Just being me

Look I?m asked about the fact that every time I?m at the park, before and after every game, the reporters gather around me and the cameras are on me. So what are my thoughts? What image am I trying to project?

I?m just trying to get it over with. No, I don?t use it as a vehicle or anything like that. Look at me. I?d actually shave or get a haircut if I was trying to portray something.

I?m just trying to tell the truth.

I am what I am. I spent a large part of my life trying to please other people. But then you come to realize that people are going to dislike you no matter what you do or like you no matter what you do.


  1. luckydejavu@yahoo.com

    I remember, in the old days, you’d be out there stretching and all the camera’s were following other people around. When they started bugging you, I thought it was cool that you were finally getting your dues, but now I just feel sorry for you! 🙂 I think people know your genuine and that’s why they like you so much!!!

  2. Sid

    I take this as a sign that you won’t be painting a blood spot on your sock this postseason…

    Good for you, Mr. Helton. You’re absolutely right; you can’t please everybody. Just so long as you don’t go out of your way to **** off everybody, things will take care of themselves.

    -Sid McHenry


  3. clay@claysteiner.com

    As a former media critter myself, I can tell you that they are not unlike the gnats at Jacobs Field tonight — surely they must serve some purpose, but no one knows quite what it is other than to buzz around ballplayers.

    Astoundingly, one of the most profound lyrics I’ve ever heard came from Rick Nelson: “You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.”

    (Good Lord, am I really quoting Rick Nelson in public? ;-))

  4. brian@datawld.com

    Todd, you truly are my biggest fan. I thank you for your determination that you set for the team. I am going to etiher “Northwest High”, or “Bearden” “high”, next year.

    and i have for 5 years straight and counting.

  5. junska@yahoo.com

    It must be strange to have the whole world talking about you and your team after being ignored for a decade.

    You havent changed… you are doing what you have always been doing. Yet some people are still doubtful of your success and want to make you feel bad…

    Are they jealous? Are they trying to cover their mistake of not taking you guys seriously sooner?…

    I know that the team will keep on playing hard and well despite the disrespecting remarks made by the media. Afterall, you, Todd, provide the father like comfort and dignity to the Rox family!

    keep on keeping on !

    much love,

  6. brian@datawld.com

    DEAR helton,

    “That Blast” had me on the edge of my seat all game.

    Gme 1: Praise God! Yeah, that’s right i said it.


  7. brian@datawld.com



    T.G. (Trust God. (Dang man i am a bigger fan than your dis cous zannder. ZAN DOES HAVE HEART THOUGH I GOTTA ADMIT.


  8. brian@datawld.com

    I AM grateful to have stepped the same steps as you todd. “ROCKED” “HIL” “BASEBALL.

    STARTING SOME SCOreboards back. WHEN I GET OLDER AND OWN THAT PARK I WILL NAME IT HALL OF FAME PARK. TRIBUTE TO YOU. NO Multiple meanings or anything like that.



  9. brian@datawld.com

    PLAY FOR ROCKY HILL. THE (org) will repay you someday. I WILL FIND A WAY. You inspired me all throughout my childhood. YOU were the inspiration that helped me make a HUGE Dicsicio


    I Went to CINNCINATI last yeat to see you play. Who CARES IF We GOT SWEPT by them. Look at you now, you are my INSPRIRATION.


    INSPIRATION thats what you are to me.

  10. ajalbrecht@students.nwc.edu

    Hey Todd

    It looked like you were going to get traded a few times within the past couple of years, but I really like how loyal you have been to this club. We would not have been in this position without you.

  11. turbopenguins@gmail.com

    when you are 60 and retired you will hold these games ahead of all the money you could have made. great decisions, keep the confidence up. believe.

  12. xpress34@comcast.net

    Todd –

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you’ve given to the baseball community here in Denver.

    While I know you can’t always make time to sign out back before a game, you ALWAYS make time to slow down and wave and give recognition to the fans who are out there.

    I also wanted to say that your comment – “I am what I am. I spent a large part of my life trying to please other people. But then you come to realize that people are going to dislike you no matter what you do or like you no matter what you do.” – made me smile because a similar comment was made by one of my all time baseball heroes some years back. None other than Nolan Ryan.

    Sorry i didn’t get to wish you a Happy Birthday this year, but it looks like you’re getting a belated present! I hope you still have – and that you still get enjoyment from – the Hall of Fame bat I made and gave you a few years back on your birthday.

    Best Wishes to you and the rest of the boys in the playoffs!

