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Big win, but we cant let up

It was another big win for us today, but we?re not going to let up. We know we can?t.

Heltonblognew200_1 To win in the playoffs, all the way through the lineup, you have to have guys coming through. That’s what we’ve had, especially the last couple of weeks. That?s what guys did today.

It helps to have just played the Phillies in September. We were pretty familiar with the team. It always helps to be familiar with the relief pitchers. I think it helped us today.

When we get back to Denver in front of the crowd at Coors Field, I’m going to step back and enjoy it. But I’m going to focus on the game, too.

I was asked if this compares to anything from when I was in college playing football at Tennessee. Maybe in atmosphere, but that’s about it. That was once a week. This is every day. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Its loud in Philly

After we won yesterday, I just relaxed, went to dinner, went home and went to bed.

There were a few people at the restaurant that recognized me, but everybody was very cordial. They didn?t want to have any deep conversations. It was basically, "Take it easy on the Phillies." They were nice.

During the game, it was nice being at the ballpark among the fans. It was so loud that you didn?t get to hear anybody individually saying the bad stuff at you.

My teammates didn?t kid me too much about the triple yesterday, but I have speed. I was flying. ? Yeah, right. I hit it to center field and it ended up in right. That?s how I got my triple.

Posted courtesy of during the game.

The time is now

It?s after the press conference, on the big stage. Did I do OK?

Monday night was wild. I got a bunch of calls — and 52 texts — on my phone. I haven?t answered, at least not yet.

The last few weeks have been exciting, and maybe at times I was a little nervous. But sometime during the last game, I just came to accept it. I just kind of relaxed a little and said, ?Hey, we?re going to go out and play and see what happens.?

It was a roller coaster, no doubt about it. When [the Padres? Scott] Hairston hit the home run, the bottom kind of fell out. I knew we were going to come back and put a fight up, but I knew the odds were against coming back and beating one of the greatest closers of all time. But Matt [Holliday] did a great job and Tulo [Troy Tulowitzki] did a great job, and it made it that much more special the way we won.

It?s been a long time getting to the playoffs, but we?re here now.