Savoring success, looking ahead

It?s back to business today, with a workout at Coors Field.

After we clinched the National League Championship Series in Sunday night, we stayed up most of the night. So yesterday was a very slow day, to say the least. I knew we had some down time. We were off. So we sort of relaxed, enjoyed it, had a nice dinner. We didn?t to too much. So it?s nice to crank it back up today, get some blood flowing and start focusing on playing the World Series.

Has it sunk in? I don?t think it?s sunk in yet, to be honest with you. I?ve said it to myself a lot. National League Champions. It?s not easy to do. I think it?s so crazy, so surreal, because three weeks ago we weren?t in this frame of mind. Yet, we weren?t making offseason plans.
But I?ve always said I?m going to go out and play the 162-game regular season as hard as I can and just see what happens. I think that?s what we did as a team. We just went out and played hard. I think that?s the problem with some teams. They start talking, ?I?m gonna do this after the season.? ?I?m gonna do that after the season.? We didn?t have too much of that. I don?t think anybody wanted to go home. We wanted to keep playing, and I think that?s part of the reason we were able to pull off whatever you call what we did.

After the Division Series against the Phillies and the other night when we made it to the World Series, I brought my daughter into the clubhouse during the celebration. Tierney is five years old now. And, now she thinks that every time we win, we drink beer and pour it on our heads.

I hope she gets to see it one more time.


Todd, what a great run!!! It is nice to see that you finally get to enjoy the post season. You have been a class act your entire career. We are ex-season ticket holders and huge fans now living in Wisconsin. I want to thank you for the way you have treated my children and family when we have had the pleasure to talk with you before games in Milwaukee and in Tucson. Good luck in the World Series and know that we are cheering you on!!!!!!!


Dan, Tommy, Becca and Stephanie

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We were at the game on Monday, and it was amazing! I saw your daughter and she is so cute!! Have a good couple of days off and know that all of us fans will be cheering you on for the world series!!!!!

Fruita, CO

Go Rockies Go!


I emailed Dr. Loveday at UT and asked him “How does it feel to have a former student in the World Series?” And he wrote back that he really hadn’t thought of you being in the World Series in that way– but now that you mention it –that’s awesome!!!

I have a feeling that UT and all that have had the pleasure of knowing you are very proud of you and if you will allow, let us share in the momment.

Like I said before this has to be like UT winning the regoinals in Knoxville in 1995 and all us going nuts –except now its on such a higher level and there are so many more to share in the excitement.

It would be awesome to be able to come to Denver for a game, but we just can’t swing it. But know we will be watching or listening to every play!

Good Luck and God Speed.

Janis in Iowa


Thanks for your blog and good luck in the Series.

I am a huge fan of the game and excited to have the Series in Denver. However, I am very disappointed by the way the Rockies are handling the tickets.

I share a partial season package with a friend, and attended about twenty games this year. In addition, I have organized many groups. Rather than rewarding the fans that live in Denver and support the team throughout the year, the organization has elected to sell all tickets via the Internet. This method gives no advantage to the locals and a huge advantage to the ticket brokers who have many people working for them to buy tickets to scalp.

There are already many tickets for sale on line for over a thousand dollars, how can this be when the Rockies have not sold tickets yet? The Rockies say that there will only be 17,000 tickets available for sale for each game. Have Bud Selig and MLB decided to sell tickets to scalpers before they sell to the general public?

I bought my tickets to the NLDS before the Rockies clinched. I bought my tickets to the Pads playoff game as soon as the final game of the season was over. (I attended that game so it was easy to get down there). I bought my tickets to the NLCS right after the Monday Rally at the ballpark. Never did I stand in a long line or have any hassles so I am not sure why the organization thinks that this will not work for the series.

I am sure you do not have the answers to many of these questions but feel that they should be brought to the attention of The Rockies Organization and MLB.

I can afford to buy tickets but refuse to play the game and pay scalpers. I think the players and management should be as offended and angry as I am, afterall they are taking money out of your pockets too.

I wish you the best in the series, I fear I will be watching it from home but I will be cheering for you and the rest of the team.

I’ve watch so many of the games this season in person and at the park. My most memorable moments have been:

The Tulo Triple Play was insane. Being the only person in my section that realized what happened I jumped up and starting cheering. The rest of the section looked at me like I was crazy until they figured out what happened.

The 4th of July stomping of the Mets. I never wanted the game to end. I just wanted to see more and more runs get racked up.

