Schuyler

Hey Cap’N

It’s me…. the loud, yet respectful, guy that has been very vocal (here & the road)over THE RUN. I’m that ‘wanna-be bilingual’ fan that has been usimg every last ounce of my pipes the last few weeks… believing in you guys every game, every out, & every pitch on this amazing run. Yes I’m just a fan, but out of respect for the example you have showed us all Todd: I choose to act as a representative, an ambassador if you will, of Denver & Todd Helton & this Rockies team whenever, wherever I’m out there representing the Rockies organization & fans. LOUD? YES, YES, YES!!! Profane or disrespectful? NO, NO, NO!! No way would Ubaldo Jimenez respect a man with no sense of ‘Confianze’ and I wouldn’t want him to, Torry– wears every drop of emotion he has on his sleave and I LOVE IT!! yet he still always maintains the utmost level of honor & class & dignity in the name of himself, his Paps, his pitchers, teamates, coaches, Venezuela, & The ROX, Matty’s quiet Confidence, it’s all you guys Todd–the list goes on…. This team, where do you start? your FIGHT, Team over the Individual, your nerves, your FIGHT,, Character, Class, Courage, and Did I Say FIGHT?!!! It’s been a beautiful thing to witness, to see it really happen for real–this team, this Character, this Class, this Courage, this FIGHT, and yet there is still more to come, we’re not done yet. You & the boys make us all so, so, so proud…Denver is gushing with Pride.

I’m glad I had the chance to bump into you & say… “keep it goin’ Cap’n” in the Chase Field lower level tunnel when you were on your way back out in game 2. I have been fortunate to have experienced this amazing ride following this team…. pulling for you, Hopper, & Tulo the ‘Veteran-Kid’, Matty, Jeffrey, & G, Fogger, & Bry-guy & ‘Viva Jimenez!, Viva Torealba!, Viva Morales! Viva Corrrrrrrpas!!” THE LIST GOES ON! ALL for ONE, ONE for ALL. I will try to keep showing up (it’s tough out there now to get a ticket as you guys know, but I am darn well gonna try) to have your backs, respectfully LOUD & PROUD as usual. I am gonna try my best to be there, and if I can’t get in… I still know you and the boys will be taking care of business. If & when I get my ticket, I’ll be there for BP as usual….no way we’re breakin’ this stride. Allright Cap’N, keep it goin’ man. We Believe. !! Cap’n !!


I grew up in Colorado Springs with the Skysox and played girls fast pitch softball recreation,competitive, and Jr. Olympic due to my Mom who was a single parent,wanted to keep me out of trouble. I ended up being an All State 3rd basewoman. In the summer before my Freshman year of high school my Mom who was always on top of everything sports suggested I could go and work up in Denver at the games for the new Rockies team over the summer at Mile High. I was able to watch the games after I did my job. Though difficult for me I chose to take the summer off playing softball so I could watch the home games. This season has been amazing. Ups and downs but as a team you have pulled through it all and you are going to the big show!!! (I repeat this in my head all the time “The Rockies are going to the World Series!!!” You are all amazing and contribute in your own special way. You are all there to support each other and that comes through in every game. That is why you are going to the WORLD SERIES. I wish you all the best. You all have inspired me to get out my glove and polish up on my Tulo Skills!! (I play 3rd base and I can throw almost as good, for a girl!) Wish you all the best health and happiness!

E. Nelson

Stay focused and relaxed, enjoy the moment. You guys deserve it. The baseball instinct is instilled deep in you guys, you’ll know what to do. Go have fun and bring it home!!

I had to chance to meet you when you played with the Skysox and you were so grateful to your fans and still are. I have been a Rockies fan for many years and am very excited that you finally get to go to the big show. I am very happy that you stayed with the Rockies even though they wanted to get rid of you, it show’s that you truely love the Rockies. I will always be a Todd Helton fan and am looking forward to seeing the Rockies beat the Sox. Good Luck and have fun playing the game that you love so very much:)

this person ^ ur the luckiest person EVA!!!

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