Big win, but we cant let up

It was another big win for us today, but we?re not going to let up. We know we can?t.

Heltonblognew200_1 To win in the playoffs, all the way through the lineup, you have to have guys coming through. That’s what we’ve had, especially the last couple of weeks. That?s what guys did today.

It helps to have just played the Phillies in September. We were pretty familiar with the team. It always helps to be familiar with the relief pitchers. I think it helped us today.

When we get back to Denver in front of the crowd at Coors Field, I’m going to step back and enjoy it. But I’m going to focus on the game, too.

I was asked if this compares to anything from when I was in college playing football at Tennessee. Maybe in atmosphere, but that’s about it. That was once a week. This is every day. It’s crazy, isn’t it?



I wish your team the best of luck! I think you can win it.


Thank you and the fella’s for what you all have brought day in and day out. I knew last year the team would be special. It looked great up until the all star break. Then it fell apart. I have been watching all this year in awe of this team. IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU GET THE CREDIT AND REWARDS DUE TO YOU!! Thank you for all your hard work!!! Be well and continue on this wild and crazy ride. This ones for TODD!!!


This has been a dream come true for Rockies fans all over the country. I am a Lakewood, CO native living in Rhode Island smack in the middle of Red Sox and Yankees fans. I saw the Rockies hammer the Red Sox at Fenway this year an knew you guys had something I had never seen before just waiting to erupt. Keep doing your thing and have fun !

Hey Todd,
Man! What an exciting run that you guys are on! My wife and I have been rooting for you personally to get you to the playoffs since ’97 but especially this season! We are glad you made it!! We’ll be there screaming your name and the rest of the team on Saturday. We’ve always wanted a way to communicate our excitement directly to you and the team all year and we are glad you have a BLOG!!!

Note: Rocky Mountain News has an Amazing picture of your SUNDAY DANCE OFF FIRST BASE at the end of the 9th (which we went to), it reads “ROCKTOBER”… We are framing that image as soon as we can!! Good LUCK on Saturday and ENJOY THE GAME! THIS IS EXCITING!!!

I have watched this team since Opening Day in 1993 (I was 8 yrs old!) and have gone through all the ups and downs since. I am a native Coloradan living in New York – could not have been more proud with the sweeps of the Mets AND Yanks this year!! I am SO amazingly happy, proud and excited to be a Rocks fan and to see you all get what you deserve this year!



Mr. Helton:

Great performance today!! I caught this past Sunday’s game with my daughters, and they were in heaven! Perfect weather, and a higly electric environment fueled their enjoyment. Watching the Brewer’s win along with yours, of course, was priceless for my family! Welcome back to Colorado, and let’s take these Phillies out quick, so that you guys get a much earned breather.


Corey Reed

Todd its great to see you getting the credit you deserve.I am a hugh Rockies fan.I coach a 15-16 ball team and try to get my boys that play 1st to watch and play the way you do. GO ROCKIES.

I can’t wait to watch the game on Saturday! I have been at work for the first two games and watching updates on the internet is just not the same.

Go Rockies. Thanks for the blog Helton.

Hey Helton! Thank you and the rest of the players so much for making this summer and right now so much fun! I’ve watched every game, and I am so excited for you. Keep up the good work and bring home the World Series!

Great attitude there in that first line. I’ve had to listen to these last two games at work since they were in the middle of the day. It was very hard to stifle my yelps of joy 🙂

Amazing game!!!

Hey Todd! Way to go in Philly! It’s been great to see this season with you still with the Rockies. I was deeply dreading the thought of #17 at 1st anywhere else. Now that is a Crazy thought!

Keep up the great effort, I, for one, really appreciate it.

Rockies Rock On In Rocktober!!!

Great game! Seems like everyone on this team steps up when needed. I have converted my wife to a baseball and rockies fan over the last few years. I also have 4 little girls aged 1,2,4,5. They call you toddy, and whenever they hear the game on they say, “Go Toddy!”. Its cool. Go Rockies!!

Peanuthead’s To 10 Reasons To Be A Rockies Fan…

#1 The Colorado Rockies will not only make the play-offs, but will win the NLCS and make it to the 2007 World Series and win it all.

