Getting ready for Game 3

Playoff games are a little different. During the regular season, the clubhouse is open to the media 3 hours before the game. It?s part of the normal routine. But in the playoffs the clubhouse is closed during the pregame.Mnzfdlhs

So how is that time leading up to the game? In high school, you might have speeches from coaches or teammates screaming and getting fired up. Here?

It?s guys sitting in their underwear watching college football, getting ready to play or listening to music. It?s as relaxed as it gets in there.

Come an hour before the game, you start getting focused, thinking about what you?ve going to do. We always have the opposing pitcher, in this case it?s Phillies left-hander Jamie Moyer, on the TV, a DVD of what he?s done in the past.

I?m relaxed before the game and like to have fun. But there?s a time when the game starts getting close that I really get focused. People don?t realize that there?s always something going on, people wanting to talk to you about something. But there comes a point where you?ve got to be selfish about it and say, ?Hey, I?ve got to focus on the main thing, which is getting ready to play the ballgame.?

Even right before we go out, there are no last words from the manager or teammates. Nothing. We?re just ready to play.



    I played baseball in college and raised a son who was an All-State player from Oklahoma, so I have a decent eye for the game. During the first half of the season when the Denver media was haranguing the team and fans weren’t showing up at the park, I kept telling anyone who would listen how strong this Rockies team really was. It was evident to me that all that needed to be done was the young guys to pull themselves together and truly believe in how good they really were. And my perception from the stands was that after the Yankees and Mets sweeps, you guys changed, you started believing, things started coming together, and you began playing at your potential. I’m happy for you guys…and if there’s a team for not only Colorado to be proud of, but ALL of America as well, it’s the Rockies. Again, Congratulations! GO ROCKIES!!!


    At this point, I am just so glad/proud to be a Rox fan.

    I love you guys with all my heart. Thank you for the best memory of my baseball life ever.


    What a ride that I hope keeps on going. You and the rest of the Rockies deserve it.

    This is from one of your long lost Tennessee Dog Pound Fans that has kept an eye on you and the rest of the Vols that have made it to the big leagues.

    When I saw your triple from the other day, I thought of B-May running the bases. WOW!!!

    We are watching the game right now and hoping for a Sweep!!!

    Good Luck!!! Janis from Iowa


    tennessee beat the dogs, lsu beat the gators, usc lost to stanford, knoxville is feeling good and looking for todd to win the world series


    Todd!! You are amazing. Congratulations to you and the rest of the boys, we all love you in my household!

    This is my favourite: “It’s guys sitting in their underwear watching college football, getting ready to play or listening to music. It’s as relaxed as it gets in there.”

    I laughed hard at that. It sounds like me before a figure skating competition.

    Can’t wait to see you guys play next week. Congratulations again!


    Great insight on what goes on behind those closed doors! Thats really cool. I believe you guys will win 2-1 tonight and have the power go out for a little bit… By the way would it be bad to act like I didn’t post this after Saturday’s SWEEP? hahaha… just kidding, CONGRATS TO YOU AND THE ROX!!!


    WOW! What an unbelieveable season. I believe the turning point was the 1-9 road trip. Afterwards when there was no finger pointing I knew you guys would be all right. Thanks for hanging in through the tough times & the trade talks. Go Rockies. Take care of the Diamondbacks & hopefully we can meet the Red Sox & put them in their place.


    To all the Rockies team and fans – make it a sweep tonight – from A Scot who went to a handful of matches first in your inaugural season at mile high stadium!! One game at a time as our soccer (real football) team is doing just now. Well done whatever happens.

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