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Check out Fenway, talk to Peyton

Today was workout day at Fenway Park, before the World Series starts tomorrow night.

It’s a great thrill to have my dad on the field with me today. With the history of this place, he said he always wanted to come here and see a World Series game, it’s special. I’m excited for him. My mom and my dad are both going to be here.

It’s going to be exciting. I think my dad will be more nervous than I am. I remember how he taught me to hit the other way. I’d hit in the garage, and he had a Fiberglas boat on the right side of the garage. If I pulled it, I’d hit the boat and then I got a whippin’. That’ll make you stay inside the ball pretty good.

I talked to Peyton Manning last night, my good friend and old football teammate from Tennessee. He said, ‘The best advice I can give you is to keep your same routine.’ It worked for him in the Super Bowl last year, so that’s good advice.

I’m just going to go take the family to dinner, go home, get a good night’s sleep, then get up and get ready to play tomorrow. I’ll hopefully sleep in a little bit tomorrow, so the day will be a little bit shorter. The game doesn’t start until after 8 o’clock, and it can’t get here soon enough.