I was lucky enough to attend 2 out of 3 of the Yankee games where you guys kicked some serious tail.

There was that crazy Phillies game where the tarp was blowing all over the place.

Your home run off of Saito to win the game was incredible.

And the last game I’ve been able to attend was the one game playoff with the Padres. I left my seat once the entire game. It was just incredible.

I had tickets to the third game of the NLDS, but that conflicted with an engagement party that I had to go to. It was my engagement, and I was worried that if I went to the game I might be unengaged by the end of the game.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some World Series tickets on Monday, but if not I’ll definitely be watching at home. I just want to thank you guys for such an amazing season. I’ve had fun since I was a kid going to games every year, but this is by far the best season yet. I went to 12 games and either listened to or watched a good majority of the rest. I’ve got a Wild Card pennant hanging up in my shop and hopefully I’ll be able to add World Series Champion as well. Again, thank you and good luck against whatever unlucky team has to face you.



Enjoy your brief break—it’s well deserved. As a baseball fan for as long as I can remember I put the home run you hit against LA as my favorite baseball moment. You’ve been swinging the bat well but hit into bad luck in the post season (but the team won). Your daughter is adorable and I’m glad that you had her there for that. I live in South Dakota and took my wife and three kids (boy 4, girl 7, boy 10) to one Rockies game over the past month—September 28th—the only loss. It didn’t matter though, because it was a great game and the kids loved the fact they could yell as loud as they wanted! Enjoy the run—it’s not done!


What an amazing ride!! You make all Rockies fans proud! I remember at the first CU vs. CSU game at Mile High you were walking up and I looked over at my girlfriend (wife now)and I told her, here comes the rookie of the year! She started screaming Todd Helton, Todd Helton Rookie of the year rookie of the year!! and you just gave her a nod and a little shoosh. Well the award may have went to Woods but we knew then that you were our rookie of the year, no matter what!! Well it’s been quite a while since that first year but what a ride!! I wouldn’t have asked for it to be any different. When you hit the walk off homerun vs Saito it looked like you were a little kid throwing your helmet off and jumping into the crowd, it made us soooo proud! I could go on and on…

Good Luck in the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Mr. Helton,

What you said about your daughter was incredibly touching. Thank you so much for your blog, I really enjoy it. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how happy I am for you and the team. You guys deserve every moment of this, so soak it up, every second of it, and enjoy it! Everyone in baseball counted you guys out…but you all taught the world a lesson in perseverance. You certainly taught me one. I went to Rockies games in April, May, and all season through. I always knew you guys could do it. I ALWAYS believed. Thank you for giving me this experience as a fan. It has been an emotional experience for me too. I have never wanted something so badly for a group of guys that I’ve never even met! Giving my support at the games all season as a fan and wanting nothing in return except to see the team realize its goal. It is something I will never forget. Mr. Helton, thank you for being a good role model and for being kind to your fans. Now, you and your buddies go into the World Series being the Rockstars that you’ve been all season long and I’ll be in the stands (if I can get tickets, God willing) cheering you all on, as always!!!

Thanks and congratulations,


Thank you for a great ride.

You are a great veteran for all those younger players.

Us old folks look up to you, too.

Good Luck.

Respect the Game.

Steve in Montrose

I’m so glad you get a break and a chance to regroup and rejuvenate…AND I can get some sleep too! BUT, I can’t wait for the Series to start! I have talked to so many people who are watching now and on the “bandwagon” and it would be easy to say “why haven’t you been watching all year?” IT DOES NOT MATTER as they are with you now! There is something amazing about watching you guys…even without sleep I’ve been able to regroup and rejuvenate and moved forward with my goal with a renewed spirit! I watch a lot of baseball movies when I’m on the treadmill training, but watching the ROCKIES is better! I have one more race to make my 11th Race for the Cure for 2007 and head to Dallas today for their 25th Race on Saturday. I’m really glad I won’t have to find a game (not so easy out of Colorado…at the Omaha Race I had to watch the Nebraska game and follow the score at the bottom). When I run on Saturday, I will be replaying that last out against the D’Backs in my mind and hopefully setting a personal record accordingly.

Mr Helton

You are the man, and thank goodness that was not champagne being poured over your head in the photo at your blog! I can’t stand the French – Rocky Mtn Bubbles should only be the ones from Golden! Have a great week and enjoy the thrill of being champs. It really doesn’t matter, Sox or Tribe, they have to pass through the Mile HIGH experience.


