This is incredible

TierneyWe?re going to the World Series!

At the end of the game, I was walking around the field with my daughter Tierney on my shoulders. I don?t know if you can describe it. It?s a dream come true. It?s tough to put into words.

Seeing the fans, seeing the look in my teammates? eyes, knowing that we actually set goals that we were able to accomplish — that?s the unthinkable, to come back from where we were at, most people would just pack it up and make plans for the offseason. We kept battling. Now we?re celebrating.

Every year, we make the goal to win the World Series, not to make the World Series. I mean, you want to believe it, but you know you?re up against some tough opponents. That?s everybody?s goal when the season starts. But to actually accomplish it, it?s crazy good.

I?m not an emotional guy. This is emotional.

I mean, just to see that ?CR? on top of the ?League Champs? when I got the hat and looked at it. ? I?d never even seen the National League championship trophy before. I didn?t know. When I saw that and heard "National League Champs, going to the World Series," it just sounds so good going off the tongue, it?s ridiculous.



I saw you on the tv with your daughter in the locker room, that was just the cutest thing my wife and I have seen EVER!!! Congratulations TODD!!!!!!!

This is 11 years worth of Good Karma coming your way. I hope its worth it.

The whole nation is happy for you. Best of luck in the World series. Sweep em, especially if its BOSTON!

Todd, I am wiping away tears, I’m so happy for you! This is the first time in my 25 years of watching baseball that I have cried for a team. You guys deserve this so much. YOU deserve this, and I am so happy for you! I have been a Rockies fan from the beginning, but being from CA we don’t get to see many games. We used to get you on KWGN and watched every game they broadcast. We really miss you now, though we make a point of going to Dodger Stadium (2hrs away) when the Rockies are in town! (We’re also Dodger fans. Don’t hold it against us ;)My husband and I were at Coors Field in ’97 for a 16 inning game (!!) and the whole family has been crazy for the Rockies ever since! This past month you have given us some of the best baseball we’ve ever seen! Not only that, but you all are wonderful guys. When Matt Holliday said the other day “We just want to get Todd to the World Series” and you keep saying you’re just having fun..I just couldn’t be prouder to be a fan than I am at this moment. No matter what happens I will NEVER forget this season with the Rockies. You guys are AWESOME!! God Bless,
Diane from California

The Rockies are unstopable right now! The team has been playing some awesome baseball and you deserve and have earned your trip to the World Series!

One thing I want to say about your team is how polite and professional you are! While the other team AND the TBS announcers have now always had kind words for OUR AWESOME HOME TEAM ~ whenever a Rockie is interviewed you always have positive things to say about your teamates AND the players on the other team. I am so proud of how you conduct business on the field and off the field.

Congrats to you and your team! We love you 🙂


Great job!
There are a whole lot of people rooting and praying for y’all!


I really hope that you make it all the way. It is a great experience to have your home town team win a World Series. Enjoy every moment!!


I keep blogging that there is something to this 11 year thing! I love the picture with your daughter (digging the pink boots!)and I know her middle name is “Faith” for a reason!
My tenth Race for the Cure was in Phoenix this last weekend and it was very odd watching game 3 from there, especially since it was a good 40 degrees warmer…but would rather have been at home in Rockies country! Incidentally at the Phoenix Race for the Cure, there were TWO Colorado Survivors who placed in the top 3 …Bev at 1st and myself at 3rd (personal record) so even the Colorado survivors were ROCKing AZ! Did you notice when you were there that the cacti were purple (see pic though as a survivor they were just a few shades darker than pink ribbon PINK! On to Dallas for my ELEVENTH Race for the Cure to celebrate ELEVEN years as a survivor! Purple and Pink are a great combination…you inspire me!

I think this year the team is going to achieve that long desired goal! How does this sound, “Your World Series Champion Colorado Rockies!” I think we are going to be hearing that very soon.

As fans, we couldn’t ask for a more exciting season. I too am crying right now, and you won that game about 7 hours ago! GO ROCKIES!!!


Hey Todd,

Man, what a night. I grew up in Colo and remember very well the 1st Rockies game when Eric Young hit the 1st club dinger at Mile-Hi. Right then, I was hooked on the Rocks.

I now live in Okla, but have worn my Rockies jacket proudly since ’98. Now it’s our turn.

When you joined the team, it was a great day. It’s been a long ride, but so glad you stayed with us. You’re a class guy, and I hope you have the time of your life in the Series and make a memory for us all.

Unbelievable feeling right now. The Rockies faithful are relishing every moment with you.

Great job Todd Helton. But I’ll be looking for either the Sox or the Indians to win. Sorry.

Also I’m glad you guys killed the D’Backs with their own poison. After they killed the Reds for a while a couple years ago I’ve never really liked them except for Randy Johnson.

WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS AND PROUD OF YOU ALL!!! It’s great knowing that the first season my son has watched baseball is such a special year! He will forever love baseball because of this postseason, for that, I thank you! Maybe you’ll be coaching him someday! 🙂 Thanks for everything Todd, and I’m really glad no deal was struck with the Sox! 🙂 This has been absolutely magical for my whole family!

The smile on your face holding your daughter is priceless!!! It says it all!!!

Congratulations to you and your teammates winning the National League Title!!!

Now on to the World Series and how I am going to convince my husband that we need to hop on the train to Denver and make it to a game.

Good Luck and Go Rockies – Janis in Iowa


We are so proud of our very talented and classy team! What teamwork! What class! What amazing defensive plays, great pitching, and offensive hits! One of the announcers mentioned that of all of the game-winning plays, they were done by 11 different players ? we don?t have just one star ? you are ALL stars, each contributing your portion of the win. We are so very happy for all of you, and so very proud of all of you! What an honor! We so much enjoy watching you play! Rock on!