    All the best –

    Christopher R Smith

    Thornton, CO

  13. garryharper@cox.net

    Thank you for your dedication to the game and the example you set for the fans in Denver and the Mountain West Area. Colorado is very lucky to have had you in the clubhouse this year and every previous year. Thanks for bringing class to the game and to our city.

  14. cessnet@sbcglobal.net

    I believe bigfoot! You are the captain despite holiday’s and tully’s roles, well, i might have to let your share the vote with Jamey C for the hit that really got us going.

    Let me know if you can use a razor after the NCLS playoff, you do want to look more clean cut for your world series photos….

    JUST KIDDING, do what you have to, but wow you guys are the cavemen inventing the use of fire, very hot streak and thanks so much!

  15. chuckdavis79@yahoo.com

    I grew up in Knoxville, and have been a fan since your days at UT. I watched you in the regional game against Arizona State back in the day. I played baseball for Farragut from 1994-98, and everyone was still talking about the bombs that you hit for Central. All I can say is way to go. You perservered.

    Stay in the moment, and enjoy every second of this experience. You and the rest of your team deserve it.

    Keep up the good work. You have always made the VOL nation proud!

  16. bk@pimawaste.com

    Rockies fans,

    Todd is a sure fire hall of famer. The Phils get swept tonight, then it is on to my home State, AZ, to bring it to the Diamondbacks.

    What a great rivalry and match-up that will be for years to come.

    Go Rocks – go Todd Helton. You got baseball mojo working right now and I believe it will carry you to the World Series.

    BK Tucson AZ

  17. nissile@aol.com

    During this past off-season, I got alot of razzing from my friends about what I was gonna do with my: boarder-line obsessive collection of Todd Helton Sports Memorabilia if you went to Boston! But I never gave up,I knew you’d stay here and preyed you’d get a chance to scoreboard watch in late September, and now you’re getting your chance with the team that I know means most to you.

    I was at the games where you hit your 200th and 300th homerun, but none of those games compare to being at the game you hit the game winning homerun against the Dodgers this September! Your excitement and joy rounding 3rd will always be somehting I’ll remember!

    You have always been a class act. And the few times I’ve been able to personally meet you, you displayed nothing but class! Enjoy the ride you’ve rightfully earned, you have the whole town and country cheering for you!

  18. insanelayne@gmail.com

    I am glad you are in Denver. I caught a lot of ribbing when i followed the Rocks to Boston this summer. One of the fans in the bleachers there said it was too bad you never won a Gold Glove. I said “what?” The man has three. So much for the most knowledgeable fans in baseball.

  19. justacoloradogirl22@yahoo.com


    I’ve seen the cameras swarm around every time you are in San Diego, and I always notice that no matter what is going on you keep your focus and you are always a nice guy. You are a tremendous athlete… but more importantly you are also a really good person. You’ve been kinder to me at the games in San Diego, than anyone else. That’s why I always wear your number on my face and a Rockies t-shirt. I’ve watched you play since your rookie season when My grampa brought me to the ball park at qualcomm for my first game to see the Rockies play. (We’re from Colorado). You’re wonderful, keep just being yourself. Players and fan’s alike respect you for your attitude and your talent and they always will.


  20. alpheratz9@aol.com

    Todd- I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time! You have done the Rockies proud. I love your beard by the way – don’t shave!!! Since Jake Plummer left, we needed a new man with a beard in this town. It took the Broncos to the post season in 2005 (Jake’s bearded look, that is..) and now your look is doing the same for the Rox. Crazy huh? Long live the beard!!! 🙂

  21. harlowgold@aol.com

    Todd – I’m a longtime loyal Rockies fan and I’m so excited for the success and attention that the Rox are getting right now. You guys are playing great baseball!!! It’s awesome to read your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You are well loved here in Denver Todd!!


  22. harlowgold@aol.com

    Oh one more thing, when will Peyton be coming to one of your postseason games? Don’t the Colts get a bye week next weekend? 🙂


  23. jdram58@msn.com

    I say Go Go rockies keep the heat on! Like the old saying goes when your hot your hot just keep on stoking them flames! I can’t say I am the most avid fan but I been watching from the corner of my eye all season. I always liked playoff time!

    Now everybody at my dealership is listening or watching when we can. Used to be the question was what is the score now it is who is up and whats the count pitch by pitch!

