Backs against the wall

77537189We played a lot better this time, but the Red Sox were better and now we’re
down, 3-0. Our backs are against the wall.
We’ve faced this before. The last two weeks of the regular season were like
a loser-go-home wrestling match. Of course, that wasn’t during the World
All we can do is play as hard as we can. The Red Sox have taken it to us.
We’ve got to do something to stop their momentum. But it looked like we put
together a string of better at-bats against their pitchers today, or at least
late in the game. That’s real important. If we can put together several
consecutive good at-bats, we’ll get some runs and get our offense
We don’t make excuses, but we did have that eight-day layoff. Maybe the
offense we showed gets us back on track.
I’m proud of how we got back into that game. In a lot of cases, we go ahead
and win. But the mark of a good team is adding on, and they did just that. We’ve
got our work cut out, but we’ve done it before.



    Good Luck Guys! I’m going to see you later today. I’m proud to see that you’ve come this far, I know that you’ll pull out some wins…We’ve got a great sports town, perhaps all know of the Broncos, Avs, Nuggets, now they know that the Rockies are for real! Go Rockies!


    Yes it was good to see the bats working in the 5th. I could see that feeling in the dougout that the guys had during the league series. As you said your backs are to that old familiar wall.

    What is left is the first game of a four game run. We all know that the team has it in them and that Boston puts their pants on just like everyone else. The pitchers need to make sure they own the plate by keeping their feet from being planted in the box. AND THE ROCKIES NEED TO TURN UP THE FLAME ON THE BATS!

    My daughter(CR (initials in first name), who works at one of the better sea food restraunts in Westminster has sever has served you and several of the guys during off season and very excited for the team to get this far. She has been a life long fan of the team and you. That part is a different long story.

    Tommorrow is another whole new ballgame and wish the team the best of luck. Also, would like to say thanks for how everyone has displayed exceptional sportsmanship and profesionalism during the series.

    CR and I will be their Monday night to chear on the team to the 2nd game of the run…


    I am so proud to have you guys representing Colorado! Win or lose, you have made my family into HUGE fans of not only the Rockies, but of the game of baseball, too. Good luck tomorrow–we know you can pull us a win. Go Rockies!


    It’s NOT impossible…you guys can do it…just know that fans all over this country are pulling for you and this magical team! GO ROX GO!!!


    One game at a time. Play to win tonight and go from there. Keep Battling. If the WS is a ‘microchosim’ of the season, a comeback from down 0-3 would really be the only fitting way to close the magical run out. One W will change everything with regards to momentum…given this matchup. FIGHT.


    Rockies fans congratulations on your tremendous season. A Colorado-Cleveland series would have been far more interesting i suspect but that is what happens when you have to play one of the two best teams that money can buy (Red Sox and Yankees, payrolls of 150M and 198M). Well it didn’t work for the Yankees and let’s hope by next year Boston joins them. Everyone in Cleveland is rooting for the Rockies. This has been a chance for us to get to know your young and awesomely talented team and beautiful ballpark. The Rockies are my new favorite NL team. See you next year.


    Watching the Rockies in the WS has been such a tremendous gift to Rockies fans and the bonding with other team’s fans (Indians especially) has been fantastic. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else. This is a 7 game series. And it’s not over yet !


    As a Vol fan in K-town, I’ve been very proud to have watched you all these years, and I know the effort you make on and off the field is stupendous. Just going to and being a part of the greatest game on the planet must be a thrill. I know your little cousin Alex is loving it right now. Just to go watch you must be like living in a dream. Win or lose, you and the Rox are now in mine and my families prayers forever. We all look forward to the parade!!.


    It has been a pleasure and a joy to watch you guys play such a memorable year. Wow ! To make it to the World Series must be an incredibly hard task to take on. You have done an amazing job and you all should pat yourself on the back! Win or lose tonight, it doesn’t matter. To me, you will always be my favorite team. And I am sure there are millions of others who agree with me. Go Rockies!!!! It ain’t over yet 😉


    I am so proud to be a Rockies fan and to have this team in Denver representing Colorado and the region. You and your teammates and coaching staff are up to this challenge! This team has proven it before and will do it again. Best of luck in Game 4. I’ll be there cheering you on for Cookie’s grand return. Let’s make it the best of his career! Go Rockies!!!


    You guys have had an AMAZING run. We in Colorado are so proud of you. Take it to them tonight. We have faith and know you can do it!