Congratulations you and your teammates have accomplished an awesome feat.YOU ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!

I was able to see this team in Tucson in Febuary.Todd had a new look. The pitching staff was much improved,and B.P was awesome to watch.As I returned to Wyoming I told my friends that the Rockies are young and up coming team, keep an eye on them in the future.Who would’ve known that it was going to be 07.

I watched this team make history.You and the team are very focused and are exciting to watch.I’m glad that you guys were able to share the excitment with your kids.They to,will never forget these moments.

Thanks to you and your team for making baseball more exciting then ever.Thanks for sticking with the team.Now everybody else is seeing what you’ve be seeing for long time.

Good Luck and GO ROCKIES!!:)

Rick in Cheyenne Wyo.

You are my effing hero, Todd. I knew you kids could pull this off from the first day I ever watched a Rockies game when I was six. This is a dream come true for everyone, but more so for you guys! I’m so proud (tear, sniff sniff). Good Luck, and never give up on this amazing spirit your team has. =)

congrats Todd and the other great rockies players. Been a rockies supporter since my first and so far only visit to a baseball game in june 2001 when you played and the cards were well beaten by if I remember correctly 15-3. I was staying with friends in colorado and was due to fly home to england a few days later via St Louis so it was nice to watch them lose. I watched you hit the ball into the crowd a few times that day unfortunately most were foul balls not that I knew what they were back then in fact I didnt even realize that the ball would get hit that hard into the crowd.

But I went home that week with a new sport to love and a new team to follow.

Here in the uk we get 2 games a week on the basic terrestrial tv and of them we get on average 0 to 1 rockies game a season. This year we got just one game sunday’s game 3 and I stayed up to about 4.30am watching it and cheering the rockies on. Now I have 4 days of world series games to watch because I’m so certain that if any team this year can get a sweep its the rockies. You all deserve it, good luck Todd and all the other great National League Champs Rockies players.

I look forward to more happy late nights watching you win the world series,

From one of your English fans

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! You deserve it Todd. I want to thank you for staying with the Rockies and giving us reason to believe for so long. The best trades are the trades that never happen!!! We love you Todd, and this wouldn’t be even close to as good without you! Thank you Todd. Keep it going, you deserve even more!!!!

Wow! We were fortunate enough to be at the game last night, and the game when you won the division series! Jeff is a Denver native and has been a Rockies fan since your first year here. We’ll be camping for WS tickets definitely! GOOD LUCK BOYS!!!!


What a team – so proud of you guys. I was there last night – it is hard to describe the energy. You have given us fans quite a ride.

No voice left today – but it was worth it!

– Female Baseball Fanatic

We moved to Denver in 1998. That year you signed an autograph for our then 8-year-old daughter and let us take a picture. You took the time to talk to her. She (and we) have been big fans of yours (and, of course, of the Rockies) ever since. What a class act you are!

Ever since then we have been hoping for the day when you would get a World Series ring.

Our daughter is now off to college, but we were at the game last night and text-messaged her as soon as you won. All I can say is congratulations. You deserve it!

Hats off to you Todd and the Rockies, I never lost faith. Incredible, and you guys are so calm and collected. Ive been on a cloud for 3 weeks now and it just keeps getting better. Congratulations, Job well done. All of Colorado appreciates this..THANK YOU!!

Todd, this is a very special team. We have watched almost all of you from the Sky Sox on here in Colorado Springs. Our son just moved back from Ks and he is such a huge Rockies fan and was whooping it up last night. I want to congratulate all of you for an outstanding year of UNBELIEVEABLE baseball. You all are the greatest!!
Did you get a call from Larry Walker? I bet he was sooo proud of all of you, and especially you as a good friend.

We’re looking forward to a World Series win for the Rocks!!

Cheering for you in Wyoming! We live in Sheridan and drove down to watch the game Sunday night.Nothing could dampen our enthusiasm for the team, not even pouring rain. You have been so influencial to our sons in demonstrating strength and determination. Thank you for showing those values through the sport of baseball. Our hearts are full of joy for you.

Huge baseball fan and have followed the Rockies all season. Its to bad its all about the players and very little was said last night in thanking the fans for there support. Not talking about the bandwagon fans, talking about the fans who supported this team all season long. I attended over 60 games this season here and on the road. It showed you players dont care about the game it’s all about money and you. Great season hope you win it all and I’ll be watching. I’m happy for you Todd finally get to go to the Series.

What a night! Six years ago I got to watch the Diamondbacks win the last game of the world series, sitting listening to you & some of your team mates & your then batting coach disect the pitching of 2 great pitchers. When the last out was made you guys were so happy to see them win. But no one is happier that all of us here in K’ville to see you make this run! How we do LOVE it! The Hero’s welcome is ready when you come home this time!!! Come see the kids! They’d really love it! Tell C. hello!

The Number 64

This comes from my book 365 Tao

The number 64 is Unbound

Bird song flies unfettered

Over blue sky and green field

Once you feel the Tao run

Give way, give way

What is it like to feel the Tao? It is an effortless flowing, a sweeping momentum. It is like a bird song soaring and gliding over a vast landscape. You can feel this in your life: events will take on a perfect momentum, a glorious cadence. You can feel it in your body: your energy will rise up in a thrilling crescendo, setting your very nerves aglow. You can feel it in your spirit: you will enter a state of such perfect grace that you will resound over the landscape of reality like an ephemeral bird song. When Tao comes to you in this way, ride it for all that you are worth. Don’t interfere. Don’t stop — that brings failure and regret. Don’t try to direct it. Let it flow and follow it. When Tao is with you, put aside all other concerns. As long as the song lasts: just follow.

