What great fans

Game3celebrate_1 I’ll tell you, this is something special, being one step away from the
World Series, but we still have to get it done. The Diamondbacks are not going
to quit.
Tonight was really cold, but it was a lot colder for the great fans that
watched us than it was for us. It’s good to be out on the field, moving around.
The only thing was I had to change my shirt a few times because you’d sweat and
get soaking wet, then the cold would get to you.
I’m hearing a lot about how our run ranks in history. They say the 1970
Baltimore Orioles and the 1976 Cincinnati Reds are the only teams to win their
first six games in the postseason. But I’m not putting us in that category at
I’m not the type that will go home and shut myself off, or avoid the
subject. I’m not going to not watch TV. That’s what I do, go home, sit on the
couch and watch TV. And I’ll watch sports. If you hear it, you hear it. Once you
get in here, you’re just focused on going out and playing that
I want to talk about the more than 50,000 fans that helped us. I hope
they’re loud and crazy and I hope they enjoy themselves, because we’re going to
be playing hard and enjoying ourselves.
There’s going to be a lot of anticipation in the stadium. But when you get
into that whole atmosphere, you really have to calm down.
Like tonight. Look at my first at-bat, when Livan Hernandez struck me out.
That was a terrible at-bat. I just had to say, "Hey, relax. Refocus. Do
everything you’ve been doing your whole life. Quit thinking." Then in the
fourth, I got a hard-hit single off the right-field wall. I hit it well, but I’m
old and slow.

But I hope that gets me going. Hopefully, I found something.


To you Todd and those you play with, CONGRATS on yet another amazing finish. I try to make myself the way you guys keep saying every game, “one game at a time”. Because this is not over, we still need one more win and thats that. I go crazy watching the game on tv because all I want to do is cheer loud for you guys and help release some of those nerves, but living in an apartment doesn’t allow you to be obnoxious. I’ll be in school while you guys are playing the 5-7 innings tonight so I’ll be watching about 30 seconds behind on “gameday”. But I’ll be watching and listening! GO ROCKIES!!!!

Congrats to you and the team on the win! I have loved this entire season because you all have a true love of the game and that is so beautiful to see! I went to my very first baseball game ever opening day when Rockies started here in 93′ with a friend (and avid fan) who is currently in Iraq, I know it is killing him that he can’t be here to expeierence this first hand!
I also want to say that I enjoy your blog. Thank you for writing it. I am sure its not easy to do this on top of everything else. Much admiration and respect to you and your teammates!

Game one of the NLCS I dug out my Jeff Francis, Matt Holiday, Brad Hawpe, Garret Atkins, and Todd Helton autographed baseball and put it in front of the computer. Also, I dug out the Todd Helton series #9 McFarline still in the original package and put it on top of the kitchen cabinets. You might say, that’s silly, then again, I now live in Melbourne, Australia. The first game I saw this season on TV was game 3 NLDS win. I sure miss Coors Field and, a win away from a chance to play in the World Series.WOW! I have known for the past years that you were a player or two away from where you are now. YOU NEVR stopped believing! Neither did I. You are winning here! Finish with FIVE wins. You are a class act Todd. As well as ALL of the Rockies players, and Coaches. Finish
ROCKTOBER Champions! Best of Luck!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your fans. It’s always nice to hear your personal thoughts aside from interviews on TV. You guys are AMAZING and have brought so much enjoyment and admiration to your fans. The best thing about our awesome ROCKIES team is that you all stay calm, focused, and always have positive attitudes. What great role models you all are to our youth!! Keep up the great work – we are so proud of you!!! Here’s to tomorrow’s sweep!!!! GOOOOO ROCKIES!!!

P.S. Your not old and slow just down right good and experienced!!! 🙂

As cold as it was tonight by the numbers, it was HOT in the ballpark! It was a fantastic game with some fantastic athleticism on both sides of the ball.
To me it’s great that you are just a normal guy when you go home at night. It’s really respectable that you can go home and watch television and not really care what people have to say about you, the team, or anything.

I love the insight you provide here on your blog. I love the game of baseball and can never get enough. You take fanatics one step deeper into its inner-workings with this blog. The connection you have with fans is wonderful. Keep it up!

I just wanted to say thanks for doing this blog. It’s great to hear how real the players are and it gets me even more excited to watch each and every game. It’s like we’re living this new experience with you. Great job, Todd, and keep up the good work. I’m a huge Rockies fan and love seeing you guys tear it up out there.

Also, you’re keeping the Yankees and Red Sox off of the news and I greatly appreciate you for that. 🙂

Todd, thank you for telling us your thoughts here in the blog. Again, you guys are awesome..as well as fans in excess of 50,000 gathering at the ballpark to watch you overwhelming D’backs.

Your team is not only slugging team but also rock-solid defensive team..with a gem performed by Josh Fogg followed by consistent bullpen..