St Louis (Banquet drinker only)

I’ve been a fan since day one. To think that you are playing in the biggest series of your life is simply fantastic!!! I’m Shawn Chacons cousin from Colorado Springs and I can remember remember you coming up through the system and now you are finally reaping the fruits of all your hard work.


I just want to let you know that I rank you with the greats in baseball you are amazing and this year team is amazing full of great players and I didn doubt you guys for one minute. You deserve this more than anyone in baseball. In the past you guys havent done the best so to see you stick with us here in Colorado shows that your not just a great player but a great person as well. My family is going to try to get some tickets on monday if they arent too expensive, If we cant get them then we will be at home in front of the TV cheering just as loud as we would be at the game. We have watched you guys play every night game on TV and you guys are playing the best baseball ive ever seen in my life. My parents love watching you guys and i have never got the chance to repay them for everything they have done for me growing up taking me to baseball and basketball camps all over and i dont have the money to do it and probably never will but I would love to be able to put them in seats right next to the field so if you get on and read this if you could get me tickets for them you would have no idea how much it would mean to them I would love the chance to go but i would give it up in a heart beat for them I know your a very busy person and im sorry to be wasting you time but something was telling me that i needed to try to do this. If you dont read this or cant help me out thats fine im not going to think of you any diffrent you will always be one of the best to play the game and my favorite player of all time. GOOD LUCK!!!! Bring one back to Colorado for us.

Josh Williams

Peetz, CO




Congrats! As a veteran of the team I can only imagine how you are feeling right now. The team is superb and you are a class act. Bring it home.



Dear Mr. Helton,

I am not a master of vocabulary by any means, but may I say with no hesitation:

You Da Man!

With that said, I want to be one of the very many to congratulate you and the team on what you have done. I?ve NEVER seen baseball like this IN MY LIFE and it brings me incredible joy to see what you guys have been able to do for us fans. I?m frickin? down right giddy. Thank you so much! I was blessed enough to be at the game on Monday night and that was such an amazing experience to be there for the Colorado Rockies first NLCS SWEEP ever ? In fact, I had no idea that many brooms existed! I bought a beer that night I mentioned to the gentleman pouring the delicious beverage that this (Rockie?s playoffs) hadn?t occurred since I was TEN. I think it kind of freaked him out and made him give me a double take on serving me alcohol. But that?s my point ? that should put things into perspective as to how great this all is, and how socially acceptable it is that I should dance in my home and in the streets screaming like a 6 year old girl on Christmas ? truly embarrassing stuff, really! God Bless our freedom to look dumb, eh!? You are ALL a part of GREAT history now, and I feel so blessed to be along for the ride. Thank you for bringing this to Colorado, good luck in the World Series, and above all ? thank you ALL for your great humility and humbleness in this manner.. a CLASS ACT group of players ? A lost art in any profession these days.

You guys can do it! Give ?em ****!

A fan always,

Gregory M. Haddock

I’m so excited and happy for all or you. In this era of scandal and one upsmanship in all the sports, I think the Rockies epitomize exactly what team, sportsmanship, and winning are all about. What you have accomplished this season will be used as an example of these qualities for a long time. I know you will win the World Series (sweep ’em) But what ever the outcome. You guys are just getting started. I can hardly wait.


Yes Todd – “frame of mind” and “see what happens” – stay in the NOW and enjoy it! Check out my blog post – Mental Game Notes – it is about all this!

Hmm… perhaps you can keep a can of sprite around so she can join in the fun. Kids love getting all wet and sticky anyway. Congratulations on advancing to the World Series! Everyone back in East TN is rooting for the Rockies to win it all! 🙂

Mr Helton,

I have lived in Colorado for about eight years and I my son and I come to the games to see you play. Every game you are always the first player warming up by running in the outfield. Your hard work and dedication to the Rockies has paid off in a huge way and I want to say thank you and congrats! Good luck in the series and Thanks for the memories.


I’ve been a huge Rockies fan from the start and this is just so exciting!! There isn’t a team in the world who deserves to be here more than you guys.

Thanks for the great blog, for being such an amazing player, and for always handling things with such class and professionalism.

I will always be cheering for you!


I hope Tierney gets to see it about 6 or 7 more times. You deserve all the good things that are happening, and I hope your daughter gets to see another on-field celebration next year, when you guys repeat as World Series Champions.





Wow! What a great team effort! I am so proud of the character of this team. When I read that the team was giving heir post-season earnings to the widow of the coach in Colorado Springs, I was overwhelmed with admiration for the Colorado Rockies!

We are in the World Series!!!



