A big win

CelebrateThat was a big, exciting win for us. We put a lot of energy into that one and came out on top.
We had a 2-1 lead in the ninth inning, but the Diamondbacks fought back and
tied it against our closer, Manny Corpas. There was no sinking feeling on our
part. We just knew we had more work to do. You want to win the game right there,
but Corpas has done a great job for us. He just let one pitch get away, and it
hit Chris Young. Then a broken-bat hit by Stephen Drew, and those guys for the
Diamondbacks, they did their job, too. Overall, we just had to get out of that
inning, get back in the dugout and regroup.
Then we had some really good at-bats against Jose Valverde in the 11th —
some great at-bats — to get a big win. It shows a lot, not only the hitters,
but Corpas keeping his head right there and still making big pitches to get us
out of that.
There hasn’t been a whole lot of hitting, but it is different. The playoffs
are different. From what I’ve watched on TV and what I’ve experienced, every run
is big.
Remember my at-bat against Valverde in the 10th? I took a third strike and
thought at first it was away. But after I looked at it on tape, it was too close
for me to take. You’re going to get the guy’s best stuff, his best pitch every


  1. cyman1@hotmail.com

    Strange game. Great win. I never would have figured that Colorado pitching would be the savior. The bats were pretty silent tonight, but the patience that was shown go get the “winning walk” says tons about the character of this team.

    You are winning against the best the Dbacks have to throw at you. And yet, somehow, it is working out well, I’d say. Another stellar team effort.

    Denver is so very proud of all of you guys. You are the greatest representatives of our fine city that we ever could have dreampt for. Thank you.

    Now, get those bats busy again and finish these Snakes off. I think you have now done hissed them off!

    Good Luck 🙂

  2. janis@isualum.com

    This is just . . . I am not sure I could type all the words to describe it . . . I can only think that this is just like winning the NCAA regionals in Knoxville in 1995 to go to the College World Series — but on such a higher level. It’s exciting to watch you all play!!!

    This win will help make the day so much better . . . my Iowa State Cyclones are probably going to get whooped by Texas (but we will have fun tailgating) and I sure hope the Vols can win at Starkville- Mississippi State.

    Here’s to two more wins and on to the next step!!!

    Good Luck and Go Rockies!

    Janis from Iowa

  3. infiniteecds@msn.com

    Thanks for hanging in there and giving us some of the best baseball to watch – EVER! This TEAM is the best! Adversity and challenges are merely opportunities to build character. The attitude we choose and how we deal with adversity determines how we move forward…you guys make me believe in my own mantra – “To Infinity and Beyond!” I will be thinking about you guys when I’m running the Phoenix Race for the Cure on Sunday! 11 Years, 11 Races! http://www.run2infinity.com

  4. janis@isualum.com

    This is just . . . I am not sure I could type all the words to describe it . . . I can only think that this is just like winning the NCAA regionals in Knoxville in 1995 to go to the College World Series — but on such a higher level. It’s exciting to watch you all play!!!

    This win will help make the day so much better . . . my Iowa State Cyclones are probably going to get whooped by Texas (but we will have fun tailgating) and I sure hope the Vols can win at Starkville- Mississippi State.

    Here’s to two more wins and on to the next step!!!

    Good Luck and Go Rockies!

    Janis from Iowa

  5. sbird12852@hotmail.com

    Thank you Todd and the Roxs for the blog idea. Lets show the Dbacks some Colorado thunder at home. I am enjoying watching the greatest baseball streak ever.Tulo blocking second on a steal. You guys are doing amazing things to win. Keep on rollin.

  6. cessnet@sbcglobal.net

    Like the skipper said, and you reconfirmed in your press conference, still more work to be done, one game at a time, defense ROCKS – but please enjoy the game day OFF, you deserve it. And let Jamey know, we have five tshirts from last summer’s game, my whole family will wear them each day from now until end of WS. We are stuck in st louis, but want him to know number 1 is seen all over town, school, as well as work for ROCKTOBERFEST (please forward our props to him and your whole team)

    WE BLEED PURPLE, but right now it’s all Wins….to the end

  7. john.bollinger@meritcare.com

    Thanks for the blog.

    I am a long time Braves fan but am enjoying the heck out of watching you guys.

    Stay loose and dont wake up!!!

    All the way!!

  8. phantomsinbox@yahoo.com

    MEGA CONGRATS! I managed to squeeze into a sports bar in downtown Boulder last night to catch the 9th. whew, what a game. We have faith in you guys! what an amazing ride!

    much love


  9. mmprovost@comcast.net

    I am really enjoying your blog…please keep it up next year! At the start of each game, I keep wondering when the streak will end. I don’t know how you guys feel, but as a Rockies fan from the beginning, it feels a bit sureal to me. I double check the newspaper just to be sure it was really another win! Whoever said baseball isn’t the best game in sports, hasn’t been a part of something like this. Keep it up and see you at the World Series winner’s parade in Downtown Denver!! Only 6 more wins to go!

    Best of luck,


  10. cellothug17@yahoo.com

    What an amazing season, team, and month! It’s been interesting to watch the team go from the Blake Street Bombers to this small-ball type of play. I’ve been at most of the last games and I have never felt anything like the energy of the crowd at those games. I still remember watching games from the South Stands at Mile High-you guys deserve this! Keep it up, Denver is so happy to call you ours!

  11. kjmac02@gmail.com

    Hey Todd!

    Thanks for these blogs, they are fun to read. Congrats on making the playoffs! Keep it up and bring home a WS ring!

    GO ROCKIES!!!!