    The Rockies are amazing! We just need the rest of the country to believe it. Just go out tonight and play the game we all know you can play. We will be cheering you on. It’s been so much fun cheering you guys on, and no matter what it’s been an honor watching you. But nows our chance to make world series history, a comeback of 4-0.



    the rockies will never beat the sox, sorry but the nl just isnt good enough you should all know that by now. Today the sox will be champions and everyone will forget about the rox.

    p.s.rox is a *** name stop copying the sox


    Everything that has been written above on this page is so very true. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with us fans on this whole experience, it’s been a great joy and makes us feel a connection with you and the rest of the guys that make up our beloved ROCKIES! I say good luck tonight only because you guys are due for some of those “lucky bounces” to go your way! Show those Sox what you are made of, talent, courage, character, and resilience! We the fans of the ROCKIES will have you in our hearts tonight and I hope the lucky fans that got tickets will make sure you hear that! I’ll be here in Oregon making as much noise as possible for “my boys”! ROCK THOSE SOX!!!!!



    Ok guys,

    Your backs are against the wall but you’ve been there before. Play with your heart and mind; the skill you all possess with shine through.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with all the fans who love the Rockies.



    It seems as if all year you have been the best when what you are trying to do is impossible.

    So go out there and do what you did all year when it was impossible.

    And if nothing else, take a moment to see how far you’ve come, and enjoy it. You deserve to be here!!!


    I doubt you read these posts, especially right now while your focused on the WORLD SERIES. But I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! My wife and I are so FLIPPIN’ Excited to SAY WORLD SERIES FOR THE ROCKIES! WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR TEAM! WE WILL STILL BE THERE AFTER THE WORLD SERIES AND AFTER GAME 7!!!!! GO ROCKIES!!!

    The leagues BIGGEST comeback is now, you better be watching!


    It’s not over yet! I believe in you guys. I’m so proud of what you’ve done this year! I’m forever a fan of the rockies! What you’ve put together this year beats whatever the Sox do in this series by miles! Boston will never, EVER have what you guys did for this town! Keep the faith, and Colorado is behind you guys 100%. SHOW THE SOX THAT WE DON’T GIVE UP IN THE MILE HIGH CITY! GO GET UM ROXS!


    Hey Todd, It?s very impressive how you continue to share your thoughts and express your positive attitude even when the conversation becomes a touchy subject. Your team has achieved so much success, has earned the respect of so many, and has fans coming out of the woodwork. No matter what the score may be, you will always be winners. Yes, it would be sweet to put those Sox out to dry, but you have already beaten them with the amount of class and character you possess. Not to mention your good looks 😉 I think overall the Rockies have the sexiest players this World Series, and you Todd are my #1.
    Good Luck Tonight!


    As a big fan of baseball and a colorado native of five generations, I couldn’t be more proud of the Rockies. I think it’s amusing that a lot of people back east, didn’t even know we had a team. Whether we win in the World Series or not, at this point is irrelevant. We will always be champions in our division and those easterners know we exist,as a team, not just a place to ski!One of the things I admire most about every player on our team, is they all look like baseball players. They all look and behave like clean, intelligent, strong men and should be proud of themselves. I applaud the fact that none of them look like degenerates, they do not make noise for the other team and they play with all their hearts. They play and act like the players of the past that we use as examples for our boys… play with your heart, play with respect for each other, the other team and the game. I hope we are able to keep the team we have now because it is the best, beyond any championship. I am also proud of the owner for finding all this wonderful talent without embarrassing the sport and the players with ridiculous amounts of money! Win or lose, my family will be fans!


    I am not going to say it is not going to happen because it has already happened this season and I know nobody saw you coming anywhere on the Pop sports Radar screens. If anybody in baseball at all had a chance to turn things around you would be my pick at this day in time! Because you had to do it just to get here! It is like you have been walking in it and you don’t even know it like a invisible mist or cloud that surrounds you. Don’t think “just do” as it is NOW BACK TO “do or die time again”. This shows you are good pressure players and men of character especially when the chips are down. So win or lose I still got your back but I know if anybody could pull this off it would be you guys.

    Perhaps this is just some sort of weird “set up” to get the best out of you?

    Even now the “you never know factor” is still in play or at least a playable card!

    To me you just getting here is “Americanna” it is part of the dream in the sports world as well as in all walks of life in this great country. It is why people still desire to live or to come here and sometimes it is indeed against all odds! Call it a fairytale or what ever you want to! You can come here in the worst possible way or condition and turn your life around or get a New Beginning or second or third chance and make somthing out of little or nothing! Because there is hope or a chance where there seemingly was no hope at all before you got here! And it is still a David vs. Goliath element

    Why is that? Because everything is spiritual especially here in this part of the country the mountains of Colorado? Tell me about the thin air and the elevation! If nothing else at least you guys are used to it, IT IS REALLY YOUR HOME FEILD ADVANTAGE!