Thanks for your blog. I just found out today I will be able to bring my son to one of your WS games next week! A once in a lifetime opportunity. What a moment that will be for me and my son Thomas who is 11. He plays ball and is an avid fan. He reads the Sports Page every am and remembers all the stats. He and I listened to the radio when you blasted that home run in the 9th inning a few weeks ago. We jumped for joy and hugged. What a wonderful father/son memory. I’m very proud of you Todd for your leadership this year. You have been all the difference as a leader on and off the field. You display tremendous class and leadership. Your personal faith has been a great witness to me and my son. It makes it easier for me as a Dad to show my son that guys like you share the same faith as we do. Your comment about your daughter Tierney is hilarious. We’ll pray for you and your family enjoying this moment and pray for the guys on the team to have a great World Series. Go Rockies!

Tom Walker

Littleton, CO

Todd, I read the Rockies web site everyday, as well as your blog now. I read the story today about the scout who lost his wife early in the season. First I want to say I am a HUGE Rockies Fan. I have followed the team very closely for years. I was born and raised in Colorado, had season tickets to the Rockies games and everybody who knows me knows I bleed purple. Three years ago we made a decision to move to Tennessee. We love it here, however I was not moving without my Rockies. Every year my husband buys me the Direct TV package so I can still watch my Rockies every night. On September 18th I recieved a phone call from my mother saying my father was very ill and he was not going to make it that I needed to get home. I left immediately and drove home. One of the first things my dad said to me when I walked into his hospital room was how about those Rockies. You guys were in your 11 game winning streak. We knew my dad was not going to make it and I stayed with him. On Saturday, the 22nd, I was talking to him and told him the Rockies won again last night. He was so happy. I started crying and told him God might be taking my dad to heaven with him but he was going to let the Rockies go to the World Series. My dads answer was, not a doubt in my mind. That night when my dads pastor came in I told him, you see the Rockies won again. They are going to the World Series you know. He just looked at me. I told him Dad and I talked about it, and its a done deal. I have had 100% faith that my Rockeis were going to the World Series, not a doubt in my mind. As I was driving home on Septemeber 30, the Rockies were playing Arizonia, the Padres playing and my best friend was calling me telling me the scores. I told her no worries Padres are loosing and Rockies will beat them tomorrow. I knew with all that is in me that my Rockies would settle for nothing less than the World Series. After you guys beat the Padres, my dads pastor called me, to check on me. I told him how about those Rockies. He said you know Kim you were right you had faith all along. Although losing my dad is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, watching my Rockies win, watching them celebrate going to the World Series, has made this time in my life a little easier to do. I have 100% faith in you guys that you are going all the way. I will be watching you from the great state of Tennessee, win, and then win and win and bringing home that World Series Trophey to Colorado. Thank you for giving me one memory that I can carry with me, a special memory, between me and my Dad knowing the Rockies were going to do it. I know he is looking down from Heaven and saying, Hey Kim, you see those Rockies.


Todd & All our Rockies,
We are so excited for you and so proud of you! Thank you for being men of character and for being focused on the job at hand. We have enjoyed attending the games for many seasons and we have especially loved watching this run. We were able to come to the both the WildCard game and game 4 of the NLCS with our 10 year old son (who loves baseball and the ROCKIES in particular) – what fantastic games to be at! We’ll never forget the electric atmosphere at those games. And to clinch the NL title Monday night with a sweep of the D-backs…what a team! What a privilege it is to be from the Denver area, to watch you boys play ball year in and year out, and rejoice with you and your families as you look ahead to this WORLD SERIES. We are proud to be Colorado Rockies fans and we want to thank you, again, for a job well done. For moments with our son that we will never forget, we thank you. For the season to come and the memories we’ll continue to make, we thank you. For your testimony and faith, thank you. God bless and GO ROCKIES!

Mike, Diana, and Michael

Congratulations Todd! I am very happy for you, your team and your family. I would like to say that I too hope Tierney gets to see the mess you all make again, but I hope it is more than just once. One more time this year would be amazing but in the next few years it would also be fun to see.
GOOD LUCK in the WS. Have fun.



Congradulations Todd! and all the rockies and folks at Coors Feild.

Hmm? I was reading something an article in regards to “luck or Mojo” or what ever to call it or this sudden surge you have been having in the Rockies team? So in an effort to explain it from a Christian prospective it is called “favor”!