Mr Helton

It’s the most amazing story of all time, beyond priceless. Enjoy your time off and love the whole team – and you are so right on with HOLIDAY FOR MVP OF THE WHOLE WORLD

“He deserves it,” Todd Helton said after Holliday was named the NLCS MVP. “There’s no doubt about. He works his butt off. He’s got a lot of big hits this whole season. He’s been unbelievably huge. He deserves to be the MVP of the whole National League, not just the National League Championship Series.”

Any guy who can kiss his kid in front of the world like that deserves more than MVP OF BASEBALL, how about MVP of all DAD’s worldwide?

Loving Dad in st louis,




You’d better believe you deserve this! This couldn’t of happened to a greater group of people. What an incredible team!

I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL for giving us fans what you have so far. We have been season ticket holders for 13 years now and KNEW that this day would come! You all are a fantastic group of guys, who aren’t only exciting to watch; but are a true example of class. (It can’t be said enough.)

Todd, I admire you for your child like enthusiasm, your sportmanship,and most importantly – your humility. By watching you, our 6 year old son understands the TRUE values about being an athlete, and the responsibilities that go way beyond the baseball field. We will continue to wear #17 with great pride! THANK YOU for being his champion!

Thank you ALL again for being THAT classy team who we proudly support!



This has been an amazing post-season. I am so excited for you and the Rockies to be heading to the WORLD SERIES. I had high hopes for you guys since the beginning of the season. And many of my family members had their doughts. And needless to say they all are on the band wagon and rooting for you guys. Enjoy the break and sweep the world series.


Nobody deserves to get a chance to play in the World Series more than Todd Helton. I have followed Todd’s career and watched him play since he was a young teenager in summer baseball, high school football and baseball at Knoxville Central High, and then at the University of Tennessee.

Todd – I don’t know if you remember a young kid named Billy who rarely missed one of your games when you played for UT, but that kid was my son and he thought you hung the moon. You were, and still are a tremendous influence on those young kids who watched every move you made on the field, like my son did.

My son is now a 21 year old third year Cadet at West Point, but he still proudly displays all of the baseballs, cards, program covers, and other things that you signed for him. He fondly remembers those after Sunday home game autograph sessions that you and your Vol team mates used to hang around for. Again, you’ll never know what that meant to those youngsters.

Good luck in the Series. There are a ton of Rockies fans right now in North Knox County pulling for you and your Rockies team mates to win it all.

CONGRATS!!! I am so proud that you can finally go to the World Series. I was called a bandwagon fan yesterday. I explained to him that I guess I had been since Todd Helton became a Rockie, since I was a fan while you were at TN Vol!! My highlight was on July 3, 2004 when I, my wife and my friends got to meet and talk with you while visiting from Nashville, TN. Mr. Angell through Mr. McMorris had brought us to the game. If fact my friends daughter wore her Rockies jersey to school today. Also, since meeting you, all her softball jerseys don the number 17. I just hope I can make it to Colorado for a WS game. This is just such a tremendous ride for you guys. PLEASE keep it up and win the World Series. YOU and the TEAM deserve it!

Congratulations to you and your teammates.Joel,and myself have never been more proud. You have always done awesome things, so it’s no surprise you’re part of the most awesome baseball story ever. The Central football team especially Clark and Wyl are pulling hard for you guys. good luck and keep rolling.

thank you guys soooo much for that last game!!! The Three or Four rockies gear clad regulars at the University Center @ UNC Greeley were joined buy many others last night, and together we laughed, cried and cheered until our throats were sore. When the D-backs scored to make it 6-4, our hearts all stopped, and the silence was defining. When the trophy was being presented, everyone was on their feet, happy tears coursing down our cheeks and giving high fives. We’ve cheered the Rox on through good times and bad, and now you are going to the big show. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Happy Rocktober! enjoy the rest, and have fun in the Series! We’ll be there in spirit, cheering for a Colorado victory!

your very loyal Rox fan,

Kelsey Burd

Univ. of Northern CO, Greeley

THANK YOU! and thank the rest of the team. We (my family and I) are loyal fans. Never miss a game. Waiting for this moment was so worth it. I wish I could have been at the game last night but I was there the night before, soaked, cold and sooooooooo happy. This really is a class act organization Go Rockies.

Congratulations, Todd!
Thanks to you and the team for an incredible season that is not over yet! It was great seeing you with your daughter holding up the championship trophy last night! AWESOME!

Our 13-year-old son, who is featured in the 2007 Rockies Schedule as an 8-year-old Rockies Rookies kid, said it best “If God was not a Rockies Fan, then why are our sunrises PURPLE (Purple mountain majesties)?” He has been a Rockies fan since he was old enough to crawl. In T-ball, he would mimic the Rockies players at home plate. He mimicked your leg kick, Larry Walker’s 3 swings, and another player’s tapping of home plate with his bat.

He even gave Clint Hurdle one of his baseball cards when he was just 10-years-old for good luck! I think having his picture in the schedule this year has been the best luck for this team in his eyes! He predicted that the Rockies would be in the world series the moment he saw his picture in the schedule during spring training!

This has been a great ride! Let’s keep it going until forever! Go Rockies!

Hi Todd, congrats on the win. i’m a Dbacks fan living here in phx. i was wondering if you were thinking of inviting that little boy from the espn special to a world series game. i’m sure it would make his day let alone his life. his name was andrew pointer. here is the link for those of you that didn’t get to see this amazing story.

good luck in the ws, this dback fan will be pulling for you.


