Wont be watching the NLCS, well be there!

Helton250_1 Wow. A 2-1 win and we?re going on to meet Arizona in the National League Championship Series.

To get where we?ve always wanted to go, I knew we had to win at least one of these close, low-scoring games. I?ve watched the playoffs on TV for years. You always have close games like this in the postseason.

When we weren?t going on, that?s one of the things I always liked to do, watch the postseason on television. I wouldn?t say I played along with the players in my mind. I didn?t manage along with the manager and second-guess moves. I watched just for the excitement.

You can tell how everybody?s into each pitch, the intensity of it. I?ve always dreamed of doing it myself, with the Colorado Rockies.

Now, I don?t have to watch the NLCS on TV.

No, sir.


  1. cheynersh@aol.com

    Hey Todd,
    This just keeps getting more and more exciting! There would be no way we would be here right now if you weren’t in that clubhouse. Go out and get Arizona, you guys know this team more than any other playoff team. The fans are as proud and excited as I have ever seen! Keep this rolling, it’s a blast to watch!

  2. iandmemyself@hotmail.com


  3. david.c.schuh@wmich.edu

    I am the biggest Cubs fan ever. i am crushed. i just wanted to say to all the Rockies fans, that you guys deserve it, i think it is great to see a new team in it. i just wish it was the Cubs. Trust me, you guys, after watching the dbacks the past 3 games, THEY ****. The Cubs just could not do anything. they had the worst batting average in the ML. You guys can dominate them, and i hope you do. please sweep them. Now that sadly,sadly,sadly,sadly, the Cubs season is over…wow that was hard to type, i say GO RCOKIES.

  4. david.c.schuh@wmich.edu

    when i say “they had the worst batting average in the ML.” i was talking about the dbacks, obviously. Go Cubs in 08, Go Rockies in 07 now that the Cubs are out of it šŸ˜¦

  5. lsisney27@msn.com

    What an amazing win! It’s always fun to watch to Rockies play~I always say you never know who will step up and win the ball game! You are a true leader to the best team in MLB. Congrats on a great season that keeps getting better. D backs here we come!!

    P.S. As a Tulsa native~thanks for showing compassion~the fact that you guys voted to give a share of your playoff earnings to the widow of Mike Coolbaugh proves you are a genuinely nice and caring team that supports each other.

    That’s what sets you apart from the other teams in the Major League and it’s what makes this team so special and successful! GO ROCKIES!

  6. eddiehinchee@gmail.com

    I was in attendance at tonights game. How exciting. I came out here from VA to finish my masters and I have neen attending ball games instead. I just know you guys will be in the World Series.

    Todd you deserve this. I have watched you on these futile teams of the past. I am so happy for you. Don’t worry about your BA you will do just fine. My family just loves this, and the Rox. I have lost my voice between Monday and tonight. Congratulations Todd, God bless you and your family.


  7. billiebob54@aol.com

    We are visiting Japan and routing for the Rockies. Good for you all. We are so excited for you and the Rockies.

  8. troytrevor4ever@hotmail.com

    We are so happy for you Todd! You have worked so hard for this and are such a wonderful person! Enjoy all of this, you deserve it! You are a big part in making thousands of people across Colorado, as well as the country, even the world, absolutely elated! We love you!

  9. stoneworks75@aol.com

    This is truely amazing, awesome, congratulations Todd !!! Continue to play your game, be yourself & go after the d`backs with intensity.This NLCS will be exciting, GO ROCKIES!!!!

  10. deborahahorton@bresnan.net

    AMAZING!! The game last night was truly amazing. I cannot wait to see what happens next :)) Yayyy Rockies!!

  11. janetacarpenter@comcast.net

    CONGRATS!!! First, I’d like to say I’m impressed you make the time to post these blogs. But, I am impressed by the whole Rockies team and organization. You all are really special, and it becomes clearer how special with every interview a player or manager gives and every game you play. To have such integrity, honesty, and humility in this sport is truly something to see and makes it more meaningful to watch as a fan. It has been FUN to watch the Rockies play I thank you for providing that. As Torrealba would say, “AMAZING!” I wish you all the best to go all the way. (I just hope my nerves can hold out!)

  12. kcr2471@comcast.net

    YO YO YO Todd im so proud of you guys and am glad u decided to stay with us this year. Ive been a avide rockies fan since 93 but I have to say this is the most ive watched this year and am stocked to see were were going. Great job and good luck on thursday.. Kevin

  13. jordan@opost.com

    Congats and well done! While there’s a different hero everynight on the Rox, we all have been thinking what Jeff Baker said aloud last night–that it was your 2-strike, 2-out longball against Saito and the Dodgers that got this rally going–back on Sept 18th! Keep it up!