Like I say sometimes I have walked past a revelation. And this power I have that I can indeed prove in pretty much any church or worship environment. Is a product of my efforts through fasting and prayer but first I had to receive the Holy Spirit for real. Other wise such efforts are fairly useless or fruit less.

So I consider myself more of an accidental prophet or apostle. I know God uses numbers, pictures; visions or dreams and his word mostly from the bible!

You got into the playoffs in a very intense game or way but the revelation came through the numbers you won in the 13th inning the score was 8-9 or 9 to 8. 8 = New beginnings and 9 is birthing both are good numbers. And we know 13 is mostly known as a bad number! “But not for all of us”! If you receive the spirit and receive 13 revelations through fasting and prayer several things will happen one you get a huge boost in the power of God that is mind blowing. But you also have a lot of favor with God for your efforts plus power over 13 associated to or with bad luck or curses or hexes whatever being reversed! Plus actually this was really a new revelation even to me!

I know hearing from God through the spirit through revelations is the Rock and or the building blocks of the church of Jesus Christ and the same power they walked in. And you are the Rockies ball club and I know that I know I was led hear to the Rocky mountain region even though in some ways it is not my ideal place to live. Mostly people or modern so-called Christians don’t know this at all. But there are a lot of things and wives tales and illegal doctrines going around in churches all over the country!

And many of us who have pictured or seen pictures of the Last Supper or the sharing of wine and bread! Hit me one day that there are 13 revelations or to the or your next level in the power of God for those who have received the spirit and fast and pray the Lords prayer. A new revelation for every 3 days fasted or every 7-9 meals fasted. Ya I know this is deep stuff!

Wine is an indicator of the anointing and bread is synonymous to the revealed word of God or hearing from God or a revelation.

But the hidden thing is you won’t know about the spiritual growth if you don’t continue on seeking after or for those 13 revelations! It is shocking I don’t care who you are I speak from experience! And it is hear first before you are even allowed permission from God to crack or even look in a bible! I know this all sounds sort of harsh but that is what truth is! Do you think God the Holy Spirit has forgotten his word? This that we see in church today that we think is normal is completely opposit of what being led of the spirit is. And in fact most of us already know enough bible but we have no power!

And people speak of the blessings of Abraham! But what was he a broker? No! A banker? No! He was a farmer or herdsman! And in order for him to prosper and or grow or expand his herds he needed plenty of grass or hay or forage and water. But that is dependant mostly on “Rain” so one of his blessings was he had to be a rain maker or call on God to send the rains on time and in season! And it is still true today in this country and all over the world. Without fresh water people will parish like draughts and famines. So this is one of the first signs of true or the God kind of prosperity!

And then this recent low or cold front came at a seemingly bad time for your home games but to me it was a good signe of the God kind of prosperity or favor! Like a result of a change of luck or favor! And the timing indeed was also important

You don’t have to believe any of this I am not one to hold a gun to anybody but you have to admit some strange consequences or events or plays. And when or after you win the Series and look back there may be some more jaw dropping stuff or things to look at. That may stymy you and many other people or fans or clubs in MLB!

This is really just food for thought but I have seen these things before and I know that I know this kind of food or signes comes from God. I don’t know everything only what I receive that I know is my revelation. And in fact for quite a while now God has been sort of silent. Signes wonders times seasons! But I thought I hope the luck thing also or finally includes me as well lord as things haven’t been to great lately in the financial realm.

I used to pray for people years ago with some limited success but I sort of had to quit cuz big upity bible scholar people tend to get upset. And since healing is the childrens bread or we who fast and pray we deserve some compensation for it unless you truly have nothing to give!

So if youve been given a bad report or incurable illness where they say you haven’t got a prayer! I say give me that last prayer! And we will see what my God the lord Jesus Christ can do through me! I would probably do it more if I didn’t have to worry about the religious people of our day trying to debunk me in one way or another. Because I seemingly came out of no where and I am a threat to them!

He shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory. I had something about that too but it seems sort of far fetched because I have to sort of line up my needs with the needs of some one else like an added spiritual tax toward selling a certain number of say cars or anything! And God provides the customers how is not my problem but if it doesn’t happen nothing is owed but if it happens the price must be payed. So in that case it is better to set an large or astronomical goal as opposed to a logical estimated one!

The reason I think it would work is I really haven’t asked him for much and I been walking and following him for almost 10 or 11 years now since 1997 or 98. And I have a book to but it is for sure not a popular one! And I prefer anonimity over fame! What has fame produced? Highly educated celebrity preachers with no power deceipt false hope desperate people! And many other bad off shoots in our secular societies!