I first want to congratulate you on acheiving one of the goals set out by yourself and the entire Rockies organization.
Secondly, I want to thank you for the genuine sincerity you showed towards my son, Nate, as he threw out the first pitch of Game 3 of the NLCS. You’ve been a longtime baseball hero of his and you fulfilled one of his greatest dreams.

You both still have battles to win in the coming weeks, but know you have a true fan pulling for you!


Mark in Arvada

OH MY GOSHH! : ) congrats! even though im a sox fan! you guys have come a long way! my fav. NL team.. When i lived in the south.. best of luck to you todd! your so anazing!

❤ Red Sox/Rockies Fan

(that was a long time ago but still)

Todd:My family watched you play your first game in Denver when our two boys were very young.(Their first baseball game too.) We’ve continued to be your devoted fans ever since. Now,with one boy in college in one state, my youngest and I in another, and my husband working elsewhere, we all watched the game in different time zones rooting you on. You deserve this, the team deserves this, and most importantly, the great city of Denver deserves this!

For Todd and the entire Colorado Rockies roster. I have watched this team since 1993, through the highs of the Blake street bombers and the lows of the “rebuilding years”. My fan devotion has never waivered as I watched this team develop in Colorado Springs at our own SkySox. I am proud of the whole team, and my fellow faithful fans who have been on the bandwagon with me since that first day in Apr at Mile High in 1993. Rock them in the Series, I am counting the days/hours/mins until we have another Rockies win!!!! ROCK ON ROCKIES IN ROCKTOBER

Well done. It’s good to have a Knoxville boy doing so well. I noticed last night on TV you still have the cross around your neck. Faith is what got you to where you are today. You’ve been a winner ever since Little League baseball, so take all of these years of success and go get what you have worked so had for.

God Bless,


Todd; Class act, and yes God has heard our prayers. Let’s keep praying. wm h

Congratulations just doesn’t seem like a big enough word. You and the rest of the Rockies team, coaches, and staff make me so proud. Talented athletes–absolutely! Teamwork–undeniably! Integrity and character–no question. Keep up the great work, keep the faith and GOOOOOOO Rockies!! Chris in COS

Wow. I would have been crying as I watched that game had I actually been awake. It was over at sometime around midnight down here in Texas, and I really needed the sleep, so right before I closed my eyes I prayed to God that He would help you guys win what you most certainly deserve. And God tends to listen.

I wish I could say that I have your autograph framed (I don’t have one) or that I’ve been following the team since its inception (haven’t! didn’t even like baseball until this May, but I made up for lost time), but I cannot. Instead, I can say that ever since I fell in love with a certain purple-clad team, I have been following online and on “Baseball Tonight” and have watched every postseason and tiebreaker game on TBS. I’ve tried my gosh-darn hardest and hopefully I’ll see you guys at Spring Training in 2009 (already booked a trip to Florida next year).

God bless you guys and I’ll be with you every step of the way from halfway across the country, clad in purple, silver, and black.

Your daughter is ridiculously adorable, by the way. Love the cowgirl boots and the camo. Her daddy must have good style 🙂

Rock on.

— Kylie

WOW! WOW! WOW! For all the years I have been watching Rockies baseball I wondered if I would see the Rockies go to the WS in my lifetime. So much has been made of Coors field, the altitude, how the balls carry and on and on and on…It really gets old when that’s all you hear about. And now this is just such an INCREDIBLE run. The team has just done the UNBELIEVABLE in baseball history! In Denver sports, the Rockies have just been the poor step child that never gets much recognition. It’s always about hockey, or football. So I am just ecstatic for the whole team. The whole team, and coaches have made this happen. There is no superstar. I remember when the team was all about Todd Helton carrying the team on its back. Not this year. This year it’s all about the rest of this team lifting Todd and carrying him to this great place. When you hit the walk-off (against I don’t even remember who now), the whole team was there at home plate ready to hold you up. I will continue to be a Colorado Rockies baseball fan ’til the end! Thanks again for the pure joy you have brought me. Renee in Glenwood Springs

Well that explains it all…
I have been wondering who/what is behind all of this….

Helton is playing for his little girl.

A dad with a “daddy’s girl” that is ALL you need to know…

Great Baseball players are amazing, great Dad’s are better…having a Daddy’s girl is the best.

the Rockies take it all (and I am a Padres Season Ticket Holder!)


What an awesome run! One of my biggest dreams was to see the Rockies make it to the World Series! My husband and I are going to find a way to get to Denver and be a part of the experiance! We both cried when you guys won! I’ve never cried for a team before! Congrats! You guys are awesome!!!!

Congratulations! I have been a Rockies fan for many years, and I can say that this has been an incredible year. I was in Bolivia for the last two years and I got home in July, It was great to go to a few Rockies Games and see you and the rest of the Rox taking control on the field. thanks for your playing and for your professional attitude. We are pulling for you guys here in Provo UT, with at least 5 or 6 of us every game watching it till the end. Thanks again Todd

Todd,for 11 years you have played the game hard.You have played it fair, and you have played it the right way.Now all of your hard work is coming to fruition.It doesn’t even matter who gets into the WS from the AL, your Rockies will steamroll them. It’s ROCKTOBER, BABY!

Hey Todd Congratulations!!! Its been a long time coming to see the Rockies in the playoffs…and especially in the World Series. I’ve been a fan of the Rockies ever since Ozzie Smith played his first and last game in Coors Field, since Im not sure of the date…its been a long time. I have been going to rockies games for the last six seasons, however this season I couldn’t make it out of Montana, eventhough I already had tickets, but im gonna do my best to come down for the WS. I’ve always been a fan of yours and to see you make it through ten years as a Rockie, its great to see you in the world series. Congrats!!!! and Good Luck

As a D’Backs fan I can’t say that I’m elated to watch my team get swept, but you guys deserved it. You got production from everyone out there. Heck of a winning streak too. Good luck in the WS.


