Thoughts on Chase Field

As I get ready for Game 2 at Chase Field, I think about all the games I?ve played in this ballpark. It?s a pretty good hitters’ park.

They say there?s a difference whether the roof is open or closed. I don?t see it that much. The thing I like most about it is you can always see the ball. You pretty much know what you?re hitting. Some people say it looks like it could be hard to see, but it?s not. It?s a great, dark background, a good place to see the baseball. That?s all you can ask for. If you see it, you have a chance.

The other thing is you don?t have a wind. If you have a wind blowing in your face, it?s tough. It?s like if you?re playing golf and there?s a stiff breeze, it makes it tougher mentally.

People saw what happened with the fans in the seventh inning last night. They didn?t like a call at second base, and some people threw things out onto the field. Let me tell you something: I never thought that would happen here. But you can?t paint everybody because of the actions of a few. They?ve got really good fans here. Hey, Cubs fans did it twice when we were there, and they?ve got the best fans in the world. The Diamondbacks have every reason to be proud of their fans.

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    hey! your so awsome! i hope you guys make it to the WS! even though im a Red Sox fan.. so i want them to win.. but still you guys deseve to make it! You Guys have been awsome all year! i was amazed by the wild card game you guys played.. it whached the whole thing.. it was pretty sweet!

    best of luck,

    Red Sox Girl


    Hi Todd, I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I’m fond of one of your teammates Kaz Matsui.
    It’s really astinishing to see the way you guys have been playing the games in last several weeks. I’m rooting for you guys all the way to the WS! Go Rox.

    All the best to you,Tack


    Hello from St louis

    I can’t wait to see you bring the world champion team to st louis next year to show off the skills and talents your folks have in Colorado. My daughter was born hours after Eric Young hit the first homer in 93, will bring her to see my rox next season at busch stadium for sure!!! Keep the wins going guys, 19 of 20 is really better than 95% because this are final frames each time and you find ways to win

    GO ROCKTOBERFEST, mile high holiday, bigfoot special is helton and hawpe and carroll!


    These are not great fans. I am willing to forgive the bottle throwing because as you said can’t blame every one for the actions of a few. But in last night game, the crowd was not in it. They showed the “fans” and they were talking on cell phones, waving at the cameras. Things you do not do at a playoff game especially in a one run game. Plus, they don’t sell out the game before hand. These are not good fans.


    I appreciate your comments about their fans. I would agree that their fans did not seem at all supportive and/or encouraging even before the bottle throwing…but I would hate for people to stereotype me as a Rockies fan just because a few others did something stupid and irresponsible.

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