Back in the saddle

Highfive_1We?ve won Game 1, but there?s still a ways to go. We can?t get ahead of ourselves. The hardest thing about tonight was just the wait. We had four days off, and it makes you anxious. You just want to get out there. You want to go.

It?s almost like you?re too rested. It was about the eighth or ninth inning, when I felt my body was hurting just as much as usual. Then I was ready to go.

Not a lot of teams have a lot of success against the Diamondbacks? Brandon Webb. I think we just battle. If you notice, we didn?t go out tonight and just crush the ball all over the field. We just got some timely hits and we were able to string some good at-bats together.

That?s the thing about playoff baseball. You watch them every year. Every run is big in the playoffs.



    My wife and I got together with some friends and watched the game in HD(sadly on TBS(Totally Bogus Sports-casters)!! And it was cool to see you guess all 720P out there playing… hahaha! Great game and an awesome shut down of yet another good pitcher thrown in our way. Its exciting to see you guys here and to watch you progress in your search for a playoff berth. GO ROCKIES!!!! Good luck in Game 2 and we’ll see you when you come home for game 3!!


    Definitely. Kept score at home, noticed that:

    of the 1-8 hitters, 6 batters had at least one hit, and the other 2 had a walk. Everyone got on base and helped out. For people who say that baseball is not a team sport- Watch the Rockies!!!!!

    Im a Dodger Fan who went to Coors two years ago and fell in love. Driving to Phoenix for a possible game 6!! So excited.

    GO ROX!

    (and thanks for beating those padres!)


    What’s in a number? I’m not sure other than I have this odd thought process relating to numbers which is the only reason I’m commenting…
    Yesterday was ROCKtober 11 and a great day for Rockies baseball and fans! When I watch this team, I feel like the boys are playing for you (not that it hurts them!) because after 11 years it IS time that you made the playoffs. Now this is still a team and I am amazed at how the Rockies are playing as a team! Resilient! Never Give UP! Persevere! Providing HOPE and giving inspiration to others! The pages of baseball history are filled with miracles and this team is working on an entry!

    I have a little experience with some of this and haven chosen your blog accordingly…I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor! Yes 11 years!

    Baseball has been a big influence in my life and NOW a bigger inspiration. As an example I umpired fast-pitch softball until I was 5 months pregnant with my son, who went on to a successful high school pitching career.

    11 years ago, I postponed my surgery by a couple of days because of a softball tournament…I REALLY needed to HIT something! Instead of wigs I wore baseball caps when my hair started to fall out (yes, one of my favorites was a Rockies cap). My treatment was extremely aggressive (including bone marrow transplant)but 2 weeks after radiation I played my first softball game…I could barely run to first base BUT I was back on the field. I played 3 teams a year after treatments until the last couple of years…when I started running (influenced by my daughter and her high school cross country team)! It has been a different path, but one that has proved that getting breast cancer was a blessing! The people I’ve met, things I’ve done and places I’ve seen…incredible! In fact, tomorrow I travel to Phoenix for their Race for the Cure and am very disappointed that I had not made my plans to include today so I could be a Colorado fan among the D’Back fans tonight! Such is life, but Phoenix will be my 10th Race for the Cure this year…do you think I’m stopping there? Not on your life! My 11th to celebrate 11 years will be at the 25th running of the Dallas Race for the Cure next weekend! So far ELEVEN has been lucky and very rewarding and I have a good feeling about it being the same for you!

    Oh yeah, my husband bought a Rockies pink ribbon home plate off the MLB/Komen auction and I thought that I was missing your autograph…you just forgot to put your number next to the signature…

    My collection now includes a pink bat, Pink ribbon Rockies shirt and Pink Rockies logo hat…I have worn the shirt and hat for all playoff games. I don’t know about superstition but I’m not taking any chances.

    There will be something different about the Phoenix and Dallas race for me …I will be thinking about my boys in purple because you inspire me to continue believing in the POSSIBLE!