Funny, ever since one of your coaches suggested that you were on steriods, your power number have gone down. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Good luck finding your balls, you FRAUD.

I love this one that was posted earlier – “WOW! WOW! WOW! For all the years I have been watching Rockies baseball I wondered if I would see the Rockies go to the WS in my lifetime”

The Rockies have been around for less than 15 years. Give me a frickin break. Go back to skiing and climbing mountains you fools. Suffer for a while and then you will know what it is like to wait for a championship.


coming from a die hard baseball fan there is nothing better than to see a class act guy like yourself in the spotlight and media.I am not the type of person to go on the computer and express my opinion,but someone like yourself showing respect for the game and acting like a leader on and off the field and setting such a great example for everyone needs to be recognized. best of luck.

thanks! go rockies!!

I’m a Giants fan, but I’ve always appreciated the competitiveness and class you bring to the field. You’ve been a tough competitor since day one, and I congratulate you, your family, and your team on this amazing and unprecedented success. So for the next 16 days- go Rox!

Wow So the threat of bad weather doesn’t mean bad baseball! Wow wow wow! Really it has been great so far what an awesome team and an awesome series too boot! But in the spirit realm I was hearing push for the sweep all day! And the way God shows or reveals things is quite different. And it had to do with the weather was part of the revelation. To some of us who know better bad weather can actually be s good sign. It is like the first sign of prosperity. And the timing involved and a few other little things like pieces of a puzzle all coming together. So from a prophetic side I see nothing but good things in the Rockies future both the immediate and further down the road to next year an beyond as well. Congradulations and keep the fire going play your game and wait and watch for your opportunities you know them better then I do I stink at baseball. But I love to watch especially during the playoffs and the series as everybody plays at a different or higher level. This is way way cool if I can’t watch I will be listening or something that is for sure.

What a TEAM! It has been super exciting to watch you guys play through September and October.


YOU DESERVED THIS!!! I am an all baseball person and one thing that hits me about a team is how they start from their minor league system with a few veteran players. I started following your Rockies 4 years back and since have become an addict. i live in MD but i know that I will be cheering from here and staying up late rooting for you. You are an inspiration to players everywhere. You stuck with this team through the worst and you are getting what you deserve…A TRIP TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!! GO ROCKIES!!!

Todd, I’ve grown up watching you. I wore your number in high school, and I know how it feels to be on a team that is extremely talented but can never win the big games. Seeing you achieve something that you have waited SO long for is indescribably inspiring. I want to wish you luck in the World Series and hope you continue to get everything you deserve from a franchise you have dedicated your life to.

Hopefully I’ll get a ticket to the games at Coors Field because you are living proof that you don’t have to be arrogant and loud to be a phenomenal athlete.

-Your #1 fan,

Dustin F.

P.S. Please stick with this team until you can’t play anymore. None of us could bear to see you go.

Todd, I know you and your teammates are all so happy with all of the fan support you have received in recent weeks, but I don’t know if you guys TRULY understand what you have started. You have given sports fans here something to believe in again! No matter where you go, or what time it is, EVERYONE is talking Rockies! It’s truly unbelievable. I don’t think alot of people outside the metro are knew who you guys were, but they sure as **** do now! Everyone is so **** proud of all of you. Now it’s time to finish what you started and bring home the World Series title!! We ALL believe in you, let’s paint this **** town PURPLE!!!!!

Congratulations Todd. I have been watching you play for the Rockies since your rookie year and I do not believe there is a player that deserves to go to the World Series more than you. Thank you for sticking it out with the Rockies for eleven years and giving all of the fans eleven seasons of highlights and memories. I will never forget this season, congratulations once again and good luck in the World Series.

May I say you and the team have shown a lot of class by helping the family of Mike Koolbaugh the way you are. It is my hope that his kids get to see the team that has stepped up, when they did not have to, take that trophy home. You guys are a class act, When you win it all then maybe they will permanantly change 21st street to ROCKIES ROAD!

Congratulations to you Todd and the whole Colorado Rockies team. As a Rockies & Astros fan, I recall when the Stros first made it to the World Series a few years ago and all I could think about were the veterans of that club that had waited for years to see that moment finally come. Now I get to enjoy watching my home team (the Rockies) go to the big show. You guys have accomplished a run that no other team has done before in historic proportion. This has been the most exciting 2 months for all the fans, and of course, the Rockies. You guys certainly set the best example of how the word “team” is defined. I am certain that with the talent this team has, the attitude and mindset, and the fans behind you, the Rockies will prevail in the World Series. We are rooting for you all the way. Enjoy the moment and bring home the trophy. GO ROCKIES……Mike Z

Congrats Todd. I saw you with the Sky Sox back in the day and it’s great to see you in the big show.
Go get yourself a ring!

Ever since the beginning in ’93 our season tickets have been near first base. At the time, I couldn’t believe that a rookie could replace Galaragga, but you have proven the scouts correct, just as Tulo has more than filled the shoes of Walt Weiss, and Matt has outshone Dante. Watching you play the game the right way, earn your gold gloves, and lead this team with every at bat is why you have earned my respect and loyalty to the Rockies over these past 10+ years. All the superb talent we have now needed a foundation to build on. Thank you for being the cornerstone of this team and the example of true professionalism and class. We all believe that this team will win the last game of the season, and do it the right way.

p.s. Don’t take anyone on the team hunting before hoisting the trophy!