    So when I spoke of bunt and run it is an advantage here for you because you can handle this altitude where as they are not used to it, it is like run and gun in basketball and trunning your opponenants into the ground and the older they are the harder it is on them.

    All in all I think Coors feild is a great family freindly park and place to see some great baseball and enjoy some special time with your kids. But I think you have as well woken up some Colorado residents that anything can happen even here in Denver!

    Hey a World Series game here in Denver in 2007 who’d a thunk it?


    Jimmy D


    Just want to say how proud I am of you guys and how far you’ve come since I moved to Denver a couple of years ago and started coming to the games. It’s so fun to watch you guys play. Boston’s hot right now and when you’re hot, you’re hot. I’ve seen you guys just as hot as Boston and I know you can do it! At least our fans aren’t as obnoxious as the Boston Red Sox fans I sat next to last night at the game. Security even had to talk to a couple of them. Congratulations … and I have faith. I know you guys can do it! Have faith! Last night’s game was an awesome game, no doubt about it.


    Proverbs 21:30-31
    “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord. The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.”



    I am so proud to call myself a CR fan. I have been to so many games this season. I will be there tonight. I will be cheering you guys on!!! Do what you know you can do. Good luck tonight!!!


    The beauty of this is that it would seem that a World Series win can only come with God’s help—in much the same way that I believe He had a hand in the last few weeks of the season. Play hard and play well! God bless!


    I wish this had been a series against the Indians, too, because IF the Rox had lost, I would have been able to be happy for the Indians, because all of their fans who have been posting seem to have been really nice, and it has been a long time for the Indians. It is too bad when you have to be down on a team because of its fan representation. Class people in Co., one reason why I love coming out there, that and the skiing! ROX CAN DO THIS!!!


    No matter what happens in this Series, we are all incredibly proud of what you guys have done this season and I’m really proud to call myself a fan.
    Just like everyone else, I have total faith in you all. You guys are awesome, and you play with your hearts, even with your backs against the wall.

    Good luck tonight!

    Go Rockies!


    Play hard and have fun tonight.
    Your accomplishments this season are incredible and the entire Rockies organization has a lot to be proud of. I am a proud Rockies fan and will continue to cheer for the best group of guys in the league. You all rock!! God bless! I wish I could be at the game to cheer you all on tonight with my head held high.


    All I can say is that of all the teams that could be representing the NL, you are the best and classiest as well as showing some of the best sportsmanship out there. Don’t give up. Pull together and remember where true strength comes from.

    God bless all of you!

    Go Rockies!


    There are some Red Sox fans that are not obnoxious and appreciate good baseball teams. The Rockies earned their way to the World Series and should be repected for that accomplishment even if the Bosox win today.


    Thanks for taking the time to post your comments about last night’s game and the series. I can’t wait for tonight’s game! No matter what, I love you guys, and admire your never-give-up attitudes. Know that along with those in the stands that you can see and hear, there are thousands more watching on TV and listening on KOA, cheering you on. I wish I could have gotten through to buy tickets to any of the series games, but am grateful I got to go to the wildcard playoff game in Denver. Go Rockies! Win that first game of 4 tonight!


    I am a huge Colorado Rockies fan and I know that this is a magical season and we could fight back from this. If you want to know more about my output go to

    share this with your other friends Todd please


    I just wanted to stop by and wish the Rockies and their fans good luck tonight. Although I am cheering for the Red Sox, your team and fans have remained positive throughout the whole series. Which I know can be difficult when you have obnoxious fans posting just to rub it in your face.

    Again, good luck tonight – and whatever happens, it’s been fun watching these two teams play!


    I’m in agreement with a couple other Sox fans; you have a fine team there and great fans, no matter what happens. You’re a classy, no quit bunch with a charismatic Manager in Clint Hurdle. Now, you’re my second favorite team in MLB.


    Regardless of what happens; regardless of whether the Sox sweep the Rockies or the Rockies come back and sweep the next four games; regardless of what any “bandwagoners” who fail to acknowledge the effort each of the members of this team have made – – – you are the sports heroes of 2007! The Colorado Rockies don’t have to have that trophy in their display case to prove it. Each of you have contributed so much of both your skills and your gut to the most successful Rockies season ever that you have no reason to hang heads over 3 losses. You’ve come back from worse adversity than this.