But In some ways my influence is limited I believe God asked Abraham or some one else How far can you see? Here on the front range I can see a pretty long distance! And Adam had the garden of Eden but it wasn’t the whole earth just a portion where he had his dominion or spiritual influence before the fall.

This currant rain or moisture at this time is not really for this year but for next year to replenish the lands and help replenish our water supplies or tables on the front range or for planting next years crops. Like I say this is why I see a bright future for you team even after this year. Who knows what endorsements maybe be gained from this type of exposure both commercial and or charitable?

So what is that sound I hear now? A fat lady? I hope she is singing gospel!

Todd, Congradulations to you and the team for one of the most exciting post seasons I can remember. The one thing that stands out is you all play the game the right way and also play as a team, no show boating. Now the waiting game starts. Like waiting for the perfect shot on a Big Illinois BC whitetail buck, because you know you may never get another chance at a World record.
But with practice,patience and a positive mind set the world record can be yours.

Best of luck through the series, then come to Illinois for the chance at your next World record.

Signs and wonders! Getting tickets to or for the world series in Rocky town! Impossible dream Or?

Ever think of doing say a simulecast of the games in say a place like the “Pepsi Center” or “Invesco Field” or maybe The New Denver Convention center with people coming together to support their Rockies from a distance!

I know or realize this is a little short notice and there may be some scheduling problems in fact a whole lot of problems. But I wonder how many people would be intersted in doing this.

This is nothing new to the church community for a special event or service it is called an overflow or backup plan to accomodate more people then were expected! Granted it is not front row by the home team duggout seating but it is still a good way for people to come together to show your support.

So if you got a brain and a little or a lot of initiative you might want to mention this to some one who might be able to get the ball rolling or at least think about it or keep it in mind for some time in the future.

Well really this would probably get or be a boost for a lot of people who might not otherwise be able to afford such an event. Not just food for thought but probably money and advertising and a whole lot of other good things and showing off Denver welcome to a community that supports it teams.

Not just Live from Coors Field but live feed from the Pepsi center and or Invesco feild and or the Denver Convention center. Not just 50K people but possibly a 100K or more giving and showing their support.

That would say a lot to a lot of cities all over the country! Sorry this is a way huge idea but I wouldn’t mention or suggest it if I didn’t know that the facilities are already there!

Hey Todd this is Jordan from New Castle,Colorado. I’m in the 5th grade at Riverside Middle School.I’ve been wathching you on tv.You’re a great firstbaseman.What do you do while you’re not at a game?I can’t wait to watch you in the World Series against Boston or Cleveland.Well,I have to go. Goodbye!

Congradulations. I grew up a Rockies fan in Denver and now have switched places with you as I live in Tennessee. I have been to a Colorado Rockies game every year of there existence and I knew something special was going to happen when you beat the Reds and the Braves on the Road this year because you had never won a road game I have been at before this year! I hope I can catch some of the RockOctober magic and land a ticket Monday afternoon.

Keep up the hard work.

-Jeff Nix, Chattanooga TN

You guys are the best story in baseball….. I just want to know who’s going to play you in the movie?!
Go get ’em!!!


To Mr. Todd Helton:

I have been a loyal Rockies fan since opening day 14 years ago. I grew up watching your first game in 1997, and have been to many spring training games cheering my heart out. The excitement and determination that is visible on the baseball field is truly an amazing thing. You guys have not only reinstated, as well as reinforced, my love for the Rockies and baseball. I hope one day I have the pleasure of playing on the same field as you. But until then the only thing to say is, Bravo…Bravo


Just about every day since late September my kids and I have been venting our excitement by playing baseball in the back yard. They are 5, 7, and 9 years old. Its been heart warming to watch them running around yelling “I’m Matt Holliday, I’m Tulo, I’m Cory Sullivan” (that’s my Son Cory).

BTW – They always want me to be “Todd Helton” because like you, I am the oldest (and they know you are my favorite Rockie). Watching them brings back memories for me growing up in the 60s, when I was the little kid running around yelling “I’m Mickie Mantle”. Thank you and all the Rockies for making magical memories for my kids, and kids all over the state of Colorado.

– Patrick, Mead, CO.

It hasn’t quite sunk in. This has been one of the happiest times of my life and I am glad I could be here to see this. I can’t believe it. I’ll spend the entire World Series in Disney World. I never would have guessed it. Here’s to hoping that you end your World Series with your own trip to Disney World. Thanks to the whole team for all of your effort.

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