————>Hope you read this. My family have had four season tickets since Inception. We have upgraded to get lower every year. Last year, we opted out…dammit.

This year however…WOW.

I personally saw you sweep the Pads(1 game sweep), Phils(amazing night..lights out and all), and then last night….hows that groin feel brother!!! Splits! nice.

You have listened to the local media talk smack about your salary and the ownership, and that has not fazed you.

I am so excited to spend a few hundred dollars for a ticket. The only thing I can offer as a fan/bystander….might not even need to be done..since the Tribe just made it 3-1, but just in case….

practice hitting that nasty, ugly, slow, no rotation knuckle … other than that…nothing more to say …

I enjoy ever aspect that you bring to the game, even after your illness …turned….HUGE beard…I haveone too. The wife wants me to trim it…..I told her I would, when my buddy Todd does.

Kisses to wife and kids, and ENJOY your time off brother, you deserve it!!!!

oh yeah…local media is/are worse than “bandwagon fans”….so dont let em get you down.

—James in Castle Rock

Blake Street Bombers – old
20th St. Sweepers – mine

LoDO MoJo – mine

4h Club: Helton, Holliday, Hawpe, Hurdle – mine

Monday’s Miracles – against the Padres, then the WhoBacks, and if it goes to game 5, at home, against the Tribe/Sox…Monday will no longer be a bad day!

take 64, add it, = 10. This year, you guys had two , yes, TWO 10 game streaks.

I love the ROCKS!!! just bought 6 shirts(25 each) and 7 hats (30 each), put em on my debit card….and sent them and gave them to all my friends…..GO ROCKIES!!!!!

Todd, I’m honored to be at the bottom of what seems like 1000 posts. As a fan of all the teams who have “Colorado” in their name, I want to say thank you. Most noteworthy, thank you for not leaving us when you could have. This year has been pretty controversial . . . and now you’ve helped restore what most of us thought was destroyed. As a fan and until now, only my cheers from the bleachers could reach you and I am thankful for the opportunity. Thank you for staying here in Colorado, for giving us a chance and thank you for everything you’ve done. You, sir, exemplify us and if I might add, humbly . . . . we got this. 😉

Todd, Im glad your faith and your love for God never gave up during those 11 years and that you have always been strong in your beliefs. I think you deserve this for being such a great example to me. Thank you and Go Rockies

This is the first year I started praying for the Rockies to win after following the team since ’93. I used to think that I should never bother God with something so trivial—but God is great and can do all things. My prayer was for the Rockies to win because as a team I believe you can bring more people to faith through your actions and words. I believe God has (and is) answering that prayer. He has shown many people that miracles are possible and as a team you have remained humble. It’s great to see. Keep up the great work! Not done yet!

This is the first year I started praying for the Rockies to win after following the team since ’93. I used to think that I should never bother God with something so trivial—but God is great and can do all things. My prayer was for the Rockies to win because as a team I believe you can bring more people to faith through your actions and words. I believe God has (and is) answering that prayer. He has shown many people that miracles are possible and as a team you have remained humble. It’s great to see. Keep up the great work! Not done yet!

Congrats Todd!! Ever since I saw your first homer against Pittsburgh I have idolized everything you have done for the Rockies Organization. I grew up a huge Rox fan ever since I was a little leaguer and have dreamed of being in the same position you are now-World Series Bound!!

You truly have been an inspiration for my endeavors as a baseball fan and player. Earlier this spring, I knew that it would probably be my last playing baseball on a competitive level, and what better way to go out than by pitching against some of your fellow teammates from the Sky Sox earlier this year. I will also cherish the opportunity that the Rockies gave us when we met you and your fellow teammates earlier this year in spring training during our road trip to Arizona. Your run to the top of the NL and the World Series has made this year so much more magical and a memory that I will cherish forever. Again, congratulations for a well deserved trip to baseball’s biggest stage, and thank you and the rest of the Rockies organization for making this year one to remember forever. Congrats and beat down the AL!!


Congratulations to you and the Rockies! So happy for you. Seems like yesterday we were playing tackle football in Oliver Chiang’s backyard. Now you are playing in the World Series!

My family and I live in California now and I am an RUF campus minister at Stanford University. There are actually several fans of yours among the Stanford students – two girls from Colorado, in particular who are overwhelmed with excitement for you and the Rockies.

Best wishes to you in the World Series.

God bless,

David Jones

Chant with me now:

LoDO MoJO *clap, clap..clap.clap.clap*

LoDo MoJo ….

Todd –

What do these numbers mean?

1998 – 25

1999 – 35

2000 – 42

2001 – 49

2002 – 30

2003 – 33

2004 – 32

2005 – 20

2006 – 15

2007 – 17

Give up? They are your HR numbers in the last 10 years. What happened after 2005? Could it be that rumors came out that you were on steriods? What happened when you stopped? Don’t give me that humidor BS either. That fat head Matt Holliday found a way to hit HRs this year. Enjoy the World Series you FRAUD.

Stop crying you *******.

I just wanted to say Congrats to you and the rest of the team on winning the NLCS. It has been awesome to see the team play these last two months and especially during this series. I have been a fan from the beginning and knew that one day all the cards would fall into place and the good Lord would bless this team with a championship. I am originally from Colorado but now reside in Wyoming. I have gotten to see two games at Coors Field over the years, its an amazing and fun park and I thouroughly enjoyed seeing you play. Now I rely on FSN and XM to see and listen to all the games. I am very proud of you and the team and am wishing you the very best in the World Series –

Best of Luck and God Bless you all,

Wyoming Cowgirl

We drove down from Billings, MT for the Sunday & Monday games and it was soooo worth every mile, every raindrop!!!