    Yes, last night could have turned out differently. Yes, you may possibly have won one in Fenway Park, but you have true supporters here. You have all the love, support, and “mojo” that all your true fans here can muster. Just remember that. We, your loyal fans, love you no matter whether you win or lose, because you have played with heart.

    You have shown the world that you’re not just some team from the West that no one has heard of.


    I moved to Colorado a year ago from Hawaii and haven’t followed much baseball, but I’m now a Rockies fan! What has really made me a fan is the attitude of the Clint Hurdle and the players. It’s great and refreshing to hear athletes take responsibility and maintain a positive attitude, when they do well they share the glory with the whole team and when they have a rough game they don’t blame anyone. I’m rooting for you and I’ll definitely be at some games next year. Congratulations for your championship win and for making to it the World Series. I’m hoping to congratulate you on winning tonight, but either way, you’re champions in my book…GO ROCKIES!


    Hey Todd,
    My family and I (all die hard Rockies Fans)wish you the very best through the World Series. This is a dream come true for us and we want to thank you and all the players. I was at the very first baseball game on April 9, 1993 and many more games after that. We are very proud of you and this great baseball team. You are the greatest team in all of baseball.

    I tell you what haunts me the most about all this…NOW WHAT DO I DO SINCE BASEBALL SEASON IS OVER?! I know, I will look forward to another great year of Rockies Baseball. –GO ROCKIES AND BEAT THE SOCKS OFF BOSTON–


    Gallant effort Mr. Helton and the Rockies. Although I am a die hard Braves fan, you guys really struck a sweet spot with me this last month. Next season, I guess I’ll have to watch two teams on gonna be some long nights. Hope to see you around K-town this winter. Have a great off season. M


    Todd and the whole Rockies organization: I know this wasn’t the magical ending we all wanted but you guys had an AMAZING 2007 season! This is the BEST team in Rockies history, congrats on being the 2007 National League Champions!

    Good luck in 2008!


    You guys are still AWESOME! You should be proud of yourselves! Thank you for an EXCITING season!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

    Have a great 2008 season!!


    Hi Todd,

    Hats off to your and the rest of the team and organization for getting to the World Series. We watched all the way through and were proud that our hometown heroes made it through the playoffs and to the World Series. You have put Colorado on the map for major league baseball.

    We are already looking forward to seeing you next Spring! You have all earned your time off – enjoy it.

    Best wishes for a great 2008 season!


    THANK YOU ROCKIES!! JAMEY IT WAS A MATTER OF INCHES. (You are a class act. Jamey, you autographed a ball for me back in June before the Yankees sweep. I told you then to “Keep the Faith” and you did. ) THANK YOU AGAIN. Thank you to everyone of you guys for such a wonderful 2007 season. It didn’t turn out like all the Rockies fans hoped, but you accomplished a lot. Nobody can take away the National League Championship and the 21/22 streak. It was a great ride!!! Nobody can take away the joy you gave so many fans. Love you all. Good night. Renee in Glenwood Springs


    Thank you Rox for an unbelievable season, I’ll never forget it. Already looking forward to next year. Hope to see the whole team still intact for 2008!



    This season has been amazing. We are so proud of you. You guys are what playing ball is all about. You work hard, play hard, and watch each other’s backs. You may not have won the WS, but in my heart you are the World Champions in the way you play the game. I am already trying to figure out how I can make it to spring training just to see you guys play again!!! It will be tough, but really it is not that far away. Get your well deserved rest. We love ya! See ya in the spring!


    Hey Todd –

    What a heartbreaker…but we fans are proud of all you guys! The Rockies are a first-class bunch and I know in my heart the best times are ahead for you!!! I hope to make it down to Hi Corbett from Phoenix in the spring and bring my dad (THE die-hard Rockies fan) to see the start of what promises to be the start of an even bigger year. Hope you keep blogging too. It’s been a blast! Love you guys! Take care.


    Just wanted to “THANK YOU” for the wonderful and exciting season you gave all your fans; we couldn’t have asked for anything more than you gave because you gave it your all.


    Katherine Bishop


    as to what i said earlier about the rockies, i am sorry

    they played great baseball and deserved to be there. sorry if i offended anyone, i just got cought up in the moment


    Todd,the memories of a game played with the heart, the images of excited and hopeful fans, the NL championship, the respect of a nation that historically recognizes greatness and celebrates talent.Who says we are loosers? I feel proud and lucky to be a Rockies fan.Thank you,thanks to the organization and to all the rest of the team for memories engraved in my mind forever!God bless you and your family.Please, stay with us until the end of your career.You belong with us!

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