The next generation of fans

Thinking of the playoffs makes me think back to when I was a kid. I think the first World Series I could remember was in 1981. I would come back from football practice and go to a friend?s house to watch on his TV. It was the Dodgers and Yankees. I can remember watching it on a small, black-and-white TV. We didn?t get the station at my house, so I had to go over to my friend?s house to watch it.

KidsYou know, I don?t remember any players or anything like that. It was just the teams, the Dodgers and the Yankees. It was exciting. I had already decided that I wanted to grow up to be a baseball player, so it wasn?t because of that. My dad was a baseball player in the Twins organization, but he came home when my older brother, Rodney, was born.

Of course, the playoff games start pretty late and kids might not be able to stay up and watch them. As a player, you think back to when you were a kid and you think about the kids and hope they can enjoy the game the way you did. Believe it or not, we?re kind of worried about the actual game, but you?re always conscious of the kids. You want to make a good impression so they?ll grow up loving the game, too.

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    I recall listenting to the 1976 All-Star game. Our family was out on Cape Cod, vacationing with a couple other families. We lived in Nebraska so most everybody was a Royal fan. But being a child, you pull for what’s big at the time and back then it was the Big Red Machine. I loved that club. George Foster was my favorite and he won the game MVP that night. For a 7 yr.old boy, it was the perfect night of a wonderful vacation.


    hey todd. i have one question. its for a school project. we had to pick a topic we wanted to find out info about and i chose: what does it take to be a mlb player? i finally got a project in school that is fun but i realized i didnt know any baseball players… until i found this blog. so yeah thats it. i just want to know what it takes. from a great players point of view. thanks


    You have done a great job so far. I enjoy the game when the teams play hard and “right.” That is what makes it fun and everlasting.


    Congratulations on a great win. I am so glad to see you the way you are. You are absolutely a great role model for our children in todays society. I agree that children need a good role model. I am glad to see you embrace the role of role model. I hope you will continue your successes this season. God bless you and your family.



    I took my 5 year old son to 12 ballgames this year and everytime we went I marveled at how you and the rest of the Rockies carry yourselves each day. In a world where good heros are few and far between, you have given me hope that there are outstanding role models left in professional sports. My son thinks you are the greatest. He has pictures of you posted all over his bedroom wall. I can’t think of any one better in professional sports to follow and use as a good example!


    Todd, with players like you showing the world how baseball should be played you’ll have generations of youngsters learning and loving the game. In fact, I think one of those kids who admires the way you play the game is in the Rockies clubhouse, Troy Tulowitzki. Keep up the good work Todd!


    Thank you for being the role model that you are! Our 6 year old loves baseball and needlesstosay, you are his favorite player. We want to thank you for taking the time to sign his tee-ball glove last year in Tucson at Spring Training. We absolutely could not return home to Colorado without briefly meeting you; it means the world to him (and us!) that you took took the time for him! Even at his young age, we know he’ll never forget it. You are a wonderful ambassador of the game of baseball and your hard work and dedication is very inspiring to all the young kids out there as well as to all of the not-so-young “kids at heart” . You’re doing a great job and know that you have lots of kids pulling for you and the entire team every time you step on the field.


    Cannot tell you how fun it has been to watch you guys this season. We have been fans since the beginning but it has never been more fun! My boys (10 and 13) watch every game and you are a great role model. Keep up the good work and God Bless!

    Go Rockies!!!!!



    Thank you for thinking of the kids and being able to watch the games late at night.

    I’m 42 years old and I still haven’t forgiven Carlton Fisk for making me have to fight with my dad to stay up one more night to watch the 75 World Series.

    I will never forget those games and I’m sure the kids today will be remembering these.

    Good luck the rest of the way!


    Todd, would you have ever guessed during that ’81 series, one of those pitchers you were watching (George Frazier) would end up making a living talking about you and your team (and perhaps becoming a friend)? Well done!

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