#2 Matt Holliday will win the 2007 National League MVP (RBI title & Batting title)

#3 Todd Helton is a hall of famer. And watching him circle the bases after that game winning homerum last week tells me he’s still got that kid inside him to keep him playing for the Rockies for at least 3 more yrs. Maybe even coach or manage them after he retires from playing.

#4 Rockies will win the 2007 World Series

#5 Troy Tulowitzki will win the 2007 Rookie of the Year

#6 Matt Holliday will win the Homerum Title in 2008 with 50+

#7 Because where else can you go to a game, watch a Play-Off Team and get a great seat at only $4.00 a seat. (in the Rockpile section)

#8 The Rockies will have the best Shortstop in the whole league for year to come (Troy Tulowitzki)… And Jeff Francis will be a 20 game winner in 2008

#9 Because being a Rockies fan is just a awesome as being a Denver Broncos fan.

#10 Because the Rockies will finally get some respect as a contending Major League Baseball Team and some added national attention. It’s about time, wouldn’t ya say?


(sent to on Sept, 24 2007)

Congratulations Todd!
My 14 year old twins dream of playing ball someday and they keep that dream alive by watching leaders like you. You and the Rockies this year exemplify the importance of teamwork and friendship. As a parent, I admire how professionally the Rockies have carried themselves and stayed together as a team even through some critical losses. What a dream team! How lucky you are! All our blessings! Lory,Jake,Kyle, David & Maddie Shepherd

Thanks Todd:

I live in Florida and I think Im the only only Rockies fan in the whole So. Florida area. I know this may sound crazy but because of you and the rest of the team, this year has been one of the best years of my life and Im 42 yrs old. Been a Rockies fan since 93 and will be a Rockies fan till the day I pass. No matter where I live in the world. “I AM PROUD TO BE A COLORADO ROCKIES FAN” I have 2 lil gurls who both play ball and they have now become Rockies fans thanks to you guys. Thank all you guys for keeping Colorado Rockies fans in the family. Tell Matt I hope he’s ok after Monday’s slide. And even though he doesn’t remember much about the slide after hitting his face and head, he was safe due his hand sliding across the plate under Barret’s cleat and that’s how he hurt his hand. “OK PEOPLE”

Good Luck the rest of the way to a World Championship…

My gurls and I will be watching. God Bless

Mike (Peanuthead)

Followed you at Tennessee. Watched you all the time you were down in Colorado Springs. Your choice of baseball is finally paying off! Have fun with it.

Your old pay Peyton had his day last February – I hope you have yours coming up, too. I’d say more, but I have to go dig out my broom for Saturday’s game. GO ROCKIES!!

Thank you Todd & team for all the enjoyment that baseball has to offer.Here is to you & the team( and Clint too!) GO ROCKIES!! It’s been fun-keep in touch !!

This week has been such an exciting time to be a Rockies fan, even from Nebraska. I teach 6th grade and have had all 120 kids rooting for the Rox for the past two weeks. Today, one of my students brought me a stuffed Dinger doll. It prominently watched over their test taking and silently hoped for homers this afternoon. It worked! I posted scores inning by inning and we watched the first few innings in study hall.
I’ve been a season ticket holder for a few years (go sect. 142) and have loved every game. This year is special, though. You can see the teamwork in action no matter if you’re trying to catch foul balls near third base or watching on TV.

Tell the team thanks and best of luck keeping the momentum going.

Best, Lori

This is Great! I am so glad to get to read this blog. Todd sounds real down to earth. This is my first Season in Denver and I am loving following the Rockies. My son is 2.5 months, and he’s seen the Rockies 3 times. He’s always begging me to take him to the game 😉 I spoke with my brother today in Philly, and it sounds like he already gave up on his team! I am so glad to be rooting on you guys. Go big! All the way!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Todd my man. Wondering if you remember me we met in ’03 and I sent the team a letter earlier this season. Anyway I know we can make it all the way. All you gotta do is have faith in yourselves and faith in what will happen. You guys have the talent and I know you know that. After all it is my ultimate dream to play pro ball and be a part of the brotherhood you guys share. Let’s go Rox, always a fan and always will be.