    A couple of times I couldn’t listen or follow the game at a crucial time. But since I am somewhat prophetic I saw in my minds or spiritual eye a celebration in the rockies bench or dugout like some one had scored! And later sure enough you had scored again. I know weird or crazy you say but sometimes it is so cool. Or another time away from listening or following the game last score I heard it was 3 to 2. I was outside on our lot near Arapaho and Havana! And a bunch of horns started honking on Arapaho road And I believe Matsui had hit his home run. I was looking for a car with a radio working but to my dismay both of the cars keys I had in my possesion the radio’s didn’t work in either! I thought what in the heck are we doing selling cars where you can’t get the radio’s to work at a time like this? Ha LOL After market radios or maybe the speakers obviously! So it took me a while before I could get to a place and find out what just happened even though I knew it was something good!!!

    Well if I were to say if or wonder why you are here at this place in time probably two things come to mind! Your Team name, timing, or Destiney! Or maybe just A free baseball cap I received about a year ago. Know any other teams with the word “Rock” in their name? I will keep it short! But things I think you can watch for are ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Like people on your team maybe not so highly recognised doing extraordinary things Like BOOM BOOM Matsui.

    Maybe the underdogs of your team playing at a much higher level! I mentioned this to someone else in an email a few days ago to some one else. Your normal stars or top guns will be as usual but I am sure there are going to be some more surprises. Before this is all over and sure as shooting you are a part of a prophesy whether you believe or like it or not. I am just the delivery boy!

    In truth though if you didn’t win another game you have already had an extraordinary year or season. But I don’t think you are done!Even though I can only watch from the corner of my eye as I can’t afford tickets on what i make for the most part and especially not during the playoffs! Maybe someday you will have passes for a real prophet sort of like a press pass! One can only hope or just wishful thinking!

    Really there are some other good things I have noticed about your team and if I notice God also notices! Many of your charitable efforts I used to work for Access A Ride in Denver and transport many handicapped or disabled people to and from your games at the time I thought it was unusual but a very cool thing to do in helping them do what ever they could or give them a chance and sense of value or purpose. And the work and support for or with Chidlrens Hospital I consider another very good or self-less thing.

    If I would say a major reason why many sports or any people fail or have an unfulfilled life is they are in it mostly or only for themselves or it is only about the money. If you can find something a good cause to support or volunteer for that is bigger then yourself! That alone can be a good thereapy in itself!

    Really when I first moved here I didn’t know anything about or even really desire to be a prophet!

    Small town sort of hick many might say who had received salvation and the Holy Spirit late in life I was almost 40! I moved here found a job and looked for a church and I looked at several but they all had the same problem little if any presence of God!

    And I said to God one day I am going to try to take it upon myself to fast and pray for this church so that these people might better experience your presence! And at the time I didn’t know what I was really saying or doing or that it was just what God was looking for. But the Key of the goal I believe was a self-less verses a selfish goal.

  24. lindaskountrypugs@earthlink.net

    Hi Todd
    I have been a Rockies fan from the start. I was there when they brought you in to replace the “Big Cat” and I wondered if you could. But I soon forgot about how he played and was truly impressed by you as a player and as a person. I have watched the Rockies all these years… And many games were just to much torture to take, because I knew you would someday be where you are now. My mother is 81 years old and she has been a Faithful fan through good and bad, it didn’t matter. She will stay up late to watch you guys.

    I just want to say that I think the team that you are now is the greatest there is. You are team players, and working together for the win. And WIN you have. I too watched the Rockies win againt the Dodgers and I too will never forget that home run of yours, it was great as you were rounding second but when you got home, your excitement became ours.

    I want to wish you well in the

    upcoming games, I have knew that you would win, and I continue to believe that you guys have what it takes to be World Series winners.

    I will be watching for another win today and a sweep over the Phillies. I really don’t think there is a team out there that want to play you guys now. What a great change to finally hear and see you guys get in the spot light on the sports highlights and shows.

    Good Luck and God Bless…I can’t wait to watch you guys the rest of the playoffs and Next season should be a blast!

    I think that the team is just about perfect as a group and hope that they don’t get rid of the heart of the team–because it is all of you that has got you here thus far!

    Congratulations–its a long time coming but the victory has to be a sweet one for you!

  25. kapaibro@hotmail.com

    I’d just like to say a big thanks to you and all the Rockies players. You show us that in this day and age of players with huge paypackets, and not much to show for it, there are still men who will go out and play the game, not for the money, but for the love of the game.
    You have never let the ‘loser’ tag get to you, and for that I applaud you and the team.

    You give young kids these days, real heroes to aspire to.

    Thank you.

  26. lanl1965@msn.com

    Function over fashion big man. The only fashion you and your guys need is a big ol’ WS Championship ring. Good luck (hate to use that word ’cause the Rox are making their own)!

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