    Mr Helton –

    Just want you to know that this blog has been such a great way to get to know you better. It has been such a pleasure to have a peek into what you are thinking, and how the team is feeling about the job ahead.

    Great job last night. AZ fans are amateurs – bring it home!!

    – A female baseball junkie.


    What a game!! My friends and I were clapping and screaming at every hit and every strikeout Jeff had. You (and the rest of the gang) have created yet another big baseball fan! I am so excited that we have tickets for Game 3 – see you there. I promise we’ll have a lot more class than those D-Back fans. Keep on hitting and I’ll keep on cheering!

    -Another female baseball junkie!


    I am so happy for this team. I went to Denver back in September on vacation and had bought tickets to 3 games back in the summer. I would never have thought this team would be doing as great as they are..Congrats to all the team and especially Todd – you deserve your star to shine in the national spotlight. I hope Matt Holliday gets the MVP with all what he has done for this team…Great Job Matt and I hope Chris Iannetta gets to get in on this fun too…
    Keep on rolling…


    Glad nobody got hit by flying bottles yesterdays. Sigh, that was annoying. Anyway, awesome game! And you’re right; it wasn’t a bunch of slams, they were nice, even hits, bringin ’em all home. I’ll take it any day.



    Great baseball game last night. The team looked focus and determined to win the first game. I like the pitching situations and moves by Clint. Big fan of the Rockies, even though we moved back to Seattle last year. best of luck tonight.

    Boyd Summers

    Seattle, WA.


    I gotta say, I was a little nervous about bringing Taveras back and checking the lineup…you guys had been so solid with the lineup the past few weeks, and I guess I was worried that any little changes could upset the juju, and that Taveras might be rusty, but obviously Hurdle knows what he’s doing – which is why he should be named the Manager of the Year! Great game, and I can’t wait for you guys to get it on tonight! Keep it rollin!


    Great game last night way to take it to the Dbacks!!! The Rockies are finally getting more and more national news and more and more people are jumping on the band wagon. I love it!! Clint Hurdle is an incredible manager that knows what he is doing and in my opinion is one of the greatest managers in all of baseball. I want to again thank you for a great season as I’m in high school and you have no idea how much the Rockies have been a inspiration to me. So go out there these next days and bring a National League Championship to Denver. GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Todd,
    Congratulations to you and the Rockies for a great post-season!! Good Luck tonight. We’ll be cheering you on here in ND!! Hope to see you up hunting soon!! Great job!! GO ROCKIES!!!

    From the Reinarts!!


    Oh man…I got to watch the game last night with about 30 other people. what a party. the upstairs of the student union was loud, noisy and full of Rockies fans. Thank you guys soooo much for such a wonderful game!!! I’ll be checking the score religiously throughout the evening…GOOOOO ROCKIES!!!


    Hi Todd, congrats on the win. i’m a Dbacks fan living here in phx. i was wondering if you were thinking of inviting that little boy from the espn special to a world series game. i’m sure it would make his day let alone his life. his name was andrew pointer. here is the link for those of you that didn’t get to see this amazing story.

    good luck in the ws, this dback fan will be pulling for you.



    For as long as Todd has been a Rockie, I have been chanting “Be Hot Toddy” when Todd comes up to bat. It would be marvelous if other Denver fans joined me in this chant during the World Series Games.

    Judy in Denver


    Go Rockies!

    Hey Todd…first off congrats. I am a long time Rocky fan and have been going to games every year since the Rockies came to Denver with my parents. I just moved to Boston to work at the Children’s Hospital here a couple months ago and have been faithfully cheering for you guys ever since. I kept telling everyone at work that the Rockies were coming for them, and now I have been getting plenty of grief at work as the lone Rockies fan of the department. Let everyone know that you guys have a cheering section even in Boston. If I could have got my hands on a ticket I would be there tonight wearing that purple with pride! Good luck to you guys for a well played world series and wish my luck at work as we show everyone out here in Boston what it means to be a Rockies! Happy Rocktober!

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