I am so glad that Todd and the Rockies are in this position. I have been a fan since the first season. I had to give up my season tickets in 2004 when I moved back to VA. I am here to finish my masters degree but have been attending games instead. I have tickets to the games this weekend and the championship series. I am not going back to VA if they make the world series. I will be here for the parade. I haved worn purple and black since 1993, I cannot stand you fair weather fans. But I am happy for Todd and his teammates. Go Rockies. My family in NC and VA are pulling for the Rocks. Win Saturday.

Keep up the good work. You guys deserve the big trophy.


Mr. Helton: I am still in shock. I was a 16 yr old waiting in line for 13 hours to get $1 rockpile tickets back in ’93. My friends tell me I bleed purple. And they have all teased me mercilessly for my dedication to my beloved Rockies. However, the tides have turned. Thank you so much for being who you are. You are a shining example to everyone of class under pressure. And I (30 year old Bosnia veteran) cried like a little girl when you threw your helmet and screamed coming down the line after that home run. All is right in the world, now that you have tasted the glory of the postseason. Congratulations, and don’t ever change. You have made Denver a better place to live, merely by your presence.


You have been nothing but a true professional throughout your career. I hope you will win a championship this season as I would like to see a division rival win it for the NL West. Go get em Todd and Rockies !…


I just read the story of how the team has voted a full share of the post season to Mike Coolbaugh’s widow. I am so very proud of this team!! Best Wishes. LC

I’m so proud of Todd and the Rockies. Being a lifelong resident of Knoxville, TN, a graduate of Central High in Knoxville (with a major in being an athlete-state football playoffs in ’72) and a two time University of Tennessee grad (with another major of being a college football player and, finally, attaining professional success), AND becoming a full-fledged Rockies fan due to a newfound affinity to my beloved’s home state, AND especially after watching the Rocks crush the Yankees in June, I was thrilled to be able to proudly wear Todd’s jersey in San Francisco today as the Rox crushed the Phillies . . .

Todd, you rock, and so do all of the other Rockies, and knowing how competitive that you have been past and present (I saw the Central/Maryville games and the UT/UCLA game and the CWS game when you pitched the Vols to a 3-1 win over Clemson), it was awesome watching the plays and comeback you guys made against the Padres on Monday night and these two wins in Philly. After all of these years without a playoff appearance, you must be as thrilled as is evident on TV.

Todd, I’ll have my Treo close at hand to catch the weekend game(s) while aboard the Jeremiah O’Brien in SF Bay celebrating Fleet Week.

My dad wore his Coors Field hat to Beaver Brook to play golf on Tuesday after the win over the Padres so I’m sure glad we brought him that hat back from Denver after the Rox rocked the Yankees in June at Coors.

All my best to the Colorado Rockies and to you personally. For your toil and trouble and consistent excellence over the years, no one deserves a shot at the pennant and the World Series any more than you.


Hail the Rockies!!! We are from Madisonville, LA. My 12 year old son has carried awesome #17 for four years now in travel ball. My girlfriends think I’m nuts…I go on and on about MY team! This team is special…keep up the energy and don’t forget to enjoy the ride (while winning of course!)Thanks for making this post season so exciting for us! Kudo’s from future CR season ticket holders! You guys are the best.
Meg in Louisiana

Go Rocks! My husband and I moved to California from Denver late last year. We managed to go to all but one of the Dodger-Rockies games at Dodger Stadium (try being a Rockie fan in Dodger-land). We are in a state of bliss because of how the ENTIRE team is doing. And, now to learn that the players have voted a share of the playoff earnings to the Coolbaugh family — well, that is very indicative of what a great bunch of guys y’all are!! Thanks for the wonderful memories

Rosario in Pasadena

Mr Helton –

Congrats! This is getting very, very exciting. The fans can’t wait for you to bring this home – the city is going to be electric this weekend. Enjoy it.

We believe. In fact, we believe so much that we are snatching up NLCS tickets like Rockie Dogs!

You are a leader. The team is playing great baseball. Keep it going. It is so exciting to see you in the playoffs and possibly going to a World Series. Keep it going.