What an incredibly wonderful experience for you, the team and we fans. THANKS!!

I pray God continues to Bless you Todd.



Hi Todd,
Lots of luck for you and the other Rockies in the World Series. We came to America in 1998 and a Rockies game at Coors Field was the first ever baseball game we visited (vs Diamondbacks, off all teams!!!). We have been fans ever since. The World Series must be a dream come true. We hope and pray you will continue your winning streak and we can chear you as champions end of oktober.

Best Wishes and lots of luck.

Fam. Walter

Almere The Netherlands (europe)

I have been a fan since the beginning, being a native and all. I wear a CR jacket and hardly ever does anyone make a comment. But after you guys won the championship I have people stopping me and gushing about the streak. Hats off to you personally and to all the team and staff.
Sylvia, mother of 5, grandmother of 6, greatgrandmother of 1.

Hi Todd
I’m a former longtime Thornton, CO resident that moved down to Texas In May of this year. I signed up to so I could listen to KOA radio broadcasts of the games. My wife and I were rooting the team on all the way throught he season and am so happy for you, the team and for Colorado. Finally, I have been able to see the playoff games on TV and now the World Series..WOW!!!. You are the focal point of much attention of the media because of the length of time with the Rockies and finally getting to the post season. I guess it’s tough when confronted by microphones and TV cameras but the whole country is watching and wanting to hear you say more that “I have no idea”. Part of the media downplay of the Rockies success is because they seem to think no one outside of Colorado really cares. If the great play of the Rockies dosn’t get them excited at least the outside world can get as attached to the Rockies players as we are by seeing and hearing about your passion for what is happening, not, “I have no idea”. This is your time to speak, make the most of it. Best of luck to you and the team in the World Series. My wife and I will be rooting for you all. Thanks

When the Rockies came into being, I lived in Chicago (temporarily), but only moved there because of the job market. I missed the first couple of years of the Rockies phenomenon. Once I moved back here, however, I was greeted with your 1994 and 1995 seasons and was hooked. I’ve kept the faith, even when hearing so many people say the Rockies would never amount to anything. I’ve been to a handful of games and you’ve never lost a single game I’ve been able to attend!

I want you to know, that every Rockies fan is going through the DT’s right now because we have to wait until next week to see you folks play again. And play you will. We (at least I) can’t get enough of the team that has surpassed all the odds. You’ve climbed the most difficult “mountain” – coming from last place in the division to sweeping it and the National League, and setting loads of historical baseball records in the process. You (the team) are near the peak of the Everest that is World Champions right now and you have only a few feet to climb. We, your fans, are the oxygen to get you to the summit. Once you’re on top, you’ll see the baseball world from a whole new view and those emotions you are experiencing now are going to jump to an unbelievable new level. – Break out the Dom Perignon!

Those emotions you say you don’t have are clearly evident. You’ve opened up a side of yourself that you’ve kept buried because I think you didn’t want to have to experience the disappointment if you didn’t get there again. But when you held that ball at first base after Byrnes slid in and raised both fists into the air, you opened up the floodgate of emotion. Enjoy the high. It only gets higher in the rarified air of success. Every single member of the Rockies organization deserves this run.

Best of luck – you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers and, of course, on my television screen.

Cyn in Denver

THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT when he wrote:

Todd –

What do these numbers mean?

1998 – 25

1999 – 35

2000 – 42

2001 – 49

2002 – 30

2003 – 33

2004 – 32

2005 – 20

2006 – 15

2007 – 17

Give up? They are your HR numbers in the last 10 years. What happened after 2005? Could it be that rumors came out that you were on steriods? What happened when you stopped? Don’t give me that humidor BS either. That fat head Matt Holliday found a way to hit HRs this year. Enjoy the World Series you FRAUD.


It’s team work, not just juiced ball, people or single stats, what are you talking about? YOU TUNNEL VISION ATTITUDE, the rox are for real and they aren’t about the micromanagement you suggest. They are team winners.


St Louis

Incredable. I’ve been a baseball fan since the early 50’s. I grew up a Brooklyn & Boston fan. But when baseball came to Colorado I had no trouble giving up my love of the Red Sox. In my 50+ years of following baseball i’ve nerver seen anything like this past month. This is one of those once in a lifetime deals. I’ve been to the last 7 home games & have come close to losing my voice 3 times. But i think i’ve got a couple more in me. I would like to give a shout out to the Brewers for not packing it in after being eliminated. Win or lose in the World Series, this team has already done as much to promote baseball as any team in the last half century. Good luck in the Series. One game at a time.

It doesn’t get more exciting than this. I put watching Monday’s game right up there with watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon on TV. Even the people in Boulder are getting excited. That’s something! We’ll be watching next week, with our Rockies tee shirts on! You guys are amazing.

Absofrigging Amazing!!!! I grew up in Denver but now live in Juneau, AK and am feeling the good vibrations all the way up here!

My 10 year old son and I saw you play last summer and now his memory of that game is even MORE SPECIAL because you guys finally made it!!!!

We’re howling for all of you up here!!!! OOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

dear todd,
i am really proud of you and your team, you guys really deserve this! watching you guys get to play in the post season and enjoy it so much gives me goose bumps just thinking about it, i love watching you guys play with such class. i really look forward to seeing you guys win the world series this year. congratulations and good luck in the WS!

love, alexis

Todd, a big hug to you and all our Rockies!!! Congratulations, you have been playing as such a TEAM and you deserve all the wins because you’ve worked hard for each and every one of them. This is so exciting for us, the fans, the city, and we love you guys! Can’t wait for the World Series to begin!!!! The biggest sports event to ever come to Denver, wow! What a ROCKTOBER!