I’m not too sure who from the AL your opponent will be. Regardless, I believe you’re gonna win the WS.

Go Rox from Tokyo!!!

Thanks, Tack

Todd… thanks for the Blog. I am really proud of the team this year and the way you all have fought in the end. the most impressive thing about the Rocks is that we have no showboats, no Divas on the team. Blue collar guys getting it done. no Bling. The Rocks define a “team” this year…. better than simply the sum of its parts. I am proud to watch a game with my kids and tell them “this is how the game is supposed to be played… as a team”. EVERY player on the Rock’s roster has contributed to this amazing streak. keep it up and good luck!

Todd, it’s been an absolute pleasure watching you since your rookie year in 98′. What you guys are doing right now is absolutely unbelievable. It seems as if this whole town has just been on this crazy high since you guys beat the Padres in the one game playoff. You are probably the most humbled star I’ve ever witnessed in any sport and to see you jump around like a kid after each huge win is humbling in itself….SWEEP THE SNAKES!!!

Mr Helton

This is insane my friend. You guys are so hot and so streaky – don’t even think you can’t be a winner, even if you loose one or two more. Take one at a time, and you will win. I started my gotee as well, not shaving until spring training next year.


ps St Louis fans will party for you as well – tons of support for you guys here.

You are amazing (and the rest of the boys are pretty great too)! As one of the fans in the stands last night, I can tell you that we really weren’t that cold! We were jumping around and clapping and screaming so much, we didn’t have a chance to get cold! And, we didn’t have dry clothes to change in to either.

One more in this series and we are on our way to the Big Game! We will be cheering you on ALL THE WAY BOYS!


P.S. You are NOT old and slow!

It’s times like this that I kick myself for moving away from CO. I wanted to be there so bad last night. If it feels this incredible for the fans, I can’t imagine the emotions that you and the rest of the team are experiencing. Wow. And just for the record, no “old and slow” guy could do the things you do. You’re as good as they get and I couldn’t be more proud!

Cheering you on tonight,


When my dad and I visited chicago to see you guys play the cubs.. and it rained.. and we got swept.. I thought it was going to be a bummer of a trip.. Then while crusing down the street i saw you at some watch shop and you signed my jersey.. Thanks again for that..

You guys are the defintion of teamwoRk.

Good Job, Your friend brendan

To Todd and The Rockies, I have been home from work trying to get over the West Nile Virus and by watching you these last few months I have enjoyed my recovery!!!!
Thank you for all that you stand for and your hard work. I hope kids take notice and realize that dreams DO come true!!!thanks again!!!!

I was able to catch the day game(Sept.20) at Coors Field when the Rock’s swept the Dodgers,bein’ from Amarillo,Texas,I got to see my fav player…Big Bad Todd(thank goodness for cell phone cameras)..You guys are displaying October Magic, keep it goin…Crack the Snakes….Win it all!!!!


Thank you for taking the time to include the fans in this amazing time in your life and in the Rockies history. You’ve been the heart and soul of this team and this city for the past ten years – no one deserves these wins more than you. My wife and I have made the last ten home games, and we’ll be cheering you on tonight and hopefully again at baseball’s most grand stage.

Play hard. GO ROCKIES.



Thank you for taking the time to include the fans in this amazing time in your life and in the Rockies history. You’ve been the heart and soul of this team and this city for the past ten years – no one deserves these wins more than you. My wife and I have made the last ten home games, and we’ll be cheering you on tonight and hopefully again at baseball’s most grand stage.

Play hard. GO ROCKIES.



My fiance and I have been to many Rockies games this year, including the Wild Card game and last nights game! I was so happy that even though it was COLD and rained the entire game, you and the rest of the guys SHOWED UP and won another one! It means a lot to us fans that you played last night. . and it was a special night to be in the house! I can’t say enough about how well you guys are playing and how it really shows that you are all about each other. . and are committed to the TEAM!

Can’t wait for tonight! You guys are the best! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


Thanks for all your hard work. . you deserve to be right where you are. . .next, the WOLRD SERIES!!!


You guys are awesome. I hate football, and I’m so happy that there is Rockies baseball in October. Where did this come from!?!? All I have to say is that it is about time that all those un-believers start believing. I am on a college campus, and I have never so much purple anywhere! College kids just don’t wear purple, but The University of Denver’s colors my as well change to Crimson, Gold, and ROCKIES PURPLE! What’s next, the University of Denver Dinger’s??? Keep it up boys!


I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and all of the Rockies!!! I’ve been avidly watching since the beginning of the season each day you all continue to amaze me. Way to go! I may not be there in the stands every game, but I am watching the games in LoDo bars with all the other fans singing “Let’s go Rockies” between innings! It’s a great feeling. Good luck in the game tonight!

I’ve heard media people say many times, that no one predicted the Rockies would make the World Series at the beginning of this season. I catch all your games here in Oklahoma with the baseball package (now online because DISH is no longer allowed to carry the package – which ***** ***!).