Boyd Summers

Seattle, WA

WAY TO GO!!! I love being able to watch the rockies in October! I have followed the Rockies for a long time, and it is amazing watching you guys play! Keep it up, your my favorite, and hopefully I can head over to Denver to cheer you on!!!
Katy McGranahan

Fruita, CO

Thank you so much! This is so much fun! I have never been so excited about the post-season!

Say, Todd, what do you and the runner at first base talk about?

Sweep the Phillies. Get it over with. It looks like Arizona and Colorado in the NLCS. Todd, I watched you guys all year long and I’ll be honest didnt think you guys would make it. Its great. I’m orginally from Az and if you guys play them its going to be hard to go against the Dbacks. But I’m pulling for the Rockies as AZ won in 2001 and its always nice to see another team get a shot at it. I’d like to see Cleveland and Colorado in the Series. Cleveland hasnt won it since 48 and Colorado never has won it. New teams. I’m pulling for you guys
GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Todd,
As a former Coloradoan and a Rockies fan since their first ever workout in Tucson, I must say I always knew these playoff would happen, but I didn’t think it would be done in such an exciting-take my breath away-style. You & the team have just played good solid baseball this season and INCREDIBLE baseball the last two months. JUST think, all those TBS guys who didn’t give the Rockies a second thought are eating their words and learning to pronounce and spell YOUR names…Its all good! As a longtime Todd Helton fan, keep it rolling tomorrow back at Coors Field buddy! Go Rockies!!

Way to go, Todd!
The University of Northern Colorado was in an uproar of happiness when you guys won the Wild Card. Horns Honking all night, people running up and down the hall pounding on doors and shouting “We did it! we did it!” (no regard for quiet hours, but no one cared…not that night) And now, every time the game is on, hoards of us watch it in the Dorm TV lounges and cheer the Rockies on. Most of our Profs are way interested too and love it when we bring laptops to class so we can keep up on the score. I’ve been a Rockies fan for every second of my 19 years, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a Coloradoan. You guys deserve it, big time! Wish I could be there for the games in Denver, but unfortunately, I have no tickets and more importantly, no car. *tear* I’ll just have to watch them on TV. Keep it up!

respectfully yours,

Kelsey Burd

Boulder, CO but Currently living at UNC Greeley

My son met you in July of 2006. He came to a batting practice and you gave him your practice bat. It’s framed on his wall along with Brian Fuentes’ bat. Jeremy is a young man with cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair (he’s got red hair, if you remember him). He lives for your team and has been at many, many of your home games. The ushers recognize him and say he’s your good luck charm. Thanks for making his life feel so special and we’re all rooting for you.

PLAY FOR ROCKY HILL. THE (org) will repay you someday. I WILL FIND A WAY. You inspired me all throughout my childhood. YOU were the inspiration that helped me make a HUGE Dicsicio


I Went to CINNCINATI last yeat to see you play. Who CARES IF We GOT SWEPT by them. Look AT YOU NOW , you are my INSPRIRATION.


INSPIRATION thats what you are to me.

Mr. Helton,
I must say that this past spring when the rumors of your possible departure to Bean Town began to swirl I was really, really bummed out. But, I told myself that even with the excellent career you’ve had in Colorado, you still deserved a shot at the post-season with a club like the Red Sox that would have more of a chance to make it into the playoffs than the Rockies. Once I started to think about it like that I decided that I was going to be OK with you waiving your no-trade clause. The weirdest thing is that when the deal with Boston fell through I was almost as sad. Funny how things work out, huh? Now you are floating (flying?) through October with the only team you’ve ever played for. Especially with free-agency now, that is an incredibly special thing. Now you’re on the verge of being enshrined as the second most important team in Colorado history. (sorry… Elway’s 1st SuperBowl season is #1 and the Avalanche probably still had ‘Quebec’ engraved on half their gear).

On April 29th, sitting in Sec 106, right after Tulo got the un-assisted triple play, I told my Father-in-law that if the Rockies ever made the playoffs we were going to every home game. Little did I know that would be later the same year. Playoff tickets are expensive! I know the tie-breaker was still considered the regular season, but it sure felt like the playoffs to me – certainly a game for the ages – and I’ll be there for Game #3 with the same broom I had for the Yankees and if I have to be there for game #4 I’ll do that too.

I apologize for going on for so long, I just love the Rockies.

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