To bp onthejuice:

Todd had a back injury and has gotten older, was not protected by many good hitters and has been walked an incredible amount of times this year. No steroids needed when God has given talent. I must say that bp seems like he might be a D-back or Phillies fan having roid-rage himself.

I just want to let you know that I rank you with the greats in baseball you are amazing and this year team is amazing full of great players and I didn doubt you guys for one minute. You deserve this more than anyone in baseball. In the past you guys havent done the best so to see you stick with us here in Colorado shows that your not just a great player but a great person as well. My family is going to try to get some tickets on monday if they arent too expensive, If we cant get them then we will be at home in front of the TV cheering just as loud as we would be at the game. We have watched you guys play every night game on TV and you guys are playing the best baseball ive ever seen in my life. My parents love watching you guys and i have never got the chance to repay them for everything they have done for me growing up taking me to baseball and basketball camps all over and i dont have the money to do it and probably never will but I would love to be able to put them in seats right next to the field so if you get on and read this if you could get me tickets for them you would have no idea how much it would mean to them I would love the chance to go but i would give it up in a heart beat for them I know your a very busy person and im sorry to be wasting you time but something was telling me that i needed to try to do this. If you dont read this or cant help me out thats fine im not going to think of you any diffrent you will always be one of the best to play the game and my favorite player of all time. GOOD LUCK!!!! Bring one back to Colorado for us.

Josh Williams

Peetz, CO



Congrats Todd,
I rank you up there with other Denver greats like John Elway, Patrick Roy, Terrell Davis, Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg. I hope you are this decade’s “John Elway” and get what you richly deserve, A World Series ring. I think the whole state is rooting for you.

LODO MOJO clap.clap, clap.clap.clap

LODO MOJO cla.clap, clap.clap.clap

“”Todd –

What do these numbers mean?

1998 – 25

1999 – 35

2000 – 42

2001 – 49

2002 – 30

2003 – 33

2004 – 32

2005 – 20

2006 – 15

2007 – 17

Give up? They are your HR numbers in the last 10 years. What happened after 2005? Could it be that rumors came out that you were on steriods? What happened when you stopped? Don’t give me that humidor BS either. That fat head Matt Holliday found a way to hit HRs this year. Enjoy the World Series you FRAUD.

Posted by: | October 17, 2007 08:27 AM”” END QUOTE==


Why would you make such allegations about someone? People like you are called “*******” and usually get knocked the **** out several times in their life for making stupid, bias, emotional, and degrative comments – such as this one above. Why would you accuse someone of using drugs, without any kind of proof? Furthermore, why would you even care so much, when as many as 80% of all pro athletes from the 1980’s and 1990’s used steroids at some point in their life? What about those who use amphetamines, and cocaine? Those stimulants increase reaction times and increase energy levels. What about the pros that drink coffee and get the same kind of stimulant performance enhancement as speed users? caffeine is just as powerful a stimulant and performance enhancer as cocaine. Do you drink coffee? Are you a fraud? A freaking caffeine druggie?

It’s not that big a deal man, go up and get off this witch hunt trip your on – you must have done too much LSD-25 in your day! Everything your doing points to heavy LSD-25 use in your past. You must be loosing your mind! You should check yourself into treatment.

Oh, by the way, in early 2005, Todd Helton severely strained hi lower back, yet played through the pain all season – thus making the problem get worse. His back became rigid and stiff and he aggravated the strain several times in 2006. In the off season before the start of the 2007 season, Todd Helton worked with a special trainer and focused on building up strength of his back doing core muscle exercises. His back is still rigid and he still has to be careful not to move the wrong way and tweak it, but the buildup of muscle mass along his bodies core (specifically his back) lead to a 2007 season, free of series back problems for the first time since the 2004 season. He responded bu hitting .320 BA with 17 HR’s. He even had a month and a half long slump this season, trying to get his old swing back.

The humidor has made it much harder to hit home runs out of Coors field’s deep outfield. Whether you like this fact or not, it is a fact. Helton hit 10 deep fly balls to center field and right center field walls (right to the wall) this season. Pre-humidor, those 10 deep fly balls up against the wall would have been Home Runs – which would have given Helton a pre-humidor HR count in 2007 of 27 HR’s. Add in the fact that Helton ad a month and a half long slump, trying to rediscover his swing now that his back isn’t hurt anymore, and he could have easily hit another 5-7 HR’s this season. That would put his hypothetical, pre-humidor, pre-back injury numbers in the 2007 season in the 32 to 34 HR’s. That would be right where he left off in 2004-2004, before he hurt his back. Not bad for a 33+ year old!

Do you understand how ridiculous your comments and unjustified accusations are now? Please don’t go around saying things about people with the intention of hurting their reputation. That is defamation of character and guys like Todd Helton make $15+ million dollars a season, I doubt you can afford a quality attorney to defend any civil lawsuits filed against you by one of these millionaires -such as Todd Helton. Bashing Barry Bonds is one thing (still wrong though), but going after one of baseball’s finest, most honorable people in Mr. Todd Helton, is just insane! Don’t do it anymore!

Yours truly,

Warren Gregory

Hello Todd!
Whether you win the World Series or not, you made it there, congratulations! Today my 7 year old son decided he was going to be “Todd Helton” for Halloween this year…so off to church we went this morning for our special Halloween mass, with him proudly wearing his official ’07 World Series Helton Jersey, and his ‘go tee’ painted on his adorable little face..It’s the little things like this that mean the most in life, not the nonsense people spend endless hours posting on these blogs. Wish I could post his photo to make everyone stop and think and take time out to enjoy the small things in life.

Regards to all…

Jacki Hundertpfund

New Jersey

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