That’s simply not true! I new at the end of last season, that the Rockies were playing the best baseball in the NL West, and just couldn’t make up all that ground. I’ve told all my baseball fans friends here in Oklahoma that this season would be the year.

They would say, “maybe in another year or two.” I replied that this was the year. They are not as young as the media makes them out to be. The Diamondbacks are young. They are a year or two away. The Rockies, they are in their prime. This season is their season.

So I watched every game you played this year on my computer, over the Internet. What’s special, I told my 83 year old grandfather that this was the year for the Rockies. So I spent the season spending a magical time watching every Rockies game played, not alone, but with my grandfather!

What a special time this has been for me and my grandfather. Thank you so much for that!

Yours truly,

Warren Gregory

What a year for class acts in Baseball. In a year where first class ball players like Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. were inducted to the HOF, it seems perfect that the classiest team in baseball is heading to the world series. I AM PROUD TO BE A COLORADO ROCKIE FAN! Every Rockies player holds themselves as respectable individuals for our community,and with recent national attention, our country. Thank You. To me, baseball is all about the kids and every player on the Colorado Rockies is a player our children can look up to. I am seeing more and more kids in the stands at Coors Field and I absolutely love it. This wouldn’t happen without a bunch of classy guys on the field. You guys are truly something special and great for the sport. Thanks for making this a great year in baseball.
If you happen to read this Todd. We all loved your child like joy when you hit that 9th inning blast of Saito to start this wonderfull and hisotric run. I hope to see you jump for joy again in this post season. You certainly deserve it.

Andrew Gordon

Baseball Lover

I’ll be there tonight yelling for the rocks to win the pennant.

Go Rockies!!!!

Todd, Major win last night. Pressure is all on the snakes. You guys play your game, pitching,defense, and timely hitting will head you towards the World Series.
I wish the weather you and the team played in was here in Southern Illinois. By the time you arrive after the World Series should be like Monday night, hopefully not hte rain just cool weather.

Good luck tonight.

Best of luck tonight!! I can’t WAIT for the game! I’m wondering though, am I the only one who noticed what happened in the top of the 11th, in game 2…what I feel was the beginning of the end for Arizona? When Spilborghs singled to third, Valverde tried to field the hit, and as he approached the baseline, you could see he knew he was getting close as he started to dance around…not only was Spilly safe, but Valverde did the unthinkable…he stepped squarely on the line. Everyone knows, from tee-ball up, it’s bad juju to step on the line…and when Valverde realized what he had done, I think it got to him in a really bad way. Tulo flied out but then Hawpe walked, Torrealba popped out, and then Carroll and Taveras both walked, with Spilly walking home for the go ahead, game winning run. I mean, here’s a guy who average 1 walk every 2.5 innings during the regular season, and he walks THREE in one inning? One of which walks in the winning run? It’s all about the line baby…the Diamondbacks got some bad gris gris goin’ on and it’s not going to get any better tonight!

I have been meaning to write this for a month. Thankyou so much for the excellent baseball I have seen from the Rockies so far this year. I am currently watching the game and you are less than 3 innings from going to the world series. I can not think of a player in baseball more deserving of this opportunity than you Todd. I have been a huge fan of yours for 10 years now and my jersey is beginning to look a little raggedy. Along with the birth of my first child (who has had the pleasure of seeing two so far on this streak, but no playoff games) you have made this a very magical year. Now take some rest and come back in game 1 to show the AL how we play ball in Colorado. GO ROCKIES!!!

Thank YOU Todd… for being such a humble, hard-working, and loyal player. You deserve every clap that you receive.

Congratulations from St Louis! October was ours last year, this is your time. Way to go!


Congratulations from Poo in Knox-Vegas. I can not think of anyone more deserving of this opportunity…you’ve waited a long time for this moment…enjoy and take it all in…you deserve it…and win 4 more. All of the hard work has paid off. I’m coming out for Sat. & Sundays game. Congrats again, Go Rockies

I wish I could afford to go see a Rockies game at Coors Field! Especially one in the World Series.

The only Rockies game I’ve been to was one in the Ball Park at Arlington against the Texas Rangers a few years back. My grandfather and I were in the 1st Row right between the Rockies dugout and on-deck circle.

I had my original Rockies hat from 1993 with the baseball inside the mountain (instead of flying over the mountain)! 🙂 I wanted to wish Larry Walker good health and tell him he was going to get to play in the World Series, just keep grinding it out!

Larry Walker didn’t get to win a World Series, or play in one with Colorado, but he did get to play in the World Series! He even hit a home run in one game and was the hero of the game. man, how I wish his body would have held up a little better. he sure did have a special career though!

That’s what I miss the most with the Rockies Organization – Larry Walker. i bet he would make a good hitting coach? Even a manager, after he gains some coaching experience. Oh well, if that’s something he wants to do, I’m sure he can and will do it – and hopefully with Colorado!


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