  14. zwickle19@aol.com

    Todd: My husband too has a hunting trip,and it is killing him that he won’t be here for the games. He is hoping they can get a radiostation in the mountains to listen to the game. He lives for hunting every but this year doesn’t want to go. He would rather be here to see you all kick a___! Good luck to you all, you deserve it. I am really happy you aren’t going hunting this year. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOUR BIGGEST FANS!!

  15. grindking716@aol.com

    Hey Todd

    I just started following you and the rest of the Rockies this season and I must say…you guys all earned this trip to the NLCS in fact the World Series! Its nice to see you finally get into the postseason after 11 seasons in the bigs. I’ve followed you as a player since I was a kid and thought how cool it would be to see your team in the playoffs. Sure enough this year the Rockies came alive and made everyone believe that this is not a team to mess with. Though you won’t be watching the NLCS at home this year myself and millions of others will tune in to watch yall go hay wire on the D-Backs. Good luck Mr. Helton and I am rooting for you and the team!

  16. krazyk2314@aol.com

    Todd, it is an honor to watch you guys through the playoffs. I had been hoping for years that the Rockies would make it to the playoffs, and now that it happened, I just can’t believe it. Keep up the good work, and know that you have so many fans cheering for you! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

  17. jade_wolf_2000@yahoo.com

    CONGRATS! I’ve been a Rockies fan since the day they started way back in ’93, and I have to say it has been well worth it. You guys have shown this year that nothing is impossible.

    You know, I think you guys should have someone paint the following either on the wall or above the door just as you come out into the dugout. It just seems to define how you guys have played this year, the mentality the whole team seems to live by:

    “It ain’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi Bera

  18. starrphishe@gmail.com

    Oh. My. Gosh. Absolutely fantastic. Living in Houston, I rarely ever have a chance to watch my Rox, but ever since Monday, the TV has been almost permanently set to TBS. This is great for the team, for the youngest of the guys, and especially for you. I’m so happy for you. It’s so evident, just watching the games, how much you want this. And you guys really, really, really, really deserve it. Really.

    Rock on.

    — Kylie

  19. lanl1965@msn.com

    Thanks for writing this blog Todd. It is nice to get a feel for what it’s like from your position as an MLB star player. You are very down to earth and writing this blog when you are right in the middle of the playoffs is really cool of you. Thanks Alot1

  20. k-harness@msn.com

    I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1993 and I love the sport of baseball. I am so excited about this entire season – it has been a wonderful ride and I am so excited you, Todd! You are an exceptional player and deserve to be on a winning team. I see nothing stopping you and the Rockies from going all the way. And…I have seats for everything and I can hardly wait for your next win in Arizona. Thanks for the opportunity to post our thoughts and best wishes. Thanks for an incredible season that it not done yet!!!

  21. rgarza@dslextreme.com

    Todd and all Rox: This fan out in California is SUPER EXCITED at how far you’ve gotten!! I believe. I believe. You guys are the best out there — a team that exemplifies what the game is about.

  22. lukelefurge@yahoo.com

    As an Air National Guardsmen I spent a good part of the this baseball season in Afghanistan. I would sit in the Pat Tillman USO on Bagram Air Base, log into the wireless connection and follow the Rockies Season. Your climb back and into contention, and the character this special team consistently displays made a difficult situation tolerable. You guys are doing a beautiful thing for your fans, thank you! MSgt Luke Lefurge

  23. chebyl99@msn.com

    This is amazing and boy, what a ride! Congratulations to yourself for the dedication and perseverence and to everyone in the Rockies organization for striving to put this team together! We have been FANS since the beginning and will continue to be so. Thanks for hanging with us Todd!!! Looking forward to the rest of ROCKTOBER!!!

  24. mkukral@msn.com

    Hi Todd!!

    I just can’t believe what a thrilling week this has been for me. Last Sunday at this time I was walking to Coors Field for that game which I thought was the best game ever. Afterwards I immediately bought my tickets for Monday night and I was blown away by the emotions I felt throughout that night. Last night’s game was such a stressor; but I knew that you and the rest of your star-atudded team would clinch it by game’s end.

    It is so refreshing to see a professional team to have such poise and humiliation at such a peak time of all your careers. Congratulations; you and the rest of the team truly deserve the best!!

    I also want to thank you for having this blog page. It feels great to be able to send this message to you directly.



  25. phantomsinbox@yahoo.com

    HECK YES! you guys rock my world. Watched the game last night, and when you tagged that last guy out, Todd, I broke into happy, happy tears. Thanks to you and the rest of the Rockies for such an amazing season, and best of luck in the coming games. I know I’ll be watching!