  12. dave3032@hotmail.com

    Great win! The fans in Denver are going crazy. Its been a while since we have had this much excitement in town. I have a feeling the Rockies bats will come alive for game 3! Tell all the guys we can’t wait too see you back in town on Sunday! GO ROCKIES!!!

  13. bebo1966@frontiernet.net


    I am a Central High grad & lived in same neighborhood as Couch Bales.My husband & I have followed your career from high school through UT & into your years at Colorado.You have made us proud as an outstanding athlete & an outstanding person.You have made Ftn City,Knoxville & Tn proud.

    We are watching the playoffs & pulling for you & the Rockies to go all the way.

    Bring that WS ring home to Ftn



  14. mtsopris1@hotmail.com

    It was a very exciting win for all the Rox fans too. Wow! Patience at the plate and make ’em put a strike across. I was on pins and needles. A friend of mine and I were watching the game and on the phone at the same time, but her station was about 5 seconds behind mine. I would scream out an expletive or two when the D’backs got something going and screamed a few Yes’s! when Traveras caught that ball out in center!! Then I would have to tell her what happened. Those last three outs were the hardest to watch. I don’t know how you guys do it and stay so cool. When my son played in HS, I could hardly watch when he was up at bat!!! I can’t imagine having a son in the majors. Thanks to all you CR moms that have raised some really classy sons!!!!! Renee in Glenwood Springs

  15. jamie@myimpactsports.com

    Hey Todd!

    Keep it Rollin! The most fun we’ve ever had watching baseball! We’ve got all t.v.’s in the place on the ROCKS! You guys are inspiring to so many young student/athletes!

    6 more wins! ROCK ON!

    Jamie in Broomfield

  16. maryjov@usa.net

    My 2-year old son calls you “Todd Helpthem”. Thanks for bringing joy to us. We moved here a few years ago and I started following you guys at the beginning of this season. (my friends say I must be the good luck charm) Thanks for providing some special memories! You guys are a class act.

  17. nitro@restel.net

    Way to go Rockies!! Keep the roll going!! We’ve got your bat out for luck!! Good Luck Todd and the rest of your team. Come visit soon!

    Dave & Deb R., Garrison, ND

  18. t-hosoi@vesta.dti.ne.jp

    Great to see you guys won the very close game. Good to see the Rox bring back all the momentum to the home field.
    Keep on rollin’. Go Rox!


  19. spring58@msu.edu

    Big Tigers fan here who moved out west and started watching the Rox on FSN. I’ve got to admit, this is some of the most exciting baseball I’ve ever watched. Keep this crazy train rolling, and bring out those big bats for Coors Field! People all over are rooting for you guys, and it’s about time names like Ubaldo and Tulo have become household.

  20. janlinwilliams@comcast.net

    Todd Man-Congats. on winning-What a hoot this is for you & the team (fans too!) I’ll be there tonight with my family rooting you all on. It’s been fun- keep in touch! GO ROCKIES

  21. stacylake@comcast.net

    Back on Oct 4th I posted a comment where I said that this year’s Rockies team was on the verge of becoming the 2nd most important team in Colorado’s history – right after Elway’s 1st SuperBowl team. I take it back. You and this collection of Rockies are the absolute #1 team ever! Some team wins the World Series or the Super Bowl every year, but no one writes stories with statements like “Historical”, “Hottest of All-Time”, or “Were you really there GrandPa?” There are so many great story lines that I can’t take the time to repeat here, but first and foremost is the fact that you are getting your chance to play on baseball’s biggest stage! Awesome!

    I’ve worn long underwear to games before (in the spring) but I’ll have my down jacket and wool hat on tonight. Best of luck.

  22. rheim62@comcast.net

    This is the most exciting baseball season ever, thanks to all of the great Rockies players and staff! What a great group of guys, and Todd you are just the best. Here’s to hoisting the World Series Championship flag at Coors Field on opening day 2008!

  23. jdram58@msn.com

    Hmm? Do you ever wonder? About the games like that, that are so close? Maybe we should and maybe we shouldn’t? Was it fate or Destiny? To me it is like a little glimpse like having an extra invisible man or two on your team! Like the bible says when you have done all you can then somtimes all you can do is stand and wait and watch to see how somethings just sort of happens! If it is against us we call it “fate” and if it is for us we call it “destiney”!

    We know or we call it a defensive ball game! But was it really? And in a way they sort of beat themselves! We got here in a very intense way in the 13h inning! So clutch times and timing is nothing new to us! And the game was close but by now we should be used to close games and walking on that edge!

    Little glimpses like out of the corner of my eye is what I look for as a prophet. Because if I turn my head to look those little glimpses are gone or they vanish.

    But here we are the team from out of town they Got their people taunting you harrassing you any way they can to to rattle you or mess up your concintration or focus. You have to keep your focus and cool and psyche sort of like an actor. And now them coaches and managers well you hope have the vision to know when or when not to keep people or players in the game. And there is a heightened tension in the air no matter what you do. Everybody is involved and everybody has to perform even your weakest links!

    Hey dig Rockies ball club! Rock On! Rock On! So where do we go from here? Which is the way thats clear?

    Time will tell!

  24. nanfed1234@msn.com

    My dad (age 98) has faithfully followed the Rockies all year, and he is SO excited! This is your year and all of Wyoming is behind you! GO ROX!

  25. shanrenae@yahoo.com

    Hey Todd!

    Congrats on another great win tonight!!! As a Rockies fan in the “snake pit” Friday night at Chase Field I took a lot of ribbing, but you guys have earned a lot of respect from everyone…even those mouthy D-backs fans. Everyone knows now the Rockies can field as well as they hit! You’re a real class act! Keep that winning streak going and SWEEP THE SNAKES!!!!!

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