    ~Kelsey Burd

    currently of Greeley CO

    PS. The pic on this entry is awesome. love the face. šŸ™‚

  26. mtsopris1@hotmail.com

    Go Rockies! As a fan for many years since ’93 I always knew you would make it to the postseason. The ’95 season was great, but this is just amazing!! The whole team just seems so focused and having fun. I was so sad and in tears when San Diego scored that home run in the tiebreaker game. And when Jamey came back and hit the sac fly, I was still crying from happiness!!!I just bought some purple lights (in the Halloween section) to hang outside my house for Thursday night. Just remember we are rooting for you all the way out in Glenwood Springs!!! The lights will be on and I am counting on everyone of you guys. My routine is to eat a Hershey kiss for every out made against the opposing team each innining so ‘kisses’ to all:) Go Rocks!!Renee

  27. vikinglinda@earthlink.net

    Hi Todd,

    Congratulations to you and all the Rockies. My husband just retired from the Air Force, we’re in Tampa. We can’t be there in person, but it’s been a wonderful year watching from here.

    I want to say thank you for staying in Colorado. I started watching you in the Spring of 98′. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer just before the season started, watching you and the Rockies that season helped me so much. Since then I have had 3 more diagnoses, 2 this season. Again watching you and the Rockies has been so exciting and an excellent way to spend my days.

    Enjoy the days off, you deserve it after a job well done.


  28. sgreens15@aol.com

    Todd, your the man brotha, congradulations on the nlcs hope you beat the dbacks i will be at game 6 got tickets but thats if you dont beat them in 4. take care man

  29. sarann0826@aol.com

    congrats! you guys were AWSOME! I loved whaching you guys play! Even thogh im a Sox fan i hope you guys make it all the way!! Good Luck!!

    <3Red Sox Girl<3

  30. cessnet@sbcglobal.net

    Rock on Todd,

    I have been a fan from ’93. YOU deserve the props, as does Jamey Carroll and all the folks showing up at plate, in defense, in stands, especially the online forums. Have been chatting with other bloggers during the games for you and HOLIDAY!

    Keep up the relaxed attitude despite the seeming urgency of winning. ONE INNING at a time guys.

    Being the dark horse is best,


    (forever purple and living in st louis…)

  31. skbaum1@comcast.net

    Todd, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am for not only the Rockies as a whole, but for you specifically. There have been opportunities for you to move on…to join a team that “has a chance” to go all the way, but you’ve stayed as our captain, the one enduring figure in the clubhouse, and finally you’re getting your reward! Thank you for being such a fine example to our son, as a player and person. He’s just 4 years old, but you have been his favorite player since he could say your name – you’ve actually held him a couple times at the annual photo days – he’s a natural righty when he draws, throws, eats, etc, but when he bats he bats lefty “just like Todd Helton” he says!

    My husband and I are huge fans of you too…we got engaged hours after seeing you hit for the cycle against the Marlins back in June of 99!

    Best of luck as you continue this season of Destiny!!

  32. clarkmckay17@msn.com

    Just wanted to say CONGRATS!!! You deserve it!! You and the rest of the team have given Denver, Colorado and the whole region true excitment for the game again, thanks. We were there when the first Rockies hit the field, through all the rough times, thanks now for the great times. Take it all the way, WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!

  33. eehtee@pgrb.com

    Thank you – and your teammates – for bringing such joy to Rockies fans. We bought season tickets back in the Mile High days. I still have the ticket stub from the last playoff game in Coors in 1995. Even after we moved 15 hours away, Rockies were still our team. And NOW we are almost hysterical. We head out Friday for a 15-hour each way road trip to see you and the rest of the Rockies play Sunday. It’ll be worth every mile, every penny, and every year of waiting to be there.

  34. avsfan97@hotmail.com

    I just want to congratulate you for the awesome season you and the rest of the Rockies have had. I have been a fan of the team since it’s inception in 1993 as I am from Loveland originally, but now living in New Albany, Indiana. I haven’t been able to watch any games living here as we get just about everyone else, it’s just wonderful to see the Rockies in the postseason. It’s been a long fifteen years to see this. Give the D-backs a hard time and keep it up.

  35. chbradshaw@yahoo.com


    As a UT Vol living in Colorado Springs, I am especially happy and proud of you and coach Cockrell.

    Last year, Peyton got his due in the Super Bowl. This year, you will do the same in the World Series.

    Not too bad for a couple of collegiate backups at the start of the ’94 season.

  36. andy_arnold_2002@hotmail.com

    Man, I’ve been going to Rockies games since the first year you guys started. I kept telling everyone this was your year, and now they are seeing I was right! I have a ticket waiting for me for game three back in Denver, I’m going to school in Idaho, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it. Congrats man, I’m happy for you, it’s about